Fairground Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fairground Dream Symbol – When you dream of a fairground it relates to taking time out for to enjoy the pleasures in life. After all, that is why you work hard. A fairground represents fun and enjoyment, rest and relaxation. It can also represent your feelings of being in the public eye. Feeling happy while dreaming of a fairground can mean a period of happiness will soon enter your life.

Dreaming of a child wandering through a fairground can represent anxious, insecure moments from childhood. Consider who else is in the dream for these may be connected to them. It could be that something about these people brings out these old insecurities. This is a reminder you may need more insight into the relationship you have with someone or a group of people. This will help your future success.

Seeing yourself enjoy time at a fairground with family and friends symbolizes the happy times you spend together in real life. It is a reminder to be grateful for the relationships you share with those close to you. Being with other people at a fairground, while your family are in the background, in an overcrowded fairground indicates your sensitivity to the needs of your relationships in different environments.

Seeing trouble or danger at a fairground can mean that the people you are with are not to be trusted. You need to look closer to see the truth.

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