Eclipse Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Eclipse Dream Symbol – An eclipse represents a moment of darkness and doubt. You may foresee a failure in your business or personal life. For the moment, there are no clear paths. All you can do is remain still until the moment is passed and you can see again.

Fortunately, the eclipse dream brings with it the hope that the darkness will not last forever. The sun will come out again, and when it does you will be able to re-orient yourself. An eclipse often has spiritual significance, and represents the opportunity for new insights, or even the discovery of a new identity.

Dreaming of an eclipse can mean there is something missing in your life. An eclipse of the moon can relate to emotional turmoil. You may be emotionally repressed, or be afraid of failure or success. You may even be in love with someone who does not know you exist. Eclipses are also a reminder there is light and darkness in life. You need to remember that as much as the positive situations in your life can change so can the negative situations.

A lunar eclipse in a dream can symbolize deep held secrets and emotions. Seeing someone you recognize in this type of dream can mean to be wary. It is a warning not to put your trust in them. It can also mean this is a time where you may not even be able to trust yourself to make good choices or decisions. You may bury your true feelings. The moon brings these to the surface for greater understanding. It is representative of a deep subconscious shift in understanding yourself and the world around you better.

Seeing a solar eclipse can warn of times of darkness. You need to look at what else is happening in the dream to get a deeper understanding as it will negatively impact most parts of your life. It can also symbolize the light has left your waking life and you are suffering with depression. You may be lacking the direction and motivation to move your life forward.

An eclipse at the end of a dream symbolizes new beginnings. Feeling positive or negative about an eclipse represents your current feelings about things in your waking life. There may be things you need to face.

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  1. I saw a man get shot and killed the day before I dreamt of the solar eclipse and was wondering if it had anything to do with it

  2. I saw the solar eclipse in the lare stage where the sun star shining through and later i saw the moon which was huge and closer than usual i was very excited and happy in my dream i was with my family and it was like i was expecting it for a long time what could this mean ??

  3. my daughter had a dream about her and I running away from vampires during a solar eclipse…any thoughts?

  4. On the night of the solar eclipse I had a dream about this person who I don’t know really well and I had a brief emotional crush on which I put to the wayside. I hadn’t thought about him in a while and thought there may be something to me seeing him in my dream because of the solar eclipse. What are your thoughts on this please.

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