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Dreams Starting with Z

“Z” - “The letter Z may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Zen - “Dreaming about Zen can be one of the most pleasant dreams that you can ever enjoy. Zen is nirvana of the soul. If you dream of…”


Zero - “The number zero is indicative of absolute ruin and pennilessness. If this was the meaning of your dream, please see Bank or Vagrant…”


ZigZag – The zigzag is a symbol of lightning among other things. For lightning, see Lightning or Thunder.


Zip Code - “Dreaming of a zip code is symbolic of a place that you are meant to visit. If you can remember the number when you wake up…”


Zipper - “If you dream about unzipping a zipper, it could very easily mean that you are getting undressed or that you are helping…”


Zodiac - “The zodiac is a very powerful symbol to dream about. Dreams that deal with the zodiac are very important to remember because…”


Zombie - “For zombie see Undead. Zombies can be very scary in your dreams. In fact, there are many ways that zombies can actually…”


Zoo - “Dream about going to the zoo can be reminiscent of your childhood. It can also have a personal significance. If you dream about…”


Zookeeper – For Zookeeper, see Zoo above.


Zoomorphism - “If you experience the feeling of changing into an animal in your dreams it means that the animal or animals that you turn…”


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