Eclipse Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Eclipse Dream Symbol – An eclipse represents a moment of darkness and doubt. You may foresee a failure in your business or personal life. For the moment, there are no clear paths. All you can do is remain still until the moment is passed and you can see again.

Fortunately, the eclipse dream brings with it the hope that the darkness will not last forever. The sun will come out again, and when it does you will be able to re-orient yourself. An eclipse often has spiritual significance, and represents the opportunity for new insights, or even the discovery of a new identity.

Dreaming of an eclipse can mean there is something missing in your life. An eclipse of the moon can relate to emotional turmoil. You may be emotionally repressed, or be afraid of failure or success. You may even be in love with someone who does not know you exist. Eclipses are also a reminder there is light and darkness in life. You need to remember that as much as the positive situations in your life can change so can the negative situations.

A lunar eclipse in a dream can symbolize deep held secrets and emotions. Seeing someone you recognize in this type of dream can mean to be wary. It is a warning not to put your trust in them. It can also mean this is a time where you may not even be able to trust yourself to make good choices or decisions. You may bury your true feelings. The moon brings these to the surface for greater understanding. It is representative of a deep subconscious shift in understanding yourself and the world around you better.

Seeing a solar eclipse can warn of times of darkness. You need to look at what else is happening in the dream to get a deeper understanding as it will negatively impact most parts of your life. It can also symbolize the light has left your waking life and you are suffering with depression. You may be lacking the direction and motivation to move your life forward.

An eclipse at the end of a dream symbolizes new beginnings. Feeling positive or negative about an eclipse represents your current feelings about things in your waking life. There may be things you need to face.

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  1. I don’t really know what’s going on with me cause I have been dreaming it for 4 days now. The first time I thought it was just a dream but when it repeated I finally knew it was a sign but I tried everything to do better but I keep on dreaming about it. I don’t really know what to do it always goes white then turns blue like really blue with lights.

  2. Sherryl Ann on

    In my dream, there ‘s a bright full moon on top and the a solar eclipse on bottom of the full moon.
    What does it means?
    This still bothering me.

  3. I dreamed of 1 full moon and several half moons underneath the full moon,in the middle I saw two eclipse coming together then disappeared and I was left with full moon and banana moon

    • Wow. I feel good things are coming to you
      I also feel as though there is a choice here one will fill you and one won’t

  4. i recently (as in a weak after quarantine) got out of an emotionally abusive relationship that had destroyed my newly regained empathy and after 2 years of suicide attempts and emotional trauma I gave up and was tired of being used as a support animal. since then I’ve been haunted with creepy dreams of them not understanding it was over and putting me in impossible situations. Then last night i dreamt of an old crush my neighbor in fact and when I looked to the sky it was eclipsing and the old dream ensued.

  5. I saw the solar eclipse in my dream, it was 1:30 am the sunlight was beaming down I couldn’t believe the Sun was out at that time,but then Darkness came, the wind picked up, I looked to the sky I see Demons flying in the sky, my parents tell me to get back in the house, but I refuse.
    I feel the Evil Energy getting ever closer
    I knew they were coming for me.
    I wanted to Stand my Ground and Fight the Evil that was coming to me.
    Then I woke up.

  6. I had a dream at today’s morning in the dream I saw luner eclipse and it’s crystal, equa blue color it’s fade away in the clouds and again appear and I called my mom to see it but she refused then I saw it it was crystal, equa blue color moon has hindu religious symbol “om” And it’s pop-up on the moon I felt something religious . I am still confused that what was my dream indicate?,does it has some meaning? Please answer me through e-mail I am waiting for your answer…

  7. I had a dream of moon which was emitting bright white Ray’s then pink Ray’s later it was really calm and full moon but saw two more planets one big and small night was very calm with full stars like am in space and there is a water with reflection of small boat and the water is also very calm the whole dream am surprised and felt very memorised and peaceful what does this dream means

