Elopement Dream Symbol


Elope – Dreaming of elopement signifies taking control of your life, sometimes at the expense of other peoples’ good opinion. Perhaps you have been trying to live up to others’ expectations for a long time, and it is time for you to put your own happiness first. Desiring to elope in a dream can be an indication that you have been allowing others into parts of your life that are really your own business.

It can indicate a desire to simplify and find what the absolute necessities are. Dreaming that another person has eloped should serve as a reminder that that person is in control of his or her own choices and fate. You are perhaps in a position of expecting that person to answer to you or follow your guidance. If you do not recognize the other person’s autonomy, you may be in for a rude awakening soon.

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  1. your definition makes a lot more sense to me than others i’ve read. i dreamed of eloping with my fiance but people found out and they were happy for us and trying to turn it into a big party but i said i wanted to keep it more hush-hush. In real life, I’m planning on eloping with my fiance at the courthouse and not telling anyone except for some close friends and my sister.

  2. I have dreamed of elopement to my ex Bf.In the dream there was no wedding. But I was dreaming after the elopement. Its like the dream started by telling his family. Then we was going to tell my family. An in my dream I felt like it something that would make my family really happy and proud…. I have no clue what to make of this.

  3. Finally an interpretation that makes sense, albeit not too relevant to me. I keep seeing the interpretation of me ‘not being worthy to fill a position’. I am unemployed and the only position I hold is being a wife, so what is it supposed to mean?

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