Eagle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Eagle Dream Symbol – When eagle visits your dreams it is to help you see with greater clarity. These incredibly powerful, wise, all-seeing birds represent the ultimate in freedom and individuality. Eagle reminds of your own ability to see beyond what is on the surface to get to the truth. He warns illusions surround you – some of your own making and those created by others.

Eagle teaches you to tap into your intuition. Have faith in what you simply know in your heart without allowing your head to tell you anything different. Look beyond your peripheral vision and see right into your heart.

Eagle reminds you are smart so stop acting liking a mouse and show courage. You may be in conflict between what your current reality is and what you want for the future. Eagle shows you need to fly high to reach for your dreams or you will never survive the challenges along the way. Have courage to see beyond what is presented to you on the surface.

eagle dreamAn eagle caged or chained in a dream can signify your feelings of entrapment by someone or a situation. You may have lost your true identity under the spell of someone’s greater influence. Who do you allow to take your empowerment? Who strives to control you? Why do you let them take control? What holds you back from saying no to pursue you own path? Use wisdom to escape.

Killing an eagle signifies pure ruthlessness and this can be either yours or directed towards you from someone close who you trust. Are you someone who has to succeed no matter the cost? When an eagle is killed by another, it can mean you lose everything due to their ruthless actions against you.

Dreaming of nesting eaglets symbolizes you climbing the social ladder to achieve your goals of success. How you do this is shown in the feeling left after your dream when awake. Negative, anxious feelings can mean you will stop at nothing to get what you want so you can make yourself a target. Feeling positive can mean you have success through wisdom and integrity.

When Eagle crosses your path

Eagle crosses your path soaring high across the skies bringing you messages of endless possibilities. As your spirituality wakens you see truths hidden within and this will take you on a swift ride towards achieving your dreams.

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  1. I had a dream of huge eagle throwing a football with kids
    Then he threw the ball to me and encouraged me to throw it back. For some reason I couldn’t get a good grip so I advised the eagle that I was a little rusty ! Then in the dream he said he had to go to the mountain top It was a soft mountain made of soft wood So I climbed the mountain because I wanted a selfie with the eagle smh Only the eagle was different now. She was a beautiful black woman who was very nice to me and the kids who were climbing up this soft kid safe mountain. She liked me so we were talking but the kids kept climbing so she said it’s too dangerous and told the kids to stop climbing. They didn’t so we decided to meet at the bottom. Meanwhile adults started climbing up the mountain too. I told them what the eagle said but they didn’t listen so some started falling, eventually I fell too but like I said this was a soft mountain so my landing wasn’t even felt. So the adults went into this room in what felt like an army base. I told them be patient but they wouldn’t listen. I knew she was coining. One guy peeped his head out the door and came back in the room with his eyes popping out his head in disbelief! Then the eagle came in the room she was 6 feet tall and dressed in a beautiful robe that was open she was naked gorgeous and fit. I noticed she had a lot of pubic hair that extended up to her navel. She also had a magical tattoo on her breast and torso it looked alien-like in nature. We embraced and I grabbed her butt. It wasn’t sexual but I wanted to marry her. I said to her too bad you are taller than me we embraced and she said to me what a wonderful gift you have given to your son. At that point I woke up
    In real life my son stays with his Mom and she goes to work at 6am He has been struggling to get up and has missed virtual online classes because of it. I woke up at 7am on the dot and called him immediately

  2. Ryin Santana on

    I had a dream of several bald eagles, on the ground and they were eating. I needed to walk past them and I felt nervous but I did it and they didn’t bother me at all.

  3. I had a dream about a tame bald eagle that just loved me and wanted all the attention that he could get from me. Get his love very strongly.

    • I had a dream when I was little and as I grew older the dream would be the same with slight variations. The first dream was me standing in darkness and then this huge eagle comes and takes me away.

  4. I had a dream that an eagle had been circling overhead then swept down behind a wall behind me.There was a scuffle fur and feathers flying.Then it took to the skies slowly and with effort carrying a large dead deer.It was grey and smelt awful.

