Elk/Moose Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Elk Dream Symbol  – To see an Elk in your dream can suggest the wild instincts that drive your emotions and cause you to act without thinking.

An elk can also represent our strength and endurance to persevere through difficult times. These dreams can indicate that you should spend more time with your friends and family and the people you love.

Elk brings abundance, offering himself in sacrifice to sustain others. He is the largest of the deer family and is versatile, noble, and handles all things with grace. He uses his speed to cover great distances quickly. From the depths of his soul, elk uses his voice to issue warnings others can hear for miles around. Elk’s message can be about clear, swift, transparent communication.

elk dreamYou may need to move quickly to take advantage of the current situation or it may be to warn against the situation altogether. Consider who you have been avoiding. Are you withholding your voice from friends, family, and colleagues at work? Do you stay silent when someone needs defending? Do you deliberately work slower than you can? Elk reminds this is not the way to get what you need and to want You to have to act from integrity.

Elk symbolizes freedom in the wild. It values its independence and the ability to roam wherever its path takes him. This amazing creature is usually a good sign of business and personal success. You can expect abundance to come your way.

When Elk crosses your path

Elk crossing your path signifies abundance is coming. But, remember, there are no shortcuts or quick, easy fixes. Continue to exercise strength to stay on the right path as someone may try to distract you to lead you astray.

Moose Dream Symbol

Moose brings strong masculine energy to your dreams. He also symbolizes unpredictability and a strong sense of survival. Moose can survive any challenge that crosses his path. Dreams of moose can mean your life is under control. That you have confidence in the current path you walk. You let nothing stand in your way.

Alternatively, a visit from moose can warn you are too easily threatened. There is no need to allow others to make you feel that way. What or who makes you feel threatened? Why? Do not allow others to make you feel pressured if you do not agree or have a different opinion. Everyone has a right to their opinion. You may even need to make your goals and objectives clearer for better understanding. It is your right. Moose reminds you are strong. Stand tall in your truth. Do not apologize for who you are.

Moose brings messages of movement. Movement through illusions to the truth. The magic of life and death. Of shedding the old in favor of the new to bring in light to your life. He shows how to move steadily forward to reach your dreams. How to use power in a gentle way to explore your environment and new opportunities. When moose is his natural habitat, it can mean there are changes coming that will benefit you.

Moose also symbolizes longevity. This could mean looking to the elders in your life to benefit from wisdom. Spend time with them before the knowledge of days gone by is lost. If you shoot a moose in your dream, it can mean there are arguments simmering among family members.

When Moose crosses your Path

Moose crosses your path when you question life and your direction. He reminds us to listen to your intuition to walk the right path.

