Dreaming about an Ex – What it Really Means


“I dreamt about my Ex!”  Dreaming about an ex is a common dream that often occurs when you are in a committed relationship, going through a breakup or entering a new relationship. It is important to understand the whole context of the dream before you try and understand the meaning.

Dreaming of your ex may show that you have unresolved feelings towards that person. Dreams about ex lovers are quite common for people who have gone through difficult breakups and still have lingering feelings.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About my Ex?

More times than not, dreaming about an ex (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) does not necessarily mean that you are still in love with them. Often your mind will be revisiting the period of time in your life when you were with this individual. Your dream is revisiting feelings and hopes that are connected with your ex. If you are dreaming about being in your twenties and married for the first time, your mind is recreating that happy experience and memory that you had in those years.

Ex lovers in a dream can often become a symbol of hope for love that may be currently missing in your waking life.”

Dreaming about an ex can be the subconscious minds way of remembering certain qualities that your ex possessed that your current relationship is missing. Maybe you had an ex boyfriend that was extremely good with your family, while your current boyfriend is cold toward others. Certain qualities and traits that are missing in your current relationship can often show up in a dream to fill this void. You may or may not have feelings for your ex, but usually people dream about certain qualities about an ex rather than an ex themselves.

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Dream about an exPeople who are often going through stressful times in their lives will often dream of a period of time when life was “more simple.” Sometimes that period of time will be represented with an ex. When you are in an unsatisfying relationship, your subconscious will sometimes revisit a happier period of your life in a dream.

“Just because you dream about an ex does not necessarily mean you are still in love with them”

This is often the case when you have a dream of your first love. Usually these dreams will bring you back to a place in time when the responsibilities of adulthood didn’t interfere with your freedom. This dream might be telling you to recapture some of the lost vitality of your youth that was once present in your relationships.

Sometimes seeing an ex in a dream represents the return of a bad habit or bad problem. You might have been in a physically or mentally abusive relationship before. It is important to try and work out these feelings that you may have towards your ex in order to have a healthy relationship in the future.

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You Might Still Miss Your Ex

Sometimes the meaning of dreaming about an ex is the answer that nobody wants to hear – you still miss your ex. Dreaming about getting back together with an ex or wanting to get back together with your ex can be a sign that you still have feelings for that individual. This might be a wish fulfillment dream that is occurring because of your long desire to get back with an ex.

Dreams of Ex

It is quite often to dream about an ex proposing or even marrying an ex boyfriend or lover. While many people believe that the dream is expressing their real feelings to you, the truth is these are usually a reflection of your own feelings that are projected into your dream. Dreaming about an ex will often mean that you miss certain characteristics or aspects of the relationship.

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Your Dream Is Helping You Deal With Past Emotions

When it comes to healing the mind and body, humans have natural mechanisms that allow us to experience physical and emotional pain and get over it. While you might find it extremely difficult to get over an ex if your conscious mind is constantly thinking about them, your subconscious mind will often use dreams to help process some of the emotions and thoughts that are built up inside of you.

For example, you might have ended your relationship without truly expressing how you felt about your partner. People who have a lot of built feelings towards someone might have a dream about confronting an ex and telling them what they truly felt inside about the relationship. Even though these confrontations or expressions of ones feelings take place in the dream world, they are therapeutic and help us deal with a lot of pain and hurt.

Leaving a Relationship (After a Breakup)

If you have recently gone through a breakup with your ex there is a good chance that they will visit you in your dreams. Dreaming about your ex after you have broken up does not mean you are meant to be together. Usually it means your subconscious is trying to clean up some of the past issues that you might have towards this person. Dreaming about an ex can also mean that you have certain unresolved feelings or issues towards this person that you haven’t dealt with. If they are constantly in your mind and in your thoughts throughout your waking state, chances are you will have dreams about them at night.

Entering a New Relationship

If you just start dating someone new then there is a good chance that you might have dreams about your old partner. Dreams about an ex signify that your psyche is trying to figure out the positives and negatives of your new partner in contrast with your old partner. If you have these dreams while entering a new relationship it is important to look inside the dream and try and find out what the dream means.

