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Fairy Tale Dream Symbol – Fairy tales in a dream can symbolize good fortune and a joyful life. If you are the author of the fairy tale, then the message can be there is deception around. This can be from others or may even be you. Do you deceive yourself and others? Fairy tale characters symbolize trouble coming. It is a warning so you have time to prepare. If they attack you, then your enemies are waiting close by to strike if you are not careful.

fair-taleDreaming of fairy tales signifies the anxiety in your real life. It can also mean you want to escape from someone or something, but do not know where you want to go. You may not know how to change what is going on. Is there something you fear? Does it stop you from doing things you want to do? What do you fear? Once you recognize the fear you can deal with it so you can move on.

Being told a fairy tale in your dream is a sign of prosperity. It can also bring news of achieving your goals. Reading a fairy tale can bring good fortune or it can mean you judge someone unfairly. Have you been judging others when it is not your place? Telling the story can mean you do not get paid for your time or you have unfinished business with someone.

Dreaming of being in a fairy tale brings abundance into your life very soon. You could also receive a gift from a stranger you meet unexpectedly. Dreaming of fairy tale characters is a warning you need to be more aware of your behavior and what you say to avoid major dramas. There are others around you super sensitive to things at this time.

Fairy Tale Symbolism

Courtship Tale

Dreaming of a woman courting singing her love songs in public is a sign you may have been telling secrets. What secrets do you tell? Your own? Or secrets that belong to others? A woman dreaming of being courted is bad luck. It is setting you up for failure for you will have dreams of love that may never be fulfilled. Is there someone you fantasize about? Do they know you exist? Is it worth the energy you put into an impossible dream? A man dreaming of courtship symbolizes he does not deserve love until he learns how to treat women better.

Good and bad choice

Dreaming of good and bad choices means you need to weigh up alternatives that may have good or bad outcomes. You may be being forced into a decision when you just are not ready. You could face a difficult choice about someone or something. This may be difficult because there is no good decision. Dreams of good or bad choices can be about duality. You can see the outcomes of each decision with clarity, but remain confused. For you may not know what will be the best for your future. Both may have good and bad points that you need to trade off.

This could be about something in your real life. You may need to make a choice and neither is quite right. But you may have to choose one or the other, or be left with nothing. Nothing maybe better than the current good or bad choices. Always follow your heart, rather than your head, when making tough choices. It will give you the right answers.

Magical Gift

Dreaming of a magical gift can mean your prayers will be answered. Whatever your heart’s desire will be gifted to you very soon. It can also mean you will suddenly find the answer to questions you have searched for only to find you held them deep within all the time. You may be on the verge of a whole new life or see the world with new eyes.

Rule of Three

Dreams of the rule of three is a warning that whatever you do in your life will come back to revisit you, times three. So, if you walk your path with integrity then your rewards will be positive. You will be rewarded threefold for every good deed that you do. Walk it selfishly and your reward will be heartache and negativity. It is so easy to live life honestly and with integrity, unless you want to be dishonest about yourself. As always, you have a conscious choice.


A woman dreaming of being courted is not a good omen. Thinking of how you will be proposed to will only bring disappointment. Dreaming of courtship is not a good sign for any relationship. A man dreaming of courting a woman can mean you do not see yourself as good enough for the one you love.

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