  5. I had a dream that two giant eagles were engaged in a mating dance while i was walking a trail with my friends, i cant find anything about it.

  6. I dreamt that I found 4 eggs in my yard and when I took them they hatched in my hands andc4 eagle xhicks came out thinking im thwir mother and I was wondering what I can feed them

  7. Amy Melendez on

    I had a dream of a bald eagle inside of a house, I was taking pictures of it when it came up under my arm and wanted me to pet it. I even remember it letting me kiss it on its head

  8. I had a dream I hugged a giant eagle and it was warm and loving and felt so amazing. Then it tried to eat me.

  9. I had a dream that a black eagle eat my canary bird but the eagle had something stuck around it’s neck, I cared about my canary but it was dead so I felt the need to help the eagle and take the steel stuff trapped around it’s neck,

    Plus I never heard of a black eagle until I had this dream, I’ve read up about them and they prefer to eat birds.

  10. Derrick Simpson on

    I dreamt that a white eagle landed next to me on a branch and was covered in logos which i couldnt make out. What does it mean.

  11. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that involved a lot of eagles soaring high. Yet there was one six-winged eagle that was soaring the highest and was the largest of them all. I was in awe at the magnificient sight. Shortly after a smaller eagle landed near me. I didn’t want to scare it off. So approached the eagle cautiously and curiously. This eagle did not appear afraid, rather as I began to get closer, this eagle moved forward towards me. I extended my hand and made a gesture for the eagle to come closer. At that moment I open its wings and flew towards my hand. This eagle was not to large. So its talons grip didn’t cause any discomfort on my hand and wrist. I moved it closer towards me and nestled it as if was a baby. I looked up at the sky and the eagles were still soaring high, in a circular motion moving west. I looked down at the eagle and was mesmerized by the spectrum of colors its feather appeared to reflect against the sunlight. Captivated by this I plucked on of its feathers, by which this eagle didn’t take to liking. Giving a a small unwelcoming chirp. I petted its head soflty and apologized. By which the eagle turned it’s head forward. I kept on walking and looking towards the sky and keeping an eye on the six winged eagle as it moved and soared majestically in the sky. Once again I looked down to the eagle I was holding only to realize it had turned into my little newborn baby niece.

  12. I had a dream that a human turned into a baby eagle and needed my help to protect him, so i took him in. My family thought i was crazy but he grew and grew and eventually we learned how to fly together! But i felt sad yet happy that he had to leave, i told him to come visit me everyday and he agreed, i also told him i was going to build him a big bird house and he was so happy! The weird part of this dream was that he was half human so he could change into one whenever he wanted. But i missed him when he left me. What does this dream mean??

  13. I had a dream of an eagle flying over my head, it was a big one n very beautiful. I watcged it with admiration as it showed off flying around. Whats the significance of this?

  14. I had a dream a eagle landed on me. It wanted to sit on my back / shoulder. It didn’t attack me I wish I knew what this ment. It was a scary dream lol

  15. I had a dream a eagle landed on me. It wanted to sit on my back / shoulder. It didn’t attack me I wish I knew what this ment. It was a scary dream lol

  16. Esperanza Salcedo on

    I had a dream of an eagle trapped under water, finally i helped it out and it was angry! A little confused by this dream….

  17. i had a dream of an eagle carrying a baby, that eventually drops from a high distance(far away from me).
    I was standing on a balcony…I yelled down at some people I seen in parking lot after I noticed the eagle was carrying a baby.
    The eagle was flying towards people in parking lot, and drops the baby.
    I was totally freaking out in my dream screaming for someone to call the ambulance…then I woke up

  18. I had a dream where an eagle emerged from the ocean, spread its wings and then began to fly. What do you think is the significance?

  19. So in my dream a Fish Eagle was flying High , then it came down. I was in the yard , it landed on the ground not on the a tree. Then one feather fell of it. I took the feather and placed it on my head. Then it took flight again. What does this dream mean?

  20. dream of eagle carrying a very large fish by his claws and another small fish by his beet. He drops the larger fish in a field and flys into 5he heavens with the smaller one.

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