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Dreams Starting with W

“W” – “The letter W may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Wadding - “Dreaming about wadding does not mean anything broad enough to include in this glossary. However, if wadding holds…”


Wading - “Dreaming about wading in the water is symbolic of childhood and play time fun. Many people have very fond memories of wading…”


Wafers - “Dreaming about wafers is significant to some Christian groups around the world. Some Christians actually believe that a priest…”


Waffle - “Waffles can mean one of two things. Either the dream pertains to something that is completely ridiculous or it has something to do…”


Wager - “Dreaming about making or taking a wager indicates that there is something about which you are uncertain in your life. However…”


Wages - “Dreaming about wages is indicative that you feel as if you are not being paid enough for your work. In general this is true of…”


Wagon - “Dreaming about a wagon is reminiscent of day gone by that were much simpler than the modern era of automobiles and airplanes…”


Waif – “For waif, see poverty or Vagrant.