Drowning Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Drowning Dream Symbol – If you dream that you are drowning it is a symbol that you are too deeply into a relationship or idea and it is clouding your life in a way that is bringing imbalance to your journey. Dreaming of drowning is almost always a warning that you have gone too far or gotten in too deep.

DrowningSeeing yourself drown in a dream may also indicate that you are overwhelmed with emotion in your waking life. Perhaps you have too many things going through you mind and they are all starting to pull you down under the water.

To survive a drowning may indicate that a relationship in your life may survive a rough patch that you are going through. Alternatively, this dream could point to your ability to survive difficult situations that seem impossible to escape.

A dream that you rescue someone from drowning may indicate your desire to be there for the people close to you. If you fail to rescue someone from drowning, the dream is showing you that some things are simply out of your control, no matter what you do.

Taking a moment to reflect upon your life and determine what you are spending too much time, energy, or money on will help you to save yourself from an imminent failure. While perseverance is typically a good thing, dreaming about drowning is a sign that you should give up on an enterprise before it destroys you, literally or metaphorically.

Sinking dream

Dreaming that you are sinking could indicate that you are being weighed down by the burdens that other people have placed on you. Perhaps it is time to free yourself from some of these expectations and duties and focus on your own needs. Alternatively, there could be a project or relationship that you are in that is on its last legs. The dream may be telling you that the boat is sinking and it is time to start heading in a new direction.

Additional Meanings

Dreaming of drowning is about drowning in your emotions. This is a warning you will soon be tested emotionally. It may all overwhelm you if you do not prepare. It can be a time where major changes occur unexpectedly in your life. This could signify growing from a child to a teenager, from a teenager to an adult. If others drown, there are negative habits you need to let go of such as eating junk food and drinking excessive alcohol. It can also mean this is the end of an old lifestyle that no longer serves you well. Drowning is a sign that you are about to be reborn.

If your dream is of struggling against drowning, you are fighting strong emotions. You may be confused or hurt, and struggling to come to terms with your emotions. This can be your subconscious alerting you to areas you need to face. If you drown in a panic, there are huge emotional changes coming. Struggling in the water indicates your emotional struggles in real life. You may currently be highly anxious. Are you living in a pressure cooker?

Drowning in a bath can indicate there are hidden depths to your emotions. You need to explore them more closely. Drowning in the sea indicates there are obstacles in your path. Struggling for breath in the water signifies struggling for self-confidence in your real life. Dreaming of being rescued means there are many who rely on you. There is support there when you need it. Just ask.

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  1. I just had a dream where i was on a beach when i saw a huge wave ifront of me and then i woke up in an hospital

  2. I woke up today not being able to breathe.
    I was dreaming about a school trip with my the class of my year we went on a bus trip alongside the coast of California of maybe a another place because it seemed a little different. One day we were in our hotels because we were staying one night because we were driving all day long on the way out I remember eating candy but I wasnt looking at what I ate and when I did i realized the there was some pills so i quickly spit then out. But I soon realized that everyone was eating pills like its nothing so i started to freak out, so I ran out side the hotel and I saw some of my classmates acroos the street on a huge bench like the ones the have in the football games. And me being sorta lonely I sat all the way on top of the benches,wait so that we could go back on the bus. It was strange because when the water just hit us it was so fast that it flooded so fast that the bottom of the benches was already flooded. And everyother kid was scared on what to do,and before I started drowning I remember looking up and seeing a recuse helicopter flying above us and then I look back down and see some other kids so I said to them once the wave hits you do not panic and try to stay calm and to start kicking with your feet, I also said that if we make it up we have to keep kicking our feet, and try to hold on to everyones hands to form a circle and just float until we get rescued. But when the moment came i woke up not being able to breathe.

  3. I often dream of drowning. It started a long time ago, and sometimes they come a lot and there are times where it goes months between the drowning dreams. I´m only questioning why it feels so good? There are times where i can´t get up from the ocean, but its okay because once i breathe in the water im calm. Only about two – three different scenarios where i drown, and all of them are dreams i love too much. The calm i feel as inhale in the water can at times be scary, because it is a kind of peace i´ve never felt.

