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Fairground Dream Symbols –┬áDreaming of enjoying yourself at a fairground symbolizes relaxing and having fun. This is usually a happy, fun dream. Seeing a fairground can be about your emotions. How does this dream make you feel? Being at a fairground mean you are in a public place.

How do you feel about being in the public eye? Take notice of what you do and how you feel in the dream to relate it to your waking reality.

Being happy at a fair is a sign there are good things coming your way. Dreaming of being a child at a fair can mean you feel unsettled. This may relate to the people who are with you in the dream.

You need to revisit that part of your life for its negatively affects you today. Take the time to better understand what happened between you and the other people in the dream.

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Enjoying the fair with family and friends reflects the happy times you spend with them in reality. You are grateful for all you have in your life. Negatively, if you or someone in your group notice something dangerous at the fair this is a dire warning. It may be it is these people from the dream causing you trouble in your waking life.

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