Exorcist Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Exorcist Dream Symbol  – Exorcist are people who are able to draw spirits and demons from people who are possessed. Seeing an exorcist in your dream may indicate that you have things inside of you that need to be changed.

It can also indicate that you are always worried about what is going on inside of others, instead of focusing on your own thoughts and feelings.

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  1. I had a dream I’m working as a nurse as I am a nurse, and also exorcising a baby the moment I started the baby began fighting back with how futile my attempt to remove the entity .which made me stutter with saying the sign of the cross and felt weak . And I woke up with not having the conclusion for it ….

  2. Bhubaneswari V on

    I had a dream, where I was forced to have sex with my husband who was possessed… my teacher appeared and performed exorcism and saved me. What does it mean?

  3. I had a dream about a demon attacking me at work. Then, a young exorcist comes and does an exorcism on me. I end up liking him. What does this mean????

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