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Europe Dream Symbol – A dream featuring Europe can indicate changes coming into your life. It is a positive message to embrace them for change is only as good or as bad as what you make of it. Dreaming of traveling through Europe can mean you may be traveling soon in your waking life. This will be good for you, for you will return relaxed and rejuvenated. You will learn a lot and may even return with a new attitude to your life.

Traveling in Europe can reveal important things about yourself you may not have been previously aware of. You may meditate on these to come to terms with them and how they fit into your normal life when you return home. Traveling Europe is also a positive sign for financial matters. But, you will still need to work hard for any financial gain. But, it can mean you will reach your financial goals.

Dreaming of being unhappy, while traveling Europe, can indicate missing out on an important opportunity that crosses your path. You may feel devastated, even angry with yourself. Even though this may happen, you need to remember there will be a lot more opportunities that come your way. But, beware of accepting just any opportunity out of fear of failing. Make sure you check any opportunity thoroughly before you decide to take it.

Illegally moving to a European country symbolizes major life changes. You may completely change your life, your career, and your friendships. Change is only as positive or negative as you make it. The choice is yours.

Dreaming of waiting for guests from Europe can symbolize there will be problems in a close relationship. This may be caused by misunderstandings and arguments. You may need to be more careful of what you say. It can also symbolize this is a time to finish off unfinished business before starting anything new.

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