Falcon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Falcon Dream Symbol – Falcon is a hunter that can see small animals from high in the sky. He brings powerful messages of communication and focus. Falcon visits your dreams to remind you may need to see the situation from a different perspective if you keep running into difficult challenges. He also symbolizes freedom, and focuses on what he needs to eat that day.

This is a strong message you need to pet energy into focusing too. What or who distracts you? What do you overlook? Concentrate on things individually to achieve the outcomes you desire. Falcon reminds you are free to choose. With falcon’s ability to see its prey from the sky, the message may be to take an objective look at the situation to choose set yourself free.

Falcon dreamingWhen falcon flies through your dreams, it may mean success and good times ahead. However, a caged falcon can mean feelings of boredom and entrapment. His message can be to throw off whatever confines you, whether it is others or yourself who hold the key. Everything is about choices. You can always choose, no matter how you feel or what fear you feel.

Falcon hunting alongside you can indicate you need to ask for help to find what is lost or the path to what you desire. When falcon kills its prey it can mean you will succeed at a long held dream. Hooded falcons can warn that someone close is deceiving you. Be careful in business dealings at this time while you look deeper to uncover the truth.

When Falcon Crosses your Path

When falcon crosses your path it is time to take control of your life. You dream of freedom and falcon reminds that freedom is simply a choice you can make. Leave fear behind to live your dreams.

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  1. Christopher on

    I had a dream that I was in bed and a falcon landed on my feet,I could feel its claws through the bed covers,I tried to wrap it up in the blankets,while searching for my glasses it got away I threw a rock at it , but it just sat on the ground.

  2. I and a driver with another man in a car moving and i saw something walking like human being in our front and on reaching closed to her because is a woman she cross aside and turn to falcon and free away in that dream

  3. E Reynolds on

    In my dream I was waking up, and a falcon or a hawk(not sure which) was out side my window looking at me. I tried to shoo it away and close the window but it squeezed in through the screen cover and just continued to stare at me for a long time. It yawned when I screamed, and chased a bug into my bathroom, and when I tried to tell someone they laughed at first but then I opened up a dresser drawer and the bird flew out, landed on my head and pecked at my eye. Next we were floating down a river and random people were trying to kill the bird, while it was still sitting on my head.

  4. Maurissa Vergari on

    Hello Stephen,

    My father dreamed of a bald eagle chasing a blue falcon. My dad said the eagle should have caught the falcon but the falcon landed beside my father looking strong and beautiful and vibrant. He said he heard a sound of the eagles wings ruffling to a stop and the eagle went away when the blue falcon landed beside him.

    Can you please help to interept?

    Thank you!!

  5. mindanalyzer on

    A few years ago I had a few interesting dreams with a human-like being with a falcon head. He would talk to me with the utmost patience and wisdom; he would teach me certain things of which I remember nothing now and whenever I would ask him something that he was not supposed to answer, he would basically look at me in a very particular way to show me that he could not talk about that. I remember that I once asked him what I was (i have been having hundred of dreams of dreams in which I appear with feathery wings ) and he answered with a word in a language that I could not understand

  6. Hi Stephen Klein,
    Can you please give your thoughts to this dream?

    I dreamed flying over an incredible high mountain where none less than a falcon were suppose to reach.

    Once I landed on this high mountain I found three or four black falcons surrounding an other huge falcon. This falcon had a female human body in a mix-color of pale and pink. Her wings must had been almost five meters long and two in wide (I couldn’t see her head).

    When she saw/felt me landed, she disappointed asked her four guardian falcons how this could happen. “How could you let this man fly all way to the top of this mountain?”
    Their respond was, “we couldn’t stop him” and they start flying around us in a circle.

    The female falcon, laying down on the ground, opened her wings that covered her mostly huge beautiful body and showed her most private part of her body. Vagina.

    It was very colorful almost like a rainbow. I went forth and tried to have intercourse with her, but to my surprise of how big she was, It was impossible for me to enter.
    And she said “you have to play me first.”

    Immediately I started fore-playing her with my mouth, tongue and fingers and she was the one guiding me through the process.

  7. Om Kishore Kumar on

    Hi there! It might sound stupid /funny.. But.. In my dream.. I find a falcon inside a bathroom when I go there to pee … But it’ll be accompanied by a pigeon.. Could you please tell me what it could mean?

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