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  1. Jamshid Ostovar on

    I was took a wrong exit, not because i wasn’t paying attention, but because i wanted to see the road. It looked strange. I was riding a motorcycle. Then a girl in a car with sorry on her face passed me. she was concenred about the path I was taking. The road was paved in stone and was surrouned by large ancient trees from the right side and ocean on the left side. I passed a man who was fishing. he’s back was tunrned but he had an american flag pole next to him. I continued. far in distance, I saw a moose. He was looking at me, but then turned adound and walked along. I took it as a warning that I shpuld turned around. I did. the road got darker. On my way back, the guy who was fishing called me. I walked up to him. we started talking. Then, fog surrounded us. All of a sudden we were in a house. but I couldnt see clearly because of the fog. I heard his voice but didnt see his face. He talked about cannibalism. He’s favorite meal was old mexian grandpas. He said old white women are easy to catch. I’m not hispanic or white. but I panicked. I found a way out of that house and got on my bike. it was so slow. the man had control over the trees and the road. he was calling me with a thounderous wrath. Then out of nowhere a girl came. she lived in the trees of the jungle. she told me to be quiet so he cant hear us. she guided me to a tree and we climbed it. she did it with grace. I had difficulty. at the top I couldnt take hold of branch and quetly said “help” she didnt hear. right before I fell I said “help” in a loud tone and she grabbed me and pulled me up. then at the top I saw her brothers. they were living in the trees for along time. with pale skin. I assumed they were hiding from thd fisherman. we started a jounreny and quickly arrived at an ancient temple. we walked in. I had my arms around her. we walked past a pale man dressed in a dark robe. she said he was the “architect”. he saw us and without taking steps appeared next to us and started shouting in a hateful jibbersih. cursing us for entering his place. I wasnt frieghtend but I felt threatend. I had my arms around her she she around me so i draw strenght from protecting her. we went into a room. the architect asked shy we were there. then a opended a book. it had demonic drawings. of old ancinet demons who helped kings to be kings. gave them strenght. Then he pointed to a demon drawing and said tap on it hard. I did. a black hole on the ground opened up. he told me to put my hand in and grab something. so i did. but i wasnt getting hold of anthing. I told him “there is nothing here” thdn he ordered the hole to close. I realized he wanted me gone so he can take the pale girl that helped me escape. in a second I took my hand out and slashed his throat. He was dissovling in a smoke. but was cursing me and her to be doomed. I cursed him and showed him the finger. I was filled with courage because I was doing it for her sake. then he dissapeared in smoke, gone forever. I looked at her. I looked her in the eye to see if she was okay. she was. she thanked me with her eyes. I had lifted her curse.
    then i woke up. I’v been sitting in my bed for 2 hours now. thinking. maybe when we dream out spirit travels into other dimension. maybe humans help the other kinds in their dreams and others help us in their dreams. after all, earth is a spining ball in an infinite universe.

  2. I dreamt I was in a forest with large tall trees it was night time the sky was bright blue with lots of start I felt so small and lost when 2 moose’s came I wasn’t afraid but they were huge one was leading me and the other was behind me it was taking me to where my family was I remember trying to keep up they were really fast I had got a glimpse of myself and I was in a form of a wolf my family couldn’t see me but they sensed me but because I was a wolf they didn’t recognize me my sister even saw me and said oh it’s just a wolf because I was howling .. then it transitioned into another dream

  3. I dreamed of a mosses that was afraid, I petted him, the sky was dark, they was a lot of animal, but he was the only one I petted, people was there, it’s was like a rocket ship, but on the ground. It was a weird dream, but the mosse was happy after I put my hands on him.

  4. Jennifer Morrison on

    I dreamt that I was walking through a field early in the morning and I remember feeling calm and at peace. When I looked around me I was slowly joined by number of moose that walked beside me into the forest. I remember feeling the cool air and hearing them breath but it felt so normal.

    • I had a dream that I was walking the road that led me to my old High School and I saw an old man watering his bougainvilleas and that flower reminds me of my grandma I stopped to praise the old man for keeping them so beautiful. Then we chit chatted for a bit before he told me that Lorry had gone to the vet and she was healthy, I asked confused who’s Lorry and then I saw a Moose or an Elk emerging from the small narrow pathway that led to the man’s house and backyard. I don’t know if it was in fact an Elk or a Moose since in Greece we don’t have Elks and Mooses and never seen one before in my life! It walked threateningly towards me at first but the old man said that Lorry had just missed me and wanted to smell me. I panicked and started to run only to hear the sound of screeching tires and horrified I turn to see Lorry dead. A car hit her. The old man yells at me that it’s my fault that his dear Lorry is dead and it’s my fault! If only i had stood still nothing would have happened. And I believed that he was right. I started to chant while crying that it should have been me and not the poor animal. Then I woke up feeling guilty, thankful that it was just a dream and horrified all at once. What does that mean?

