Embarrassment Dream Symbol


Embarrassment – Embarrassment in dreams, as in waking life, is a powerful and uncomfortable emotion. The significance of this symbol depends on what factor is causing the embarrassment. Embarrassment in a dream is often correlated to embarrassment in real life about the same thing, but you may be surprised to find what it is you are embarrassed of, especially if you suppress the emotion.

Keep in mind that embarrassment is purely related to your own anxiety about what other people think. Keep in mind also that other people’s judgment in your dream is most often your own judgment. If you dream about being embarrassed about someone or something, it is probably because you are judging it to be inadequate, and not necessarily a reflection of what other people actually think.

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  1. I was playing with a small boy in the dream and he told me that I should leave him,that I talk too mush. I was so embarrassed that the person that was with me left me. please what does it means

  2. Angelina Garcia on

    I have been having dreams about my current boyfriend of 4 years embarrassing me in front of a whole group of friends. I’m kind of worried because I don’t feel embarrassed about him. In the dream he went up to a group of friends and said something that I thought was embarrassing and I run away trying to hide from him and when he found me I confessed that he embarrassed me to him and than he said “if I embarrass you so much then lets break up”. I’m really confused as to why i’m having this dream.

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