Erection Dream Symbol


Erection – An erection is a symbol of creative male energy. It is also a highly sensual sign. Dreaming that you have an erection denotes the instinct to radically change the world around you, using your own identity as the tool for change. This is a very aggressive form of creativity. Dreaming that you are receptive to someone else’s erection denotes a willingness to be vulnerable and a creativity that includes a willingness to be changed. If you are a woman dreaming of having an erection, you may be seeking power and authority over others, especially your partner.

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  1. celibatekitten on

    My dream was of me using a dildo while a guy with an huge erection was lying next to me. His hard penis looked exactly like my dildo. I can’t see the guy’s face but he wasn’t a stranger.

  2. I had a dream i was jerking my boyfriend off but wouldn’t get an erection no matter what i tried. Ive searched every where for the meaning but couldn’t find a explanation.

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