Drunk Dream Symbol


Drunk – Dreaming about being drunk or seeing a drunk person is symbolic of not seeing or thinking clearly, either for you or another person. If you dream about being drunk it indicates that there is something in your life that you are being blinded by and it is destroying you in some way. This dream is a warning to take a step back in your life and determine what exactly is incapacitating your ability to behave in a proper manner.

If there are any emotions present in this dream, then they will affect the meaning of it. For example, if you are scared in the dream it means that there is a danger that you are unable to see because of your drunkenness.

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  1. I had a dreamed where i was sitting down enjoying time with my family and out of no where my ex comes and sits with us but he was drunk and he was telling me how happy he was too see and i ask him if he was still single he was joking around telling yes and then he say no and then he ask me the same question and i told him that i was still single and he started to flirt with me and was trying to make me drink too which i reject the offer.

  2. I’ve had a dream of a former crush who was drinking himself into a coma but very attached and literally clingy to me all night at a bar lounge. I myself was a little buzzed but annoyed like swatting a fly all night but careless enough not to spazz out in the dream, maybe from me being buzzed. My feelings towards him have been turned off from his player ways and his shyness towards starting anything with me, although i think now he has more feelings towards me since high school.

  3. Chris Duncan on

    I’ve just had a dream about somebody I care about. We’re quite different people but I’m somehow attracted to her no matter how platonic I try to keep it. We’ve both recently exited a relatively serious relationship and have been helping and confiding in each other other.
    Last night I had a dream where we were still just friends but went to her place. She was drunk and her ex was there trying to take her back, meanwhile I’m trying to avoid confrontation, look after her, and keep her away from her ex (who still lusts after her).

    What does this mean, is it just random thoughts or something else?


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