Engagement Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Engagement Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being engaged to be married can represent your need for a close, intimate relationship. Do you want to find someone to share your life? Are you feeling lonely?

It can also represent your desire to make a deeper emotional commitment to someone or something. Have you made someone a promise? Are you feeling insecure?

A dream where you end an engagement can mean you will be faced with a decision and pressured to make it quickly. This is a warning to take the time to think it through. Do not allow others to pressure you if you are not ready.

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  1. I was in a relationship and he proposed, I wanted to keep the engagement a secret until some big event was over. I was at a big event with his friends and we were all going on a camping trip the next day. The next day his ex girlfriend joined us, and I was ignored. I found out he hadn’t told any of his friends about the engagement and broke up with him on the spot….. I woke up angry and crying, weird thing is I’m single.

  2. My dream was, I was working in some kitchen or restaurant, and I’m not really sure who the guy was… but we got engaged, and my dads side of the family was there, but not my parents. and I’m like ok no one post anything on facebook because they need to hear it from me. so I wore the ring while working and I just remember feeling like I didn’t really want to marry him (whoever it was). and to try to find the best time to tell him that I just couldn’t…. felt so real…

  3. Hi, I dreamt that others were getting engaged around me but not me. I was happy for them but I also felt envy that I didn’t have that. One friend I haven’t seen in a long time, who’s married, had a huge pink banded ring and the blue stone underneath was covered but if you moved the material you could see the stone. The fabric the band was made from a satiny bright pink material & you could see the sewing tracks. I mentioned to the friend that it was a really different engagement ring & she said, it’s not an engagement ring, it’s just a gift for now.
    When I searched what engagements meant it only shows meanings about the dreamer getting engaged…..but what about if it’s others getting engaged in your dream?

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