Evil Dream Symbol


Evil – If you dream about something or someone evil, this indicates something taboo that you fear to address within yourself. Perhaps this is something you have forbidden for yourself, or perhaps it is a reflection of a societally-imposed taboo. You should examine the thing you see as evil in your dream to determine the actual threat it poses to you, or if your fear is unfounded.

Alternatively, an evil thing or person in your dream could indicate an obstacle or threat to your well-being or ability to achieve your goals. The fear you feel related to this threat is an indication of  insecurity, either within yourself or in your ability to direct and control your own life.

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  1. louise james on

    i was with my friend that night n i fell asleep at his house.i had a dream something was holding me down i try too fight but he was too strong..i couldn’t see this person but i can feel him pressing down on me..so i just stop n gave up…but then he got even stronger so i start fighting again then i woke up.what do it mean

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