Earwig Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Earwig Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of earwigs is bad news. They bring unhappiness to you and your family. There may have been a loss in the family or news that upsets you all. Alternatively, they can signify positive connections for you and your family.

Earwigs are super hardy and can survive almost anything that tries to destroy them. They can bring news of coming through hard times and achieving your dreams. They can also mean you need to work together with others for success when you see more than earwig in a dream.

earwig-dreamsOnly one earwig may mean there is someone out to get you or your family. It could be they are gossiping about you or trying to relieve you of material things. They may cause trouble between you and you may have feelings of fear around this situation. Killing the earwig is a good sign that your problems will resolve themselves.

Being afraid of earwigs indicates a fear of commitment. Or, you may want to ignore your responsibilities towards those you have made commitments to. You need to reconsider your current actions and how they make those you love feel. A promise is a promise. If you have no intention of keeping promises, refrain from making them.

Dreaming of having an earwig in your ear indicates a deep feeling of violation related to communication. Perhaps someone repeated something you told them in confidence. Alternatively, it could indicate something disturbing that was told to you, that you now wish you could get out of your brain. Notice the effect that the earwig has in your dream. Perhaps a poisonous idea is putting a relationship in jeopardy, or destroying your contentment.

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  1. i dreamt of stepping and crushing a big size earwig and a cockroach save it by dragging it into a drain hole. what a weird dream.

  2. In my dream I wanted to cut off the pinchers. As I proceeded to cut them off with scissors, the earwig grabbed my finger with all its legs and was stinging me. I could really feel the pain. I successfully cut off the pinchers despite his efforts to stop me.

  3. I had a dream of an earwig inside a scab on the back of my head and I pulled it off and killed the earwig.

  4. I dreamt I was hang with friends and I left with one and she asked me to go get something out of the kitchen when I went to the kitchen I saw a bunch I walked through them getting what I was asked. When I was leaving the kitchen I turned my head and saw a giant earwig(it was the size of my forearm and hand) crawl out from underneath the sink. I stepped on its head. It tried to pull back to get its head out. So I slid my foot with it. It got its head to where it could angle and bite my foot. It hurt a bit i still wanted to kill it. So I looked frantically around me for something to stab it with(I didn’t want to dirty any of my friend’s kitchen knives). I found a screw driver and stabbed straight into the mouth of the giant earwig I kept going till I felt the bite loosen and heard a crunch then I slid my foot and it was dead. There was more at the beginning of the dream but the earwig seemed important as did the screwdriver. I saw the acsact same screw driver all dream long.

  5. I had a dream last night that I was on a cruise with family and I discovered about 10 to 15 earwigs underneath the pillow in the room. No idea what this means.

  6. In my dream I had one in my mouth and I was fearful I kept trying to spit it out shake it out blow it out and and nothing I did got the earwig out was not a pleasant dream

  7. I had a dream that I was under a house and I had a lot of them on me I kept taking them of but there was a lot of them more then 20 for sure

  8. I dreamed that my son was removing earwigs from my ears..it wasn’t a nightmare..I was surprised that they were in there and felt relief when they were removed and could hear much clearer….

    any pointers on the meaning of this dream please

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