Ear Dream Symbol


Ear – The ear is a symbol of communication and understanding. If you dream that your ears hurt, this indicates difficulty in communicating with someone, perhaps including the element of not wanting to hear what they have to say. If you dream that you cannot hear or your ears are blocked by earwax, it can signify that you are unwilling to listen or compromise.

Dreaming of adorning your ears with earrings indicates that you place a high value on communication, and that you feel positive about your ability to understand and be understood.

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  1. I dreamt I had small pustules on my earlobe and when I poked one it turned into a deep wound where I saw a rock. I spent the rest of the dream trying to remove a marble size rock from inside my earlobe. I was calm and surprised at the size of it when I finally got it out.

  2. I had a dream where thorns got stuck inside my ear and I calmy and gently pulled two of them out. And I was so afraid I’d lose my hearing and tested it. There was no pain but I think couldn’t really hear after that.

  3. I had a dream where i saw my ear from the inside the a man with a shuffle appeared a started digging or removing i dont know

  4. Hi,

    I had a dream the other night that i was pulling cotton wool out of my ears i would love to hear what you might think this could mean? i was pulling cotton wool out of my ears in order to hear someone i think.


    • I had last night the same kinda of dream I was pulling cotton wool out of both b ears but mainly my right. I even at one point though I got it all and looked in a mirror (I have never looked in a mirror in a dream) and saw more in my left ear. Felt like it tiok forever to pull most of it out. I couldnt hear very well either crazy dream

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