Email Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Email Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of emails can symbolize your need to communicate in an easy, convenient way. Emails can be a better form of communication for some as it gives the time to form a well thought out response. Writing an email to your lover is a sign of working out what you can say without fear of rejection. This is a reminder do not need to fear what you say if you are being your true self.

When you dream of dealing with daily issues using email this is a way to deliver an instantaneous response. This can mean you are someone who likes to get things done. You may tend to get straight to the heart of things. Deal with them and then move on. You are probably direct and straight to the point. Using email in this way can mean there is good news coming soon to your waking world.

Dreaming of emails being ignored can warn this is a time where you need to use a different form of communication. You may have to communicate with them physically. Have you allowed yourself to become too isolated in your real life? It may be time to take a break from your computer and get out into the real world regularly.

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