Are you are convinced that you are meant to be with your ex? It is important to remember that you broke up for a reason. Getting back together will not solve these issues unless you change the root of the problem. This book by Mike Fiore, the creator of best selling “Text Your Romance Back Into Your Life,” is a great option for people who are looking to get the romance back into their lives.

Since the bonds of a long lasting relationship are often deeply wired into our subconscious mind, they can often manifest themselves into a dream. This is why you should never be surprised if you still have dreams about an ex that you really cared even if you start a new relationship. This is normal and it is part of the healing process. The mind has its own way of dealing with emotional bonds that we still hold on to. Think of it as therapy for your subconscious mind.

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Dreaming about an Ex while in a Relationship

Dreaming about an ex while you are dating someone new is a common dream that occurs. There are a few situations that will usually cause these dreams to happen.

Situation #1: You are in a healthy and fulfilling relationship and you start having dreams about your ex. – These dreams will often leave us feeling guilty because we feel like we are cheating on our partner. Usually these dreams are the subconscious way of clearing out some old baggage or issues that you might have with your previous relationship. Think of it as a natural way of healing your mind from old wounds.

Situation #2: You are currently involved in a relationship that is not satisfying you and leaving you wanting more - People who end up marrying someone they aren’t in love with or fall out of love with will often have dreams about their exes. Dreaming of an ex when you are in an unhappy relationship or marriage is your minds way of telling you that it might be time to move on.

Situation #3:You are entering a new relationship and your ex is still fresh in your mind from a previous breakup. Your mind is often trying to contrast the two partners and identify some of the qualities that you wish to avoid or have in your new partner.

Does Dreaming about an Ex meaning I’m Still in Love with Him/Her?

text your ex backJust because you dream about an ex does not necessarily mean you are still in love with them. It can mean you are still in love, but more often than not it means your subconscious mind is showing you qualities and characteristics about your ex that you are missing in your current relationship. It is important to analyze specific details about the dream like what happened around you and how did the dream end.

Certain aspects in the dream can give you clues that can help you uncover the meaning of your dream. Most dreams end up being more symbolic in their meaning and not literal. Often dreams about an ex are directed at healing whatever emotional wounds or feelings that you still have towards that person. It is important to remember that these dreams are not signs telling you to get back with an ex, but rather a process that your subconscious uses to help get over your ex and move on.

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  1. alyssa merrielle o etis on

    I had a dream about my ex, i was in a bus station and we ‘ve saw each other there and talk a little , in my dreams he was with new friends that connected to her present girlfriend..some are like neighbors of her new girlfriend..and my dreams end up in the place where he were been drop as always her new girlfriend.i dont know what to do theres a fear on my mind though i have new partner too.
    those hurt and feelings are coming back again and again when i dreamt about him..i think i have problem in my mind now.help me through this thank u .

  2. kiara ralston on

    Ever since my boyfriend and I broke up last Wednesday. Ive been having dreams about him everynight. In the dreams he is begging me too take him Back. I just want them too stop. Is there any way I can make them stop?

  3. I had a dream that I was on vacation at the white house with my husband and our child (he’s my ex boyfriend and we don’t have a kid, i don’t have any kids) .We had a nice night at the white house and as we were walking to out house thing we were stopped and told we should stay with them because its going to storm really bad, so we went to our little house place and got some things we needed and as we were walking back to the white house it was now dark outside and when we got inside nobody was to be found and so we went and looked for a room and we found one so we stayed in there, then we heard noises out side the room and we went to look and the power had been cut and people were like chasing us and tormenting us.

  4. I’m in a relationship the last year and a half but I was with this girl my first love. I had a dream I was at a house party so was my current girlfriend. My ex girlfriends friends were harassing me and telling me to talk to my ex but I couldn’t because I didn’t want to hurt my girls feelings. but then my girlfriend had a fight with me then left the house. My ex came up to me and expressed her deep feelings for me so we left the house party and went to the park and talked are feelings out then I woke up in sweating beside my current girlfriend. The human brain works in mysterious way!!

