Faceless Dream Symbol


Faceless – A faceless person or entity in your dream is most likely an archetypal character rather than a real person. It signifies a projection of your imagination or wishes rather than an actual person. If you dream that your romantic interest or significant other is faceless, this means that you are not actually engaging him/her, but instead perceive a projection of your own desires.

If you do not have a significant other but dream of a faceless love interest, this can be an indication that you are simply looking for someone to fill the position of love interest, rather than trying to meet and engage others as they actually are. A faceless enemy indicates a threat that is more from your own psyche than from any outside person.

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  1. I dream of a man my colleague is teasing me about at first it was faceless, then after our shift when I went home he and my teammate plans to serenade me because it they say it was my birthday and then the guy whom they are teasing me ask if he can court me and bloody hell it turn out to be one old friend of mine who is working in UAE and already have family of his own…its weird…

  2. Hi, I dreamt of this man who is also my crush. I know who that is, but whenever I dream of him I could never see his face even though I know how he look. Whenever he is in my dreams, I could see somebody else’s face in his face. It’s really annoying. Is it because I never met him in real life??

  3. I had a dream where a faceless version of myself jumped out of a mirror and attacked me while I was in the shower. What does it mean when you’re the faceless person?

  4. Basically someone put their head on my lap, I could not see the person’s face but he felt familiar, I started stroking his hair and telling him his hair is like my brothers

  5. Bless Ann Dayon on

    Hi. I was searching for an answer to my dream. I have been dreaming this for a very long time. I have been dating a faceless lover in my drems. But everytime I dreamt about him, the scenarios are always different. Like for example, my first dream about him was he asked my hand for courtship. The next one, the moment I said yes. The next dream, is our first date. See? Every dream was actually arranged by how should a relationship works. My latest dream about him was last night, this time were getting married. And I cant control my curiosity anymore. My friend suggested to search for a psychic. Hoping for a reply soon. Thanks.

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