Fairy Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fairy Dream Symbol – Fairy dreams are your subconscious trying to reach you. If the dream is scary, then the message is clear. You are out of balance and need to take corrective action soon. Do you ignore your intuition? Do you follow your gut instincts? Alternatively, enchanted fairy dreams may be confirmation you follow your intuition with successful outcomes. Keep your faith in what you believe.

Following fairies in a dream indicates you should follow your heart. Do not let your head interfere for it will steer you wrong. Men dreaming of fairies is a sign you are out of balance. Fairies represent your feminine side. You need to do more work there to bring yourself into balance. Women dreaming of fairies can mean the same thing. But, it can also represent a part of yourself that is lacking. Fairies can also symbolize an endearing trait of your mother’s you want to cultivate as part of your life.

Additional Fair Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of fairies can indicate you want to simplify your life. Cut out the complications that bring negative shadows to your soul. It may be you want a fairytale ending to a situation in your life. Maybe you long to be a wife.

Happy fairy dreams symbolize being surrounded by love, peace, and joy. Dreaming of unhappy, angry fairies means the opposite. You could lose everything you worked for and the love in your life too. Be careful. This is a strong warning. You will have a sad little life unless you do something to turn it around.

The exact meaning of your dream symbol of the fairy will change depending on your cultural understanding of fairies. Generally, though, fairy-dreamsthe fairy represents a herald from the subconscious. If this is a fearful occurrence to you, this indicates that you are not in tune with your instincts or are resistant to the voice of your intuition.

On the other hand, if you are enchanted by a fairy in your dream, this indicates a state of innocence that allows you to listen to your subconscious. Following a fairy in your dream is a sign of following your heart, rather than your head.

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  1. I had a dream about being invited to a merry party of fairies inside the big trees of the forest. There was dancing and singing and fun all over the place. Until one fairy, a male one, serious-looking, took me to the side and told me human are stupid for making themselves believe that all fairies have a “rainbows and cupcakes” kind of life. He told me that sometimes, fairies have it hard too, and they go through some bad days just like humans. The only difference is they’re small, have wings and have powers.

  2. I was a fairy in my dream. I was in captivity with a young man (late teens). He formed an affection towards me and I saved us both by recognizing my powers and remembering I could fly. I flew him out and that’s all I can remember, but one of us was wearing red all of a sudden in the sky.

  3. i had a dream where in me and my family had “visit” to this museum kinda thing and they had mythical creatures snd historical stuff. when we went to go see the fairies there was a glass container with “aristotle’s wings and shoes” in it, and suddenly the fairies were attacking each other with rocks and stuff and started to attack us by crashing the weak glass with a large stone and this was where they were using larger stones to kill each other, we started to go out of the building but turns out they’ve conquered the exit and all the mythical creatures were let out but we were just sitting there trying not to get killed… strangest dream ever

  4. I dream that I was in danger, Bombs were exploding everywhere in cars, so I ran and hid in my basement where my families were, then I saw a fish tank, there was a green fairy, I stick out my finger so that she could feel comfortable, then she trusted me, She pulled my finger out of the tank and wanted me to follow her, so I did, we went upstairs near the door, there was 2 people there, and the fairy touched me and was wanting me to touch them, when I did I saw glowing dusts, it made them feel calm, happy, and stronger. And then I had an idea to put her in my jacket so that she can be safe and went down stairs I touched my grandma so that she can feel the same way, but nothing happened, so I look in my jacket she was gone, she fell out and was laying on the ground, holding out her hands trying to reach me, she looked like it was frozen because the basement was cold, so I quickly grabbed her and kept her warm. I thought she was dead, but no she came back alive and was happy.
    After the basement I was in my back porch, it was sunny-yellowy-bright outside filled with beautiful greens of grass and flowers, we were celebrating but I don’t know why, but I didn’t care because everyone was happy. And next I decided to give the fairy a chair to sit, but she slipped and fell off the porch, I was scared, but she flew back up which made me relieved.

  5. I dreamed there was a fairy and he seemed … needing help, I offered to help and one of his fairy friends was hurt. I went to help that fairy with the other fairy. Men tried to capture the fairy but I provided safe passage and protected them. The men wanted to have them to experiment or prove they exist but I would not and kept them safe.

    • Ruchith Thamuditha on

      Lately, i saw the same dream…………… a bit different tho….. Did anything special happen after seeing that dream?