  5. So the other night I had a dream my ex boyfriend was getting married. He was my first love and we dated off and on for about 10 years. We had a bad falling out. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 4 months. It’s the first relationship I’ve had since said ex. I’m really happy with him and I think he’s my future. But this dream; my ex invited me to his wedding. I went because “dream me” was past all the drama and loved his parents and family and wanted to see the ex happy I guess. But like a half hour before the wedding starts my ex pulls me aside and basically professes his love for me. He wanted me to choose between him and my current boyfriend. And I was just shocked. In the end of the dream, I told him I didn’t have feelings for him anymore and was convincing his bride to be that he loved her and he was marrying her not me. I woke up feeling guilty for having this dream but after reading your post I feel like maybe it’s not so odd. Thanks!

  6. Elizabeth Sestora on

    My husband had taken up with another woman. I knew she had cast a spell on him, and he was helpless to do anything about it.He would call me once or twice a week and tell me he still loved me, but that would be it and he wouldn’t do anything about it.So I was desperate and called upon you to help me.d.rrivers I had never done anything like this in my life, and I was so embarrassed I didn’t tell anyone – not even my closest friend — that I had a spell cast in my behalf.After the spell was cast, I thought his attitude was softening. He started to talk negative about her, and I was starting to feel a strength welling up in me. So instead of begging him to come back I was more calm, even aloof. And this change in my attitude was definitely having an effect on him.I was kind of turning the tables on him, saying I was getting used to living without him. I could tell by his tone of voice he didn’t want to hear that.After a while, he admitted he had made a mistake and asked if he could come back home.thank you d,rrivers for freeing him from that hex and making him come to his senses. Our family is intact again and I will be forever grateful to you.d,rrivers.email now for help via email.email [email protected]

    Elizabeth Sestora
    Webster, NY

  7. I had a dream I found my ex dead from what looked like a drug overdose and I was with my new boyfriend and then he came back to life when I picked him up to hug him goodbye. …what does this mean? I was with the guy almost 10 years and last year he started to get into meth so I had to walk away, also he was abusive. My new boyfriend is amazing loves God and I’ve known him 16 years.

  8. Nellina Rynda on

    I had a dream where I went up to my ex trying to get back with him and he told me he didn’t love me anymore. He told me how his friends didn’t think we were good together and how he agreed with them, and I just became completely devastated. What might that mean? Is it a “sign” from my end or from his?

    • This is the sign that he moved on and you haven’t. You still have love for him inside you but thats totally normal since you shared a lot of things while with him. Just hang out with friends and try to not think about him even for a second, You will be fine.

  9. For the past few nights I have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend. I am current married but separating from my husband. I don’t remember all the details from my dream but the one thing I do is he continues to ask me am I ok. The one night my best friend was in the dream and she said to him you still love her. I have no communication with my ex so I’m confused why so many frequent dreams now??

    • You are in stress right now because of your husband so its fine that you dream about your ex because you had one great time with him once. Do not freak out, it will be gone once you are stress free.

