Epidemic Dream Symbol


Epidemic – An epidemic denotes a widespread threat to the stability of your life. It can indicate a feeling of insecurity in a relationship, or worries about losing a job. If you dream about an epidemic, it means that you worry about the widespread consequences of a disaster that you fear. If you dream that you become ill during an epidemic, you fear losing your agency in your life. Moreover, you fear that no one will be able to help you, and there will be no safety net against your destruction or failure.

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  1. In my dream there was an epidemic of smallpox. The sick were gathered in halls and the authorities gathered the well in the same hall as the sick under the pretense of vaccination where they were lined up and injected. I knew the vaccine didn’t work being used so close to exposure to the ilness and suspected the authorities were trying to infect the well so they could claim they were justified in not evacuating or screening them so I fled.

  2. Megan Harms on

    I keep having this dream where I arrive in some weird town that I have never been to, but all of my old friends are there from where I actually live.
    it never shows where I am coming from, but my dream just starts when I’m in the car with my dad, and my older sister.
    anyways, my dreams start with a trailer-like film. I’m just watching the trailer for my dream in my head before I even have the dream.
    but my dream is about my aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, and I hunting for this fungus (that you can see with only a flashlight.) with all of my family friends.
    one of my aunts is the leader of this ‘quest’ type thing (and she is my favorite aunt out of the 3 aunts I have.) and I’m like her right hand throughout the entire thing. everyone else is just there to help look for the amounts of this fungus is to see if it could be enough to call it an epidemic or an outbreak.
    my dream ends when I go to this resteraunt, and I see a medium-sized amount of fungus behind a countertop, and telling my aunt to come look, but she just says “it’s not enough for It to be an outbreak” but I don’t believe her.
    then my dream finishes.
    but the thing is, that’s not what that “trailer” I saw in the beginning of my dream. my trailer was much more action packed, suspenseful, mysterious. it even leaves it at a cliffhanger: me jumping from a balcony to get across a floor that’s spawning this fungus.
    keep in mind this fungus is deadly. you can touch the fungus, but once it grows to its maximum size on your body, it could kill you. it only takes a few hours for it to grow. so you constantly have to wear germ-x and hand sanitizer.
    also. this fungus is only in buildings and it never goes outside in my dreams. every time I am outside, it’s never there.

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