Drowning Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Drowning Dream Symbol – If you dream that you are drowning it is a symbol that you are too deeply into a relationship or idea and it is clouding your life in a way that is bringing imbalance to your journey. Dreaming of drowning is almost always a warning that you have gone too far or gotten in too deep.

DrowningSeeing yourself drown in a dream may also indicate that you are overwhelmed with emotion in your waking life. Perhaps you have too many things going through you mind and they are all starting to pull you down under the water.

To survive a drowning may indicate that a relationship in your life may survive a rough patch that you are going through. Alternatively, this dream could point to your ability to survive difficult situations that seem impossible to escape.

A dream that you rescue someone from drowning may indicate your desire to be there for the people close to you. If you fail to rescue someone from drowning, the dream is showing you that some things are simply out of your control, no matter what you do.

Taking a moment to reflect upon your life and determine what you are spending too much time, energy, or money on will help you to save yourself from an imminent failure. While perseverance is typically a good thing, dreaming about drowning is a sign that you should give up on an enterprise before it destroys you, literally or metaphorically.

Sinking dream

Dreaming that you are sinking could indicate that you are being weighed down by the burdens that other people have placed on you. Perhaps it is time to free yourself from some of these expectations and duties and focus on your own needs. Alternatively, there could be a project or relationship that you are in that is on its last legs. The dream may be telling you that the boat is sinking and it is time to start heading in a new direction.

Additional Meanings

Dreaming of drowning is about drowning in your emotions. This is a warning you will soon be tested emotionally. It may all overwhelm you if you do not prepare. It can be a time where major changes occur unexpectedly in your life. This could signify growing from a child to a teenager, from a teenager to an adult. If others drown, there are negative habits you need to let go of such as eating junk food and drinking excessive alcohol. It can also mean this is the end of an old lifestyle that no longer serves you well. Drowning is a sign that you are about to be reborn.

If your dream is of struggling against drowning, you are fighting strong emotions. You may be confused or hurt, and struggling to come to terms with your emotions. This can be your subconscious alerting you to areas you need to face. If you drown in a panic, there are huge emotional changes coming. Struggling in the water indicates your emotional struggles in real life. You may currently be highly anxious. Are you living in a pressure cooker?

Drowning in a bath can indicate there are hidden depths to your emotions. You need to explore them more closely. Drowning in the sea indicates there are obstacles in your path. Struggling for breath in the water signifies struggling for self-confidence in your real life. Dreaming of being rescued means there are many who rely on you. There is support there when you need it. Just ask.

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  1. I have had the dream of someone drowning and then in real life the person would die (of other causes) since I was a child. It has always been a premonition dream that I wish I hadn’t ignored.

  2. Last night I had a dream where I went on this giant blimp, it was almost Luke a tour kind of thing, there were so many other people. We were flying but suddenly only half the blimp broke and it started falling. Of course I was on this half. We were falling towards the ocean and I immediately started texting my boyfriend, where i said something like “blimp falling, call someone for help. Over ocean”. The water flowed in slowly and I wasn’t in a complete panic, but I was scared. Drowning is one of my biggest fears. I think I died. But that wasn’t the end. I relived that day over and over in my dream, each time falling faster, with the water filling the blimp quicker with water. Sometimes I was rescued, sometimes I died. Eventually we fell so fast that i was no longer able to send the message to my boyfriend, the water came to quickly and ruined my phone. I kept reliving the day in the blimp in a single dream, I say I lived it about 6 times. I think the second last time when we fell there was a woman who could turn water into air, so shed blow the air into our lungs. We were eventually rescued. The last time I can’t remember if I lived or died, I woke up before the outcome.

  3. I have a dream that my girlfriend drown in a river and she undress herself quickly so that she could manage herself, I show her breast and she also trying to take off her Underware and I even saw her pussy but not clear enough and I woke up badly…what does it means please Help..
    Note: I really Love my Girlfriend and now we are in distance apart..

