Erection Dream Symbol


Erection – An erection is a symbol of creative male energy. It is also a highly sensual sign. Dreaming that you have an erection denotes the instinct to radically change the world around you, using your own identity as the tool for change. This is a very aggressive form of creativity. Dreaming that you are receptive to someone else’s erection denotes a willingness to be vulnerable and a creativity that includes a willingness to be changed. If you are a woman dreaming of having an erection, you may be seeking power and authority over others, especially your partner.

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  1. My dream with an erection was I got one with my old crush pushed against me with her ass who felt it and said “I felt that disease” and I was taking pictures of her and her friend in bikinis in nature. She then proceeded to pose again with her friend where I got an even stronger erection that was visible. Nothing was done because of it and she trusted me to just let it die down so that was cool

  2. I had a dream where I had a huge and erected penis which was on for a long time before I tried hiding it, but woke up at once. What could that mean please?

  3. LonelySweet on

    I had a dream that i was playing this game with some male friends(im a female) and then i started feeling horny and next thing in know im trying to turn my male friend on. I eventually got him hard and then i was about to start somethin more but someone pulled us apart…. like what does that mean??

  4. im ftm trans and i had a dream about having an erection, I’m young so i haven’t had any surgeries or hormones, what could it mean?

  5. Laura Lynne on

    I had a dream I was leaving a job(don’t think it’s either of the two I have) & heading to a bus stop but I had to hold this wobbly torii for this ups driver to pull in. It was hard to hold & some stranger went up against it to hold it while I was still holding it. The ups driver was talking to the guy holding the torii about this sassy girl they both were attracted to & The guy who was holding the Torii started to get an erection on my hand. It freaked me out in The dream so I pulled my hand out of the wedge as quickly as I could.

  6. celibatekitten on

    My dream was of me using a dildo while a guy with an huge erection was lying next to me. His hard penis looked exactly like my dildo. I can’t see the guy’s face but he wasn’t a stranger.

  7. I had a dream i was jerking my boyfriend off but wouldn’t get an erection no matter what i tried. Ive searched every where for the meaning but couldn’t find a explanation.

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