Exit Dream Symbol


Exit – Dreaming of an exit is an indication of escaping from the current circumstances. If you dream that you are looking for an exit and cannot find one, then you feel trapped and helpless. Possibly someone in your life is frustrating your ability to take initiative and change your own circumstances. If you dream that you find an escape and take it, this is a hopeful omen that you have the means and strength to get out of a situation that is oppressing you. If someone else helps you find an exit, this is a person you can trust to genuinely care about your well-being allow them to help you.

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  1. I was sick every day for several years and had dreams like this 4 nights a week, and they completely stopped when I had my tonsils out. My tonsils were bad and making me ill, and the sick and the nightmares both went away instantly after tonsillectomy.

  2. In my “finding an exit” dream, I know the way out but I lost my key (ID) and end up planning to fake an ID but scared I would get caught. In a similar dream, I know where I left my property but I can’t find the right room/building wing.

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