    So please Do help and solve my dreams

  4. Tyrah Bloodworth on

    I had a dream that my mom was in a lake just going under and right back up. Knowing that she couldn’t actually swim I was keeping my eyes on her. I saw her go under and someone had parked a boat on top of her and she couldn’t come back up. I was taking care of my daughter at the time so I told her to sit still I had to go in and get mamaw. I dove in to get her and pulled her out but she wasn’t breathing. I did CPR on her and brought her back. What does this mean?

  5. Ishamar M. on

    I apologise in advance for my English. I had a dream last night where I found myself lying facing down on a puddle so I got up and continued with my daily routine.. college, work, computer lab, home.. but everybody was ignoring me except for this one lady who appeared everywhere doing her things as well… I was getting frustrated to where I had a breakdown and I forgot everything else in between. All of a sudden I’m back to the puddle standing looking down at myself facing down in the puddle(there was 2 of me, the one standing up looking down and the one on the puddle). then I see my body moving struggling to get up and drowning in the puddle so I screamed for help for my drowning body and this guy comes and patiently gets down and turns my body around and start doing CPR on the unconscious body. My unconscious body wakes up gasping for air and sits down. So then the guy starts to explain to me that if I continue to let this problem escalate (he did not specify) then, as a result, I was going to end like this. He said that I have to be strong and do what’s right for me. So in my dream, I was actually half dead half alive and the lady that appeared everywhere was actually a dead person who died along with me. this explains why she was the only one to notice me, although her death was permanently and mine was only a “warning” of what will happen.

    • Sounds like the guy talking to you is your spirit guide. I might of had one dream similar to it with someone replying to me in a dream it’s really trippy but listen to them it could also be you telling yourself these things subconsciously also.

  6. I had a dream that a stranger and I were fighting underwater. He could swim faster, so he would surface and come back to force me down faster than I could surface. The water was a murky brown and impossible to see in. I was fighting to surface. He was fighting to kill me. I could not surface no matter how hard I fought. If he had let me talk to him, I’m sure I could have sorted it out. I had a dream before that. It happened in my house. My mother had finished our basement and put beds down there, she had also put her musical records on the stairwell. They filled each step and were balanced precariously. Whenever I tried to use the stairs, I would mess them up and they would fall down onto the next step, I struggled to keep the records from falling down. I was afraid of the basement at first, I got bad vibes from it. I was relieved to see that deadbolts and locks had been installed onto each door. I shut all the doors and made sure they were locked, there was no one down there. I went up the stairs and struggled with the records again. It was late evening and it was snowing outside. A neighbor was just leaving, he had delivered a package to our door. I took it inside and put it next to the door. I was worried about the basement again so I went back down the stairs to check the locks. One of the doors was ajar with the dead bolt sticking out. A man who look to be in his mid thirties was looking at me from the other side over the wall. He was bald, skinny, and looked like a meth addict. He told me not to move or something while we stared each other down. I closed the door and went up the steps to go into the house and get a double barreled shotgun, I do not own a shotgun. By the time I had made it back he had already made it up the steps, He had extended a box cutter to be a 4 inch knife. He was approaching me with it. I shot him in the chest, on the right side. He stabbed me on the left side of my chest, closer to my arm. I shot him again, the shell did not seem to make a difference on his body. But it hurt him somehow, he fell over and died. I reloaded my shotgun, sat down next to him about 3 1/2 feet away and watched him to make sure he didn’t get up again. The stab wound hurt and I was bleeding a lot on myself and the floor. When he died, I was glad I didn’t have to fight him anymore.

  7. so last night I had a few dreams, within the dreams I can only remember me getting drowned in a swimming pool by ropes tied around my ankles, and the second dream was me running and what seemed to be early in the morning around 1-4 o’clock from my house onto a nearby street. (which lead to a main road) As I’m running a notice a white car drive right past me and then turn around and began to follow me! I start to pick up the pase and then I realise that he’s closer than I thought so a try running back home, but I was too late as he got out the car with a broken glass bottle in his hand and hit me over the head with it, then taking me in his car and kidnapping me.

  8. I dreamt that I was in a pool near the edge, completely able to keep myself up, then someone grabs my head and pushes it under. I kick my legs to bring my body horizontal to get myself out, but the grip is way to strong. I try causing pain to the hands so they let go, but the grip gets tighter. Before I wake up they let go and I gasp for air.