  10. Last year I went out with an amazing girl for just under half a year, and in the beginning it was amazing, she lives about 45 minutes away from me in the mountains and I loved going there and being with both her and all her friends, I felt so welcomed d d part of a big family. At the start of our relationship she told me about suffering now and again with depression, but at the time I didn’t think it through much and brushed it to the side because we were so happy. Soon we told each other we loved one another. About 4 months later she started getting big waves of deep depression resulting in her being slightly mean to me, ignoring me at parties, and generally ignoring me for days on end. I gave her the space she needed, and a week after the first big bout of depression she rang me to tell me she court carry on being with me as it was too hard, but after talking , she realised she was being silly, apologised, and went back to normal. From that point I put a personal wall up to protect myself from rejection, but it unknowingly started pushing her away. Everything seeee fine for a while, but soon, the depression kept happening, and a strain was made on my side of things. The girl I fell in love with had changed and I didn’t know what to do. The wall I’d put up had made me doubt myself, and begin to be shallow inside my own head. Petty things ran through my mind, and just before Christmas I made the decision to break up with her. It happened so fast, we both cried, and that was it. For a month I pushed everything to the back of my mind and had fun with my own friends. I thought about her every single day put swallowed the pain and tried to live. 2 days after New Years, it hit me hard. It felt like I’d woken up from a deep sleep, and I realised I’d lost the girl of my dreams. I called her, and she told me she was fine, she’d dealt with it all, and that nothing was ever going to be that way between us again. She started to get angry that I’d appeared out of nowhere, bringing it all up again. I told her I missed her, and that I’d been a fool. She didn’t want me back. It was over. From that point I became a total wreck, constantly crying over memories, telling myself I’d do it all again with her even if it was the same outcome. All I wanted to do was be with her, but I ceased any contact. Deleted any links in social media, any numbers, all texts etc. I’ve never been so sad and lonely. A month later and, out of nowhere, I met another girl, and we’re currently going out. I still think of my ex constantly though, I still feel the same way towards her, even though I’m with someone new, and It kills me to be so unfair. 3 weeks or so ago, for the first time in over 4 months I saw my ex. It was crushingly horrible, and Im not sure she even saw me. It took my entire willpower not to make myself known and talk to her. Since that moment my dreams have started. Every night Im with my ex, and we’re either getting back together and happy, or I want her back and she is cold and horrible towards me. Each depiction is heartbreakingly real though, and I see her as well as I would if she were standing before me now. It sends everything hurtling back onto me, all the feelings, memories, and pain. I don’t know what to do. I like my current girlfriend, but i always make comparisons between the two, for which I feel very guilty for. I miss my ex. The dreams hurt, and make everything far too real again. Thanks for reading.

  11. dazed and confused on

    Every so often I have dreams of my ex which is the father of my two older children. I haven’t had contact with him since 2008. I’m happily married with two more children since 2007 but I keep having these dreams that we’re back together. I’m always very shy around him like the very first time we met. It drives me crazy! I can’t stand him when I’m awake but I have these VERY intimate dreams about him. Please help! Thanks

  12. Nica Correa on

    Why does my boyfriend always dreamt about me and my ex-boyfriend HAVING SEX ?? sometimes twice in a week, 3 days in a row, a month ago.. What does it mean? We’re long distance now. We skype all day everyday.. It really hurt for him I know.. but I wanna know what does it mean???? Thank you….

    • Since he is far from you, he is really missing you and its totally fine for a guy to dream about sex with girlfriend as long as he is not dreaming with other girls. He is missing you so i think you need to stay with him and talk him more and make sure he don’t go out with hookers coz as a boy i can tell, if you dream a lot about sex, you will start feeling like you want to have sex and start hunting for it. Just stick with him, best of luck with it.

  13. I was seeing someone for 6 months and now we don’t talk I’ve been having dreams about them for a while now like good scenarios of what can happen eat but just the other day I had a dream and he was in it but it wasn’t about him he had no relevance he was just in the background standing there what does this mean?

  14. i had a dreamed that my husband and his girlfriend still have communication and still have sexual intercourse? what is the meaning of that?

    • It mean you are suspicious about your husband. I know when a person loves so much, s/he becomes suspicious with their partners. Take it easy, give him big hug everyday and tell him you love him. Be as close as possible. It will be gone and you will be fine.

  15. Hi. I just had a dream about my ex-boyfriend. It was so happy and felt so real. The problem is it hasn’t happened at all to us. My dream was about us walking holding hands, smiling, laughing on the east coast beach. We were playing in the water splashing each other enjoying one others company. The bigger problem is that he broke up with me because he wants me to experience life more and that was all. We never had an argument or anything negative happen between us. Than when I tried to get back with him he told me he would never be able to say no to me but he had to because he is with another lady. After that night he has tried so hard to ignore me and his current girlfriend has messaged me to never try to contact him. Than he appolagized about his girlfriends comment and said that right now we shoul d not talk, but maybe in our future. What does my dream mean?

    • It means you missed him and still think about him a lot. By reading at your comment, it looks like he dumped you. He never wanted to experience more in life but rather want to sleep with more girls. Find a new boyfriend first and move on. Break up hurts a lot but there is nothing that cures a broken heart other than love. You know about XYZ, Forget about e-X because Y-ou are close to Z-ero, meaning you can start your new relationship with Zero Pains and sorrows.