  4. I was involved in a couple destructive relationships for many years. I often dreamed of being trapped under water. But I always woke up before drowning. The last time I had this dream I inhaled underwater. I was able to breathe underwater and experienced huge relief. After that, I never dreamt of drowning again. This was after I exited said relationships…

  5. Just woke in a panic. I was at a fancy pool party and people were jumping in and out of the pool, and it was like I was a camera following those that jumped in, but I was face on with them. This one particular person, was a bit of a joker and first time he jumped into the crystal clear pool, he thought he hold his breath a little longer before rising to the top, felt a little strange, but the second time he jumped in, he done it again but this time longer but he didnt try to go back up, and he was looking right at me and I could feel the need to breathe getting stronger, I was starting to panic, I needed air, the bottom of the pool was just a little far to push up from, I couldnt even try and sink a little to bolt up, it was like I was being held there by my shoulders, but it wasn,t hands. I started panicking and then I looked up and could see the surface just there but then had a long blink and I bolted awake, with my heart thumping hard and me grabbing my breath. Scary I have to admit.
    Anyone able to give a response on this, I am 27 and this is the first time I have experience a dream like this, so strong.

    • I don’t know actual meaning of your dream…but in my view your dream indicated that its fancy pool party that means many peoples were there. And some were in highlight. You felt like a camera who was followed to people but at the same time u also felt that you were going through the experience of jumped in and out from crystal clear pool. First time when he jumped, you got surprised and connected with him and felt tensed . it meant that you want to take new challenges in your life by making your own way but at the same time you are scared about results. When you saw that person like a joker, you assumed that if you are not succeed in your way you will be treated as joker. But you want to take risk. There was à situation when you got freeze because you are not clear about what you want to do? N what yo do? You watched surface in pool. It meant that you know your goals very clearly. But you are afraid from taking risk. You also mention your age. It means you want fulfill your aims as soon as possible. But due to some hidden traits or lake of self- confidence you are not freeze at one place and can’t move on ahead.
      This dream was a alarm for you. Its high time to achieve your goals just move on and don’t stop.

  6. I saw a dream today morning that i went to a hill station with my family members I.e. my mummy papa aunt uncle n a 8 years old cousin. That place was situated near the river and there was a lot of silky sand. The water of river was purely transparent of green colour. Sand deeped in the water n we all were sitting just after river water. My cousin went to the water n started play. On the other side I saw a high wave of water but that was not coming towards us. All of sudden I saw my cousin is drowning in water and I rush for save him. After few steps in water my feet’s were not move due to grip of sand. At the same time I was thought that if I can’t move my step after this stage how could my cousin reach ahead from this point? Suddenly I woke up.. But when I retry to sleep again I watched a hand with a light help us for coming out from that water. We both were struggling for breathing and everything was calm that time. After some time when we felt better . I noticed that a big storm passed from there but nothing bad happened and I was still in wondered about that hand.. It must be God. Who helped us. I don’t know what is the meaning of this dream.. But I believe that God removes our all worries with that storm from our life n show us right path with his own guidance n company.

  7. I had a dream that I was plunged into the ocean or a lake and the light went away so I couldn’t tell which way was up…I drowned panicking ….it’s been haunting me

  8. Mildred Curtis on

    I had a dream that I was drowning and screaming for help, struggling to stay above the water. The person who was trying to help couldn’t hardly rich my hand so and so I continue to screamed for help then I woke up.

  9. I had a dream where someone drown and I knew he drowned but I just left the person there and walked away. I am crepped out.

  10. I just had a dream that I was in the ocean with my boyfriend and this grey cat appeared in this under water funnel. I went to go get the cat once I got to the cat it disappeared my boyfriend was gone and I didn’t know which way to get out of the water to get air. I finally got to the surface my arms made it out but I could not get my face to the surface. I started to panic a little unsure why I couldn’t get out of the water realizing It was just a dream then I woke up.

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