Ex Dream Symbol


Ex – To dream about your ex is an indication that you need to examine your current life in light of events that have happened in your past. Perhaps you have an unresolved past issue that is coming back to haunt you; if this is the case, then you must address and understand this issue or it will continue to have negative effects on you. Alternatively, you could be facing a situation that requires you to use lessons you learned during a particular episode in your past. Reflect on the past experiences being brought up in your dream so that you can respond best to your current struggles.

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  1. there is a particular girl that i have suspicions that my ex is now with, i had a dream that he told me he was in a relationship with her now. what does this mean?

  2. I have been having urges to try a drug ive been clean off of for over 2 months now. In my dreams, my ex is always in it. I feel like he is a symbol of my past, and in my dreams i always want him. But in real life i know i dont and im happy with my current boyfriend. I guess these dreams are telling me though i have urges i know that my life is good where its at and to go back to the negative aspects would harm me enotionally.

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