  16. I had a dream that I was in a hurry to get to some sort of function at my old school. I was walking quickly through alley-ways and sidestreets to try and get back onto the main road of the town I used to live in. I could see through to the main street i wanted to be on and could see all the people walking, but I just kept going on my path and started to run. I began to run and pushed past people coming towards me. I finally got to the main street and just as I stopped running, my ex stopped in front of me on a bike. he had been riding along the main road this whole time and met me where the two streets joined. He was in his old school uniform, while I was dressed for the function I was to be attending. We talked for a while, and walked for a little bit as he pushed his bike along. We were both heading towards the same place. I don’t remember what our conversations were about but I just remember him saying “you’re such a previous girl” and then I woke up.
    His words made no sense to me, and neither did this dream.

    I have been thinking about this alot and would really like some additional opinions on what you think this could mean?
    Basically I dreamed me and my exboyfriend were on separate paths, mine was a side street while his was the main road, we met in the middle on the way to our destination which was something to do with school. He was riding a bike, while I was running to this ‘center point’ where we met.
    Once we met, we talked, and walked together toward our destination however I stopped walking, then he stopped and then he said that confusing line “youre such a previous girl”, and then I woke up after before anything else could happen

    Any Ideas?

    We dated for a long time, but broke up due to us both planning studying abroad in different countries this year and were not certain about ldr because we didn’t think it was fair on one another. We talked almost everyday after the break up for about 2months, but now we haven’t heard anything from eachother since. I’ve tried to move on, and I wasn’t thinking about him until last week when a friend in the country I am studying in decided to bring up boyfriends and suddenly he wont leave my mind.
    We had long term plans/future plans for when we got back to the same country however I am not so sure about those plans now. We really loved each other ,but don’t you think I should just move on?
    This dream made me oh so confused. Anyone got ideas on what it could mean?

    Thank you for any help

    -With love, Confused

  17. Diana Cortez on

    I have been married for two years now, and my husband and I have been dating for 5 1/2 years. He was unfaithful awhile back but we have since moved on. My best-friend of 9 years is also my ex, with whom I had a very complicated relationship with. And honestly although we were friends prior to dating, I feel like our friendship is our way of holding on to each other. He decided he wasn’t ready for a serious commitment so I moved on to my now husband. Currently he is in a serious relationship with a girl he has been with for a couple of years. I keep having non-sexual dreams about us dating. In the dreams we are spending alot of time together, which is something we really didn’t do when we were together. After all this time I still can’t quite get him out of my head. Does this mean he is still in my heart as well??

  18. I am married woman, why im still dreaming of my highschool ex boyfriend. He is my first love why my ex still in my dreams.

  19. I’m not exactly understanding my dream and i really need help deciphering it cause I just can’t seem to get it off my mind. I’ve been single for probably 3 months and I just barely started talking to this guy like very briefly I dont really have any significant attraction to him, considering I don’t really know him. But any way in my dream I was at a school function of aomesort and all I remember was seeing my ex and kissing him and hugging him but thinking “oh, we’re not together” but continuing on regardless and it was like i was still in a relationship with him. We hadn’t talked about any of the heavy things in our relationship or why we broke up or anything, but i was aware that there was some baggage that we hadn’t talked about and he knew it too. But we went on like we were dating anyway and we ended up having sex and right before he had said “I’m about to cheat on my girlfriend” and I had try to say we shouldn’t do it anymore but we did. this probably has nothing to do with anything but while we were sleeping with eachother i remember putting my face in his chest and thinking wow he started working out more because his muscles were much larger than before. It was just a weird dream cause I don’t normally dream about him anymore and we were with eachother like everything had been before. Not only that but its been a good chunk of time and I didn’t think I thought about him as often. And to have a dream about that is very unsettling. Please help me.

  20. I divorce my ex husband 3 years ago since he was cheating on me with my sister. Im over tye whole situation now. But now i keep dreaming that he dies and all i do is replay the voicemails he left me. We remain good friends over the years since we have a son. Im over him but i cant stop dreaming of him.

