Dugong Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dugong Dream Symbol – Dugongs are large mammals that live in the sea gathering wisdom as it moves forward through life’s possibilities. They are rare in the wild as they do not have babies very often. This makes them an endangered species.

Dugongs feed on plant life and have gentle, quiet natures. They may visit your dreams to show you are being passive in the situation instead of showing drive and ambition needed. Or, maybe someone close to you is draining your energy through their laziness expecting you to do it all.

This large, gentle creature brings deep emotional wisdom to help you see with clarity as you navigate stormy waters. He shows how to live in this world with gentle, quiet wisdom. It is a time where you reflect on how you feel about your life. Have you lost confidence?  Who or what makes you uncomfortable? Or, are you overconfident to overcome a lack of self-esteem?

When Dugong crosses your path

When dugong crosses your path it is to help you to discard old emotions that do not serve you well. There is a whole world of possibilities open to you when you release emotional baggage.

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