      • Irene Phaup on

        I dreamed I was running (instead of driving) into the city limits (at dawn) of Logan, UT. My grandaughter needs my help at college since she broke her elbow. Although I am on a main street, I see a moose intersecting my pathway from the brush. A few people attempted to redirect the moose from me, but soon I am face-to-face in an enclosed area with him. I lay down to play dead, and a brown labrador retriever also comes and lays beside me, almost protectively. Instead of being aggressive, the moose lays down over us, partly covering us, gently nudging but not hurting us. I am afraid of moving because he may become startled, the dog doesn’t move or bark either. Feeling overcome with fear, I forced myself to wake up. Any interpretations please?

    • Tonight I dreamt I was living at a farm where I saw that there were moose in the fields. Just when I saw that there were moose in the fields, a guy who also lived at the farm said “there are no moose in the fields”.

      After that I took a stroll and saw quite a few animals (but I cannot remember what they were). In the dream I thought it was an amazing time to walk around the farm at dusk and see so much life around. I then saw a cheetah/jaguar and kept my distance. But it had seen me and started to go after me. It chased me to the door of the house where me and my friend managed to close the door (I think)

      Then I was steering a mid-sized ship on a remote river and we managed to find the sea.

  5. I dreamt that my husband and I found a moose calf that had been orphaned and abandoned so we took it home and cared for it.We were intending to send it back to the wild once it was big enough to care for itself.Only when it was fully grown it didn’t want to return to the wild as it was happy living in our house with us,so we let it stay.My dream ended with the moose stretched out in front of the sofa watching tv with us and the dog,but the Mooses antlers kept blocking my view,but we didn’t seem to mind.

  6. I dreamed that I was sleeping in my home and 4 antlerless moose walked following one another, behind my house, so close that they rubbed against the house. They seemed calm and relaxed. They weren’t just wandering, they seemed to know where they were going and were on a steady pace to where ever that place was. We don’t have moose where I live.

  7. I grew up in a very suppressive religious community and when we finally left I would have nightmares about the town. It was in one such nightmare that I hid upon a large rock from a big female moose. The moose did not act aggressively, only paced around the rock and occasionally bellowed at me. Because there was a tornado threatening to destroy the town I ran from the moose when it’s back was turned, not even bothering to look behind me to see if it was charging me. My eyes were on the horizon when I woke up.

  8. Travis lundy on

    I dreamt i was driving on the back roads dodging a lot of moose. Like i mean a lot… They were juat sitting down staring at me calm and collective ..

    • I had just dreamed we were out in the plains and a bull moose Elk was in the distance and the person I was with whom I believe was my uncle Dave whom is an avid bow hunter and I saw him shoot the arrow and the speed was slow enough to be able to watch the arrow at every mark. We end up leaving the spot and he tells me he’s gonna come back and get the elk tomorrow. So tomorrow comes and we get to the elk and as soon as we approach the boat dock to where it was tied up for some reason as if it was a horse outside of a bar saloon ordeal. We are in ten feet of water and the elk is floating barely head above the water. I hear my uncles frustration and bewilderment on how strange it is that the water rose in this manner.

  9. Last night I dreamt I was walking in an abandon football field surround by woods towards an old picnic table located just past the end zone. As I sat on the top of a table a baby moose hopes over the fence and comes towards me. I reach inside my pocket and pull a red apple out. The brightness of the apple stood out from all the colors, because it was like we were all muted in color. I give the baby moose the apple and it took it, I reached out to pet it and it cuddled into my hand. Then an adult moose hopes over the fence and comes over to me too. It too stands in front waiting for its share I pull a second apple from my pocket feed it to the moose once it was done, it too cuddled into me. Then the moose climbed onto the table to sit next to me.

  10. My friend had a dream of a grey moose by the house. We were walking his dogs when he saw the moose, but I couldn’t see it. The moose ran across the road into our yard as I now live with him. He saw it, but said I couldn’t see it, even though we chased it through the yard.

  11. Had a strange dream where the elk/moose took me hostage and bit me. A white wolf then came around and tried to help me get rid of him. What does this dream mean?

