Electrocution Dream Symbol


Electrocution – Electricity is a dream symbol of energy and power. It can be a very positive symbol, but the dream about electrocution is a danger signal that this power can destroy you as well. If the electrocution symbol is connected to a life event, then it is advisable that you proceed with caution to make sure you do not get burned. Bear in mind that it can be your own energy that electrocutes, just as much as an outside cause.

Be careful about committing yourself to an activity or cause if you have dreamed about electrocution connected to it. Look into balancing your own energy as well, to ensure that you are not filled with a frantic, anxious energy that is causing your life to short out.

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  1. I had a dream in which I see my mother suffering a severe electric shock while lying down on the bed due to a naked wire near it and getting almost paralysed and is dying in front of me. I see her in that state and get her out of contact with the wire, but I tell her that it is my mistake that I noticed the wire in that position but neglected to warn her about it. I feel it is too late to save her and remorseful and blame myself for not warning her about the danger that lay ahead as at that time I did not think she would step into that room where the wire was present.

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