Eyeglass Dream Symbol


Eyeglass – Dreaming of eyeglasses signifies a need for clarity about a subject. It can indicate frustration at not understanding something, or a feeling that people in your life are not communicating with you or being honest with you, thus “leaving you in the dark.” Eye problems in general symbolize difficulties in understanding.

If you dream that you put on eyeglasses and your vision is sharpened, this indicates that you can and will take actions to comprehend your situation better. On the other hand, if you dream that you put on eyeglasses and they do not improve your vision, this is an indication of frustration and a feeling of helplessness about your ability to understand.

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  1. Had a dream that my daughter and I found several pairs of my deceased mom’s designer eyeglasses. Most of them were broken ( missing an arm, bent or broken in half). A lot of people from the church we attend in real life were in the dream as well. I have been considering leaving this church in real life, and I think the dream is telling me to trust my thoughts. What do you think?

  2. marion kirkham on

    I dreamt there were many reading glasses scattered over the floor.the more icollected them as I shoved them down my jumper the more there was then I felt a cat crawling up the back of each leg trying to get the glasses back .. then the next night I dreamt I was walking on the carpet with no shoes and kept treading on small pieces of broken glass.???

  3. My boyfriend had a dream the other night that he found 5 pairs of my reader glasses. he only remember because i was looking for my glasses as i am always misplacing them. In the moment he wasn’t sure if ot was a dream or real until he took a few moments of thinking on it. Could this dream hold any meaning?

  4. I had a dream that I left the house and forgot to put on my glasses….I couldnt see the entire day and had to be driven around. I’d love to know the meaning

  5. I had a dream involving smudged eyeglasses, but it seemed more about the spray bottle of eyeglass cleaner that somehow spilled all over a counter?

  6. I’ve had a dream this day that I was cleaning my eyeglasses using a clean cloth. I used to experienced that scenario in my waking life, that my eyeglass has something on it which cannot removed. Sometimes, I’m thinking that I look better w/out wearing it. Then, I became jealous to someone who’s pretty and small like me, and my classmates likes her a lot though we’re the same shy. I just don’t understand why not also me? Though they not hated me. I just wanna feel belonged. And yesterday night, I’ve cried a lot because of it.

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