      • Sophie Prud'homme on

        I dreamt being in a living room, I don’t know who the man was.. but he gave me a large round bowl like thing and called it a hag stone.. he told me to put my head in it.. I did and everything got really loud in my dreams like ringing and echoes.. I got scared but kept looking threw this metal like bottom on this bowl.. shapes started to appear and a small shape of small female then it was gone.. that’s all I remember

    • I have seen fairy’s In real life but this time a dream. I saw their sprite it was pretty pink/purple and it was inside of something bouncing all around. Then I pointed it out excitedly and the light came over to my cheek and kissed me making me feel super giggly. Very sweet dream

  6. I had a dream last night that I was sitting on a wall conversing with the faries and the dream ended whit one flying into the wall and the the others began to eat him was not scary but was distributed

  7. I had a dream where a person who was a celebrity in my dream, was dating a male fairy. Later on the celebrity was gone and me and the fairy went to school.

  8. I had a dream last night that I was with a group of friend and family members hanging out an we saw the cutes little fairy flying around us, all dressed up in white. At first we kept swatting the fairy because we did not know if it wanted to harm us. Then the fairy still fluttering stopped directly in front of me and my friends said, “its for you”. I was so shocked that I swatted the thing away from me and she fell to the ground but was not hurt. I realized that the fair was a good thing so I looked at it all dazed and said, I’m so sorry, were you for me? It looked up and came fluttering back to me. The next thing I know is that I take in the baby fairy and she is enrolled in school. I have no idea what this is about as I have never dreamt of fairies.

    • I dreamt i met a female fairy near my house, she was as large as i was and i instantly fell in love, we ended up having intercourse, but then said she had to leave, i felt sad… she left into this large forrest that appeared from nowhere, her form turning into a little ball of light, eventully i felt she was in danger, surrounded by monsters, i ran into the forrest and fought the monsters, saving her.. she smiled and vanished, i then started dancing happly into the forrest and woke up.

  9. Vildan Senses on

    I was a happy, singing, flying fairy in my dream. I even remember the song: “See the wizard, see the sea, see the little mystery!” I was flying above a feast table at a low altitude. But people (my late parents’ neighbors) finished the feast, got up from the table, and the table was full of empty plates (there was only carrot salad, partly). They saw me and said “Oh, she is late. She can not find any meal.” But I was very happy, I don’t know why. I thought that I loved carrot salad. Still happy because of this dream. I love fairies very much.

  10. My dream was about a group of prankster fairies who continued to play tricks on me until I inadvertently came across the method of magic they used to play the tricks, they became afraid I would inform everyone of their methods but I reassured them I wouldnt compromise their magic…It was such a relief to not be their victim

  11. I had I really weird dream that I was , me but I was inside a lobby walking into the bathroom. I walked inside the stall and hung my purse on the little hook (the door was closed already) I sat down and a small TV about the size of an iPad appeared on the wall next to me! It was telling me about the types of classes I could take there so I assumed it was some type of Fairy school. When I finished, I opened the stall and slipped on the floor! Then this bigger guy put out his hand to me while he was talking to another girl , I was automatically surprised , seeing this man came as a shock to me as I was not expecting him to be there because I didn’t see him beforehand. Later on (I want to make this short) I was shown to where I would be staying, OUTSIDE a grand hotel with no outside walls. I then laid down on the grass when another group of people came and laid down with me. The next morning I got up and the same guy who had helped me in the bathroom came up to me and handed me a costume thing? I didn’t know what it was but when I was about to put it on I saw the MOST HANDSOME PERSON I HAVE EVER SEEN standing next to me and looking at me!!! I immediately had a crush on him and couldn’t look away! I then slipped my costume thing over my clothes and turned into a fairy! This dream was kinda like the movie Avatar where they enter a different world by the way. Then the cute guy walked up next to me . The dream fast forwarded to a training session with me and the cute guy as fairies (the costumes turned us into fairies) and we started to run into this building shooting paintballs at dummies. After this session, he told me I did a great job (we had been training a lot between the first time we met and now) and I thanked him saying he did as well. He then pulled me aside and told me that he was in love with me since he had met me! YES! FINALLY HE SAID WHAT I HAD HOPED FOR SO LONG!!! I told him I was in love also and he hugged me and told me I was beautiful as a human as well as a fairy! Then the dream ended because my STUPID STOMACH was hurting but I’m sorry this was so long, I tried to shorten it with still adding details, I hope you liked my dream??? I don’t know what to say after writing that out but let’s just say that I remember all my dreams VIVIDLY!