  12. Dreamed last night of me observing a tall female moose running away from me on a road. I was amazed at how huge it really was. There were other animals as well, and I sensed they were African animals like lions, elephants, etch, but the moose was way ahead of these animals and stood out the most. It was very interesting.

  13. Had a dream I was home me, my uncle ,and auntie , my grandma , and someone else who I didn’t want to see the the moose , so I looked over and see a moose walking in the field behind the arena this I only seen the top of its head then I turned to everybody and said look it’s a moose it’s a moose shoot it shoot it so my uncle took off to grab a gun then I go outside and see 4 of them come walking right up to my house they were pretty big no horns or anything I wasn’t sure if they were girls or young calfs, so they come walking right up to my porch all of them came up some of them even went in side and I was talking to the one that stayed outside he didn’t talk or anything I just asked if like this and that , and all I could think was where is my uncle,

  14. I had a dream I was riding my bike down a highway; but that with out thought riding, kind of looking up at the sky. I popped up over a hill only to see a young moose had just crossed the road to my left and couldn’t have been 15-20 ft from me. As I road by it I thought, I’m just going to keep going hoping everything would be fine. Then I see the Mama standing about 30 ft in front of the young one and fear grips my heart as she starts to charge. With out thought and straight fear running through me; I yank my bike around to a complete stop to face her. She runs full speed at me until about 10 feet and just stops and looks right at me huffing and wiggling her ears. We were face to face! I can still remember the look in her dark eyes and the very feminin look she had as if she was very young too. And the only thing I remember thinking just before I woke up was “good for you for standing your ground and facing her despite my fear it may have saved your life!” And I woke up to my heart just pounding! I would love to hear some interpretation of this dream; I believe it to be significant or at least relevant some how. Thanks!

  15. I had a dream i seen about 3 moose about 50 feet infront of me.then when i looked to the right another moose was heading toward me. I lived in a cabin in the woods in canada a place ive never been but do want to visit in my life. The moose that came toward me had a saddle on it and it knelt down to let me ride it. I was so scared but i rode it. The park ranger came and told me i broken so many laws by doing so and i was kicked out of my cabin and canada. It it really wiered lol.

  16. Christopher Rios on

    What does it mean if a baby moose comes over a fence towards you exited that I’m petting it, but as I’m petting it I realized petting this baby moose the mother may not accept it because of my scent. Anyone knows what his means?

  17. I had a dream that a moose walked up to me in the middle of an intersection that was in a city. No fear, I just woke up and thought it odd to dream of a moose in a place where they don’t exist. Reading up on the moose and intersection and know I am job hunting; it makes sense.

  18. Omg I had a similar dream about a moose chasing me and my twin but no one else at my moms house , I was the first who spotted the moose and the first the moose spotted , it chased us in and out the house , I kept trying to call to police but I couldn’t cause I was running …finally my uncle came and shot it but it was shot in the butt and didn’t hurt the moose that much but cause it to become more angry and violent , I kept running till I was trapped in the basement and the police came and then I woke up

  19. So I was driving home and I turned into my neighborhood, to only notice this giant moose. The entire setting began to change like it just transformed into his place of living. So I went to go take pictures of this enormous sized moose when he became startled and ran off into hiding. I then turn to run back to my car only to find a bunch of smaller sized moose running towards my car aswell. So I get there I jump in the car. A few laid down in front of my car and another came to open my door. He liked me and it felt so real like the ridges on his tounge. Then I woke up. Any idea on all of this ?

  20. I had a dream the other night where a moose just popped up out of nowhere. I was astonished until I noticed he was charging towards me. I then told myself in the dream I was dreaming. So I woke up in the dream to take charge of the dream. Only later to get back in the dream with the moose and found several moose popping up out of nowhere. And at that point I was terrified and woke up before they got me. It was just the weirdest thing and I couldn’t figure it out. Anyone???

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