Fainting Dream Symbol


“I dreamt that I fainted last night!”  To dream about fainting is an indication that there is a powerful circumstance or emotion that you do not want to confront. You may be using excuses about incapacity (physical or otherwise) to absolve yourself from the need to understand this reality and take responsibility for it.

Fainting Shows an Unwillingness to Address Issues

If you dream that you remain conscious but that your body becomes non-responsive, this indicates, not an unwillingness to address issues, but a feeling of powerlessness to change your Fainting in a Dreamcircumstances or achieve your goals. It may also indicate that your “fight, flight or freeze” instinct is to “freeze.” This dream may be a warning about what will happen if you allow this instinct to define how you respond to threats in your life.

Take Control of the Situation

Fainting is the bodies natural response to situations that is difficult to deal with. If you are faced with a fainting dream it can often be your subconscious showing you how you react in certain situations. The dream could be urging you to take control of the difficult situations in your life and face them head on, instead of trying to avoid them.

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  1. This morning, I was dreaming of having my finger poked to get my blood tested. As soon as I saw the blood, I fainted in my dream. Nobody helped me up, everyone there just stared at me. I feel like I wasn’t exactly passed out, I was awake but my body just went tingly and fell. I woke up by my smoke alarms sounding off for absolutely no reason. I’ve never passed out from the sight of blood and it hasn’t ever bothered me.

  2. Fredricka Haynes on

    I just had two dreams around ten minutes ago and i was talking to my husband but then i fainted right in front of him and he didn’t take the initiative to try and wake me up! I also woke up with a terrible headache after, could you please tell me what this means?

  3. Annisa Garza on

    I was living in a huge house but very unhappy. Something felt off but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was being led around by someone who was showing me what it’s like when I’m gone(dead). I couldn’t help but cry when no one seemed to care and I kept fainting.. every time I’d faint, I’d be in a different place with different situations. I felt myself crying in reality but I couldn’t get out of this dream. I felt tears running down my face but no one could help me.
    I’ve never had a dream like this before and it really scared me to death(literally). If anyone has ever had a similar dream, please share.

  4. i have had 2 dreams recently, one was last night and one was 2 days ago. The one I had 2 days ago was about me being at a school party with my 2 friends and i performed in a talent show and after that i went upstairs in the school and started feeling no emotion and kinda dizzy, then a teacher came up to me and gave me flowers and my friends called me up to the third floor and while i was climming the stairs i felt extremly dizzy and fell down the stairs and fainted.
    But the thing is that it felt so real and the next morning i woke up i had a crazy headache that lasted almost 2 days.
    The dream I had last night was I went to the library with my 2 best friends and i got a really huge pain in my head and then my vision went blurry and i fainted.
    Again it felt so real because i ended up gasping for breath and coughing at 5am in the morning real life not in dream.

    Is there and explanation for this pls help because i’m creeped out and worried.

  5. Since I was young, I have been plagued with sleep paralysis dreams. I don’t remember much about my early ones, other than I would wake up unable to move and feeling terrified. Lately, in my dreams something happens out of the blue and causes the paralysis and fear. Usually, it’ll be a normal, unremarkable dream, and then suddenly and with no warning, there will be this tremendous flash of light. Like a huge camera flash has gone off, of I’ve been struck by lightning, or something. And then I wake up paralysis and afraid. Just an hour ago, this happened once again. I was dreaming that I was walking behind someone and having a normal conversation when this alarm started sounding slightly behind me and to my left. There was also a blue flasing, revolving light. Blue light special? But when both of these happened, I collapsed in the dream. Whether I fainted, died, or was shut off I don’t know. I just remember realizing I was still breathing, took a deep breath, and woke up. Paralysed. Afraid. Always afraid…

    • Do you remember your surroundings in this dream? Are you in sleep paralysis after you wake up? One last question.. Those sounds, is it possible that you actually hear them while you are waking up, or are they only in the dream?

  6. Alejandra Virrueta on

    I had a dream last night that I had passed out during band practice. Like at first I was seeing everything yellow after getting up from sitting down. And then when I stood up everything when black and I fell to the floor. I thought it was real for a second but then I realized it was just a dream.

  7. I had two consecutive dreams which had to do with this feeling which I have never felt before in a dream which is dreadful because it’s similar to how I feel when I have low blood sugar. The first I was in my grandparents dining room borrowing money and the moment I received it I became overwhelmed with dizziness and an upset stomach but I excused myself to sit down like I would normally when I feel that way. But it worsened and I soon lost my sight but I had hearing and I was telling my family members that I felt I was going to faint. I suppose once I did I woke up and fell asleep to a dream where I most specifically remember wearing my big black sweater. I sat down on an office chair with a large back and arm rests and I began spinning myself to the point I realized I was going waay to fast and I’d become nauseous and I stopped myself suddenly on the desk the chair was in front of. I remember contemplating if I would be ok or if I was too dizzy and barf. You know what I mean if you’ve ever done that. But I woke up before I decided and I felt a bit odd after but I eventually went back to bed. I’m hoping it’s not like a tumor or something because I do feel like I’ve pulled a nerve in my neck a few days ago.

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