  8. Charlen Dianne Taruc on

    I dream a solar eclipse and above it is a blue line and below it is an Orion’s belt shining. I stare for it but suddenly in my dream I collapsed. My spirit is now out of my body. I saw my body lying in the road then a boy with the same age of mine carry my body and went to our house. I saw how he cares about me. But, I was wondering what is the meaning of that eclipse, orion’s belt, why I collapsed. Please reply

  9. Jyoti Singh on

    In my dream i saw that my boyfreind called me that there is lunare eclipse just go and see then me and mu little sister and my mother went to roof top to see lunar eclipse but there is first full moon with no eclipse but suddenly there is eclipse as if some short of display is going on moon with eclipse but then with no eclipse then after some time there is one big full moon of light orange colour with no eclipse

  10. I had a dream where I was in the back seat of a car heading home, when all of a sudden I look out the window into the night sky and see a lunar eclipse. I was so worried because I hadn’t worn anything red, and I kept telling the passengers that were in the car with me, that my mom instructed me to wear something red during a lunar eclipse if pregnant. (Mind you, I AM pregnant in real life). We parked right in front of my true life house to finish seeing it. When all of a sudden, some very colorful lights started to appear in place of the moon. These lights started to form a beautiful mandala. After the mandala was formed, there were some sort of fireworks coming out of the edges of the mandala and a sign with a message that said that the world would end 70,179 years from now. In my dream I knew that this message had been sent by extraterrestrials. That was a truly weird dream.

  11. This is my dream: I dreamed of a simple day off at home. I remember that im with my brother watching tv and then it was said that there will be an solar eclipse this early morning. After that report I immediately looked at the sun where there is a part that the moon already covers the sun and then I got surprised that after a few seconds it already covered the whole sun. I got startled and feel scared of what may happen but after a few seconds I got amazed and decided to look at it closer in the window. The weird thing is that after I sit near our window, the sun and moon came to a different position. It took a position in the right side and then came back to its original position 3times. Someone or there’s something in my dream told me that it changed places because the earth is revolving which is super weird. While that eclipse is happening there are people outside saying that this is a great time for a ceremony to open the lights in our street then there they open a street full of lights. And then just a few minutes the eclipse is gone and people outside were done lighting the street, I took a sleep near the same window I watched it.

    I wrote this dream here in exact 2am after waking up. I felt weird so I searched for the reason why I dream of that. Any explanation to my dream? Please email me back if you read this. Thanks!!

  12. I have a dream recently, I am back in time where I live in the farm, and I saw a lunar eclipse and I called my dad who already passed away last year, And in my dream I show the sky to him and when I looked back up in the sky, the lunar eclipse turned to a yin and yang symbol. I wonder what does it mean?

    • I had a dream very similar to yours just two or three nights ago. I saw the lunar eclipse in the sky. Then I looked down to find my 9-year old son to show it to him as well. When I looked back at the lunar eclipse, the eclipse had changed to two spheres (similar to that in a yin and yang symbol) blocking the moon now. Very strange. I too wonder what this could mean.

      • Monica Gamboa on

        I saw the same thing with the lunar eclipse it turned a bunch of times and turned blue and almost looked like a baseball at one point before the corona shaped but a sphere for sure!! How strange

  13. I saw a man get shot and killed the day before I dreamt of the solar eclipse and was wondering if it had anything to do with it

  14. I saw the solar eclipse in the lare stage where the sun star shining through and later i saw the moon which was huge and closer than usual i was very excited and happy in my dream i was with my family and it was like i was expecting it for a long time what could this mean ??

  15. my daughter had a dream about her and I running away from vampires during a solar eclipse…any thoughts?

  16. On the night of the solar eclipse I had a dream about this person who I don’t know really well and I had a brief emotional crush on which I put to the wayside. I hadn’t thought about him in a while and thought there may be something to me seeing him in my dream because of the solar eclipse. What are your thoughts on this please.

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