Emotional Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Emotional Dream Symbol – While dreaming, the subconscious is able to speak freely, as it were, without the filtering voice of the conscious mind. It is therefore common while dreaming of experiencing wide variations of intense emotion. If you experience emotions in your dreams that make it hard to breathe, such as uncontrollable sobbing, have yourself tested for sleep apnea. These dreams may be your brain assimilating an actual physical inability to breathe.

Nostalgia Dream Symbol

Dreaming of being nostalgic is a sign you will return from a trip relaxed and rejuvenated. This type of dream is prompting you to take a break from your everyday responsibilities. You need to unwind so you can continue to focus on moving your life forward.

Redundancy Dream Symbol

Dreaming of being made redundant indicates your high-stress levels in your waking life. It can be in relation to the instability of the global economy and that no longer is employment or anything else as secure as is was in the past. It can also indicate you may need to take more risks to get ahead on your path to success. It is a time for taking action.

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