Explosion Dream Symbol


Explosion – An explosion can be a powerfully positive or negative symbol. It always symbolizes destruction, so the value placed on the symbol depends on what is being destroyed. An explosion denotes such complete destruction that it can make way for intense new growth, if you can move beyond the initial loss. However, if you are attached to the things destroyed in the explosion, then the message of the dream is devastating.

If the emotion that accompanies the symbol of explosion is excitement, this is an indication that you are ready to leave behind something in your past and embrace a new road. If it is terror, this is an indication that you feel the presence of a threat that you fear will destroy everything you value.

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  1. Taylor Golmon on

    In my dream, a bunch of people and I were sitting outside at night when we saw this huge wall of dust/cloud coming at us fast. We started running the opposite way, but then there was this huge explosion. It was like it sent me soaring through the stars, but I was so so happy. My heart pounded once and warmth spread through me and I smiled so big and held out my arms. And then I woke up.

  2. I had a dream that one of my loved one was in a truck cabin and he was trying to get out but the door would not opened and it exploded i was sceaming he was screaming out and trying to reach out as it expolded what does this mean i havent been able to get this out of my mine since it was horrible

  3. I had a dreamt that I not understand why someone give muffin on plate explosion all over me.. no burn and I’m alive

    I am deaf person

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