Evacuation Dream Symbol


Evacuation – If you dream that you are evacuated, this signifies some need to be removed from your comfort zone. It could be an indication of loss, and almost certainly includes fear. There could be an element of having to hide your true emotional state in order to protect yourself. If you are currently resisting a change in your life, this dream may indicate that you will need your current situation to become unfeasible in order to make the necessary change.

If you remain alone in a town that has been evacuated, this indicates a sense of isolation and possibly rejection. You may feel that others are uncomfortable around you or avoid you.

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  1. I had a dream where I had to be evacuated because of a fire. The fire wasn’t in my house while I was being evacuated it was an emergency evacuation because a fire was near by. I remember being in my room trying to pack everything but where I was it wasn’t my room I never seen that room in my life but in my dream it was my room.

    • I dream about being evacuated from a town where i live to a place where i lived at the age of four.my great grand mother was there to comfort me told me i had gave up .what does this mean.

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