  12. I had a recurring dreams about fairies constantly when I was a lot younger, and they were the most vivid dreams I’ve ever experienced! I genuinely thought I’d met fairies, and it came back recently, but just for one night.

  13. Yup, little bit neuro-biology for you guys. When you go to sleep your brain does not absolutely shut down. Its still working and processing information you gathered during the day, but because brain cannot process this information just as effectively as when its awake, you are experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations. DREAMS HAVE NO MEANING THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT.

  14. Yup, little bit neuro-biology for you guys. When you go to sleep your brain does not absolutely shut down. Its still working and processing information you gathered during the day, but because brain cannot process this information just as effectively as when its awake, you are experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations. DREAMS HAVE NO MEANING THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. Now grow up

  15. In my dream I was a fairy wearing a dark Blue dress extremely beautiful and covered with stars. I was more or less like Im now but more beautiful and delicate. In my dream I was surrounded by other fairy bodies and someone told me that before I was different but that one was now my astral body. This place in my dream was like the space and I felt great joy and happiness when I saw my astral body. Then I said here is amazing but I cant stay here yet I have yo go back and suddenly woke up in the middle of Night. The thing is I reached that place in my dream by transporting a spirit that I helped to say sorry, ask forgiveness and say good bye to his family. I didnt feel scared I felt I knew exactly what to do and after I helped that man I took him instantanly to another World and said to him that he was ready to go. Then it was how I reached a place similar to outside space and a voice talking to me said about my astral body. So happy it felt

  16. I dreamt of a fairy last night. We were in a rustic Fall woods setting. Leaves were falling in beautiful colors. She had short cropped hair I guess blondsh red and she was on like a picnic table. She was wearing a flannel shirt and like skinny jeans she was so CUTE and innocent. She didn’t know I was watching her. Next thing u know she raised her wand to the trees and down came a squirrel running at the speed of light and soon as the squirrel jumped on her she flashed like a ball of light and reappeared flying with her little wings. She was having so much fun playing with the squirrels!! So I hurried to grab my phone, because OH MY GOSH FAIRIES EXIST!! THIS IS FREEKN REAL!!! That’s how REAL this dream was! I swiped my camera on and started filming her, when I zoomed in thats when she saw me and she got upset and flew off!!!!! WOW…

  17. Kayla Trotter on

    I had a dream that I was a fairy and my home was in a bee hive and me and the other fairies were serving regular humans a banquet meal and when I flew out of the hive my whole family was there but they didn’t know who I was so I just kept serving like nothing was wrong until I woke up.

  18. I had a dream of the shadow of a fairy, Sha had a wand and was flying next to two lions. She was following me but I was with a friend who kept telling me to not let her talk to me and kept telling me and making me run. I kept looking back and the fairy kept following me.

  19. I had a dream last night and it had a fairy in a yellow dress and one in a blue . At first I saw them in my dream and I couldn’t believe in want I was seeing. I taken a picture of them but when I looked it’s was not a good picture so I taken anyone one and then one of the fairy . The one in yellow come and sat in my hand and then I wake up from my dream

  20. Katie Glosser on

    I had a dream about a beautiful fairy with short red curly hair named Aloise, who was kept captive by an awful person in his house for months. She was constantly threatened, and she was in a cage. My uncle fell in love with Aloise, and when she finally conducted a successful escape from her captor, she flew into the forest to freedom with her angry captor trying unsuccessfully recapture her. It ended with my uncle confessing to a murder to his date with an unknown woman. She looked like she was about to leave in fear, and he grabbed an ax in the kitchen but instead of hitting her he hit one of the wooden posts of his house and cried. He left the ax in the post and ran into the woods searching for Aloise and crying her name and that was the end of the dream. Do you know what this dream could mean? Thank you so much!

    • I had a dream I saw a beautiful fairy on a tree,and I was looking at it from down where I stood,and it was flying towards me, I caught the fairy and I felt a magical vibration.while it was struggling out of my grip,it broke its leg,while I was finding a way to fix its leg,I saw a second one on the tree,even though it meant no harm I was afraid,and out of fear I put down the fairy in my hand.the second one was flying towards me as well and I caught it as well,but I put it down unharmed.i was afraid they use their magical powers on me,but to my surprise the second fairy took the other fairy and supported her balance as they were going

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