    • Hi Eli,

      You’re a strong woman to get through this. Dreaming of him dying maybe that the situation of him and your sister would not exist, because that’s what killed you. You miss the good times when it was all good. Forgive him and your sister. Pour your heart out to him about how you feel and what you need from him. Yes, you said you’re over it, but you’re heart maybe unsettled. Good luck!

  21. Heather Maine on

    All that I can think about is my dream from last night, so im home alone with my mom then i hear some noise in the house, I think it’s nothing then it goes on and on then i say i cant just ignore it so i look for the cause of the noise and it ends up being my ex hiding behind a door trying to get my attention. I open the door and there he was, I honestly never felt so happy inside that i got to see him. So we end up talking and leaving the house start catching up and bringing back a bunch of memories admitted that we truly miss each other and that really felt so real it made me feel like the happiest person alive. All in all we ended up hugging tight and kissing and just reliving our past.. I loved it but in reality the thing is we haven’t been together in almost 1 1/2 years, although i broke it off for a bunch of STUPID reasons that i started regretting months after. At the time i thought those reasons were on point, but i was clearly wrong. So we both moved on or so i thought we did, we both went into relationships i went into one but the guy screwed me over and i learned my lesson from then never love again. So ive called it quits with guys and love for almost a year now. But this ex, I just don’t get it hes all i can think about half the time and who i dream about every now and then, I’m hurting because i miss him but he’s probably happy with his life.. My dream is keeping me puzzled and i need as much help as i can get explaining all this i just don’t get it all.

    • Hi Heather,

      You made it clear to yourself that you missed him and the good times! Try asking him if he’s available to hangout as friends…maybe you’ll be able to live your dream from there. Regrets are a learning lesson, don’t let the small stuffs get to you. Always talk it out, when two fires are lite….there’s no one to put it out, you’re just adding more fuel to each other’s Fire. When one is fired up, the other has to be the one to put that flame out! Hope you get my drift on that one. Good luck!

  22. Jarrod Brown on

    Me and my ex-girlfriend have a baby together and she is one year and 2 months old. We broke up about three weeks ago and around that time it didn’t end well at all for either of us. We still keep in contact but the weird part about it is that I still want to be with her and can’t imagine being with someone else. She is the mother of my child and I have never felt this way for anyone before. Anyways, for these past couple weeks EVER night I have been having dreams/nightmares of my ex and it’s causing me problems with feelings I have within myself and towards her. What is happening to me and what should I do?

  23. Hi, I officially broke up with my ex boyfriend January 2014 because I found out he had cheated on me and den while broken up found out he had cheated on my a lot through our relationship. I always had a feeling he cheated on me but could never prove it until my friend saw it. He constantly try to get back with me for a constant year begging and begging so I seen him a few times to see maybe we could try again but didn’t like the person he was he had changed so much and had a completely different personality and didn’t seem like he had the same interest in me so I stopped seeing him which was just a month ago. I have been seeing someone new but sometimes and happy with him and other times am not. Over the past few weeks I keep dreaming of my ex last night I dream I was out in a bar and he was there and so was the new person I was seeing my ex came over to our table and was so nice and introduce himself to the person and seeing now..this made me angry because I wanted him to get jealous and beg for me back but he didn’t, next I left my table and went over to my ex and we talk and then we were hugging and kissing but at the same time I felt he wasn’t throughly happy when he was with me I still felt he would leave me. What does this mean? Does it mean I am still in love with my ex?

    • Hi Lily,

      Sounds like you’re are torn between the feelings of the new and the old boyfriend. I was once in that situation, it was crazy. I spoke with my ex who is also the father of my kids, and told him that I will always love him, but I’m not about his games when he felt like being around me. I moved on, but I couldn’t shake that feeling for my ex. I told my ex that we needed to talk face to face, I told him I forgave him for all the pain he put me through and that I am ready to close this chapter of my life, because my new guy….I was catching myself cheating on him with my ex, is not healthy for me…..so my advice for you is to forgive him, and learn from your past relationship, and experience the new guy. You’re a woman of many chances, give the new guy a chance! Good luck!

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