  9. Lisa Burtick on

    I dreamt I was at my moms with my 3 kids when they were little, they were playing in the bedroom while my mom and I were cooking dinner. When dinner was done I opened the bedroom door to get the kids and see that that room has turned into a bouncy house, cool, so I step in to have some fun with the kids but as soon as I step in the room the floor turns to foam and all of us are sinking. I managed to get my son over to the door and tell him to hold onto the door frame as I scream for help then go back for my daughters, I grab my youngest daughter and start moving towards the door when I realize the foam is turning to a gel and its getting harder and harder to move. I get my daughter over to the door but I don’t have the energy to go get my oldest daughter, so I scream for my boyfriend to get her, he dives in and manages to get her out.
    Weird dream I know, what’s weirder is my boyfriend is not the father of my children, he wasn’t in the picture when they were as young as the were in my dream.

  10. i dreamed that i am watching the floors of flats and some human beings are drowning. i am collecting my belongings from there with the help of my brothers.

  11. I recently started at a Culinary College, and ever since I’ve noticed handful of my dreams happen to be there. I was at one of the many huge sinks they have, washing dishes, when I looked across the room and saw someone I noticed that I haven’t seen in years. (Also wasn’t really close to the guy) I called him over, he came by, grabbed my neck and pushed my head into the water. I was trying to get his hands off of me, going faster as I couldn’t breathe as easily, when I noticed I was about to die. I thought to myself I can wake up from this. So I did

  12. I had a dream I kept drowning and my best friend kept laughing at me, at the same time I had a dream I was sinking in mud what does this mean

  13. I had a dream that drowning was the only way to save me from something. Then i willingly went under water, and someone pushed down on my chest. I could actually feel the pressure and could feel not being able to take a breath in. I was totally calm in the dream but was scared.

  14. I dreamt of drowning…(I can swim really well) it was clear water…and I was sinking to the bottom…and the water..?? it wasn’t too deep…I could still see the light..above…but I didn’t try to swim my way up… I just let go…n hit the bottom….
    What does that mean?

  15. I dreamed I was walking to the woods on this long trail that turned into like a dock and I was over water and it broke. I fell in and drowned. I woke up gasping for air.

  16. I dreamt of my dead grandmother drowning again and again.Once or twice she was saved by a person I couldn’t not see his face.Third time she stood up and jumped into the sea.I jumped into the sea to save her although I didn’t know how to swim.One of my friends came from nowhere and saved her but I drowned despite of trying so hard to survive

  17. I dreamt I was in the ocean kicking off the bottom then going up for air over and over, but I grew tired and didn’t kick hard enough and ended up sinking and too tired to get to air. I woke up from not being able to breathe, I guess I was holding my breath

  18. Virginia Bown on

    I dreamt I was walking through a part of a town that I did not know at all. It was very dark out…I was walking downhill, I could tell there was water on the road with leaves laying on top of it but I thought I could wade through it thinking it was only ankle deep. As I hit the water, I realized in an instant there was no road at all and I went down almost the length of my body into the water. I felt a piece of what I thought was concrete and tried to get a footing on it but it broke off. That’s when I realized that the buildings that were standing there were just the front of the buildings, everything else was gone due to a dirty fast-moving River. The river current was so strong it had taken most of the buildings away. As I tried to grab onto one last object, I couldn’t grab it and I started floating away into the darkness of the river…My heart sunk and I panicked​, i felt all alone, and the empty realization that my life was over. The water was moving to fast I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I was panicking so bad as I woke up i realizied I was moaning so loudly in real life….I woke my partner​.

  19. Pallavi sinha on

    Please help me.
    I dreamt that a temple is surrounded with water but it’s not exactly submerged or drowning in the water. What does it mean?

  20. I dreamt of our horse (which we don’t have) pulling a heavy load across our backyard. My brother (deceased) did not guide him and he bolted sideways. The load he was pulling slid into the pool and dragged the horse down along with it. We were unable to get the harness off in time or revive him.

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