Exercise (Fitness) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Exercise – Exercise is a symbol of health and active energy. To dream about exercise may mean that you have the strength and tools you need to accomplish a particular goal, and that you feel positive and empowered about it. It may indicate that you are gaining control over circumstances in your life after a period of lethargy or hopelessness.

It may also signify that you are achieving balance in your life, which contributes to your overall energy and positive experience in life. Alternatively, negative emotions connected to a dream about exercise could indicate that you are pushing yourself too hard, or that you feel guilty about not living up to some standard that is either imposed by yourself or someone else.

exercise dream imageIf you dream that you are working out in the gym it can indicate that you may need to consider adding some activity to your life. Lifting heavy weights can also suggest that you have a lot of burdens weighing you done and you should consider reducing this weighted burden. Dreaming about running on a treadmill can indicate that you are bored and unhappy about specific aspects in your life. Jumping in a dream can indicate that you want to improve your financial situation by making advancing in your career.

Dreaming about kicking or getting kicked in a dream can indicate that you are looking to get away from someone’s control over you. Perhaps someone has too much influence in your life that you feel is hurting your progression. Dreaming about skipping around in a dream can indicate the need to become more playful and friendly to the people around you.

Keeping Fit in Dream

A dream involving keeping fit brings positive news of new opportunities on the way. They will arrive at just the right time. Just when you are about to give up hope. Being fit symbolizes being on the right path with your life. It can be a message to let you know that things are going well. There is nothing to worry about.

Fitness in a dream is a sign you will become powerful in the future. You take care of the things that matter. Seeing yourself keeping fit can mean there may be a promotion at work or good news for your personal life. If you are unhealthy in a dream, this can mean there may be tough times ahead. Be prepared.

Keeping fit with someone indicates you have the power to positively influence someone’s life. Do people often come to you for advice? When you are sick in your waking life and dream of being fit, this is a sign you will make a full recovery. But, if you are healthy in your waking life and dream of being sick, it is a sign you will soon lose something of importance. It can also warn you may have a minor illness soon.

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  1. Baker elnakib on

    I dreamt that i was at the gym and my chest was big with outstanding shape and my arms are big as well and i was training tricep excersie also i met a girl with a blue eyes and she was showing me love

  2. Hey i had a dream i was training with no shirt and i was the leader like training somewhere and their was a group of people running right behind me

  3. Amy Wadsworth on

    I often have dreams that I goto workout usually in a home environment but some obstacle comes up. Like I’ll goto use treadmill it won’t turn on or I’ll be using the elliptical but I won’t be able to increase level or ill come downstairs to exercise but my home gum in my dream is covered in construction materials unacessinle last night I had dream I wanted to go for a run but can’t find shoes and ran in socks but was moving in slow motion. It’s all so bizarre

  4. I dream I was in a area (not a gym) but a large room, with a group of WOMEN exercising with them and making it fun, and making them laugh and enjoy what we was doing, I was acting silly but having a good time teaching them how to enjoy working out. We all was “sweaty” and having fun!

  5. I dreamt that i was lifting weights and working on my core. I was doing sit ups before i awoke. I woke up thinking its been a good two weeks since my last really good work out. Need to head to the gym

    • Baker elnakib on

      I dreamt that i was at the gym and my chest was big with outstanding shape and my arms are big as well and i was training tricep excersie also i met a girl with a blue eyes and she was showing me love

  6. I dreamt I saw the gym instructor from my gym in the beach I was at with my “baby” and as I was going to leave the beach to go to spain he stopped me and we started to talk can’t remember what about and then someone came and he kino of just grabbed my hand and said “we will speak later” it was a weird dream.

  7. Barrett Staggers on

    I had a dream about push-ups it was probably more but I can’t remember the rest, I just know before I woke up I was doing push-ups. Following me waking up my arms were I. Pain like I had just did a full workout. What does this mean or does this dream have at significance at all?

    • I had a dream I was pushing a gigantic piece of luggage up a hill while pulling a wagon full of old books, and every moment was excruciating. It seemed to last forever and halfway through I gave up and took a rest. Then I resumed and it was easier an finally made it up the hill. I also woke up feeling sore as you did, mainly in my arms and chest. But I was in a natural position so I’m not sure why.

    • Yes, but its too late to ask you when’s the last time you worked out. Today I had a dream about working out, I woke up to painful throbbing in all of my upper body as if I did a total of 1000 push-ups in that dream. This spring break I haven’t been doing anything. I think my bodies trying to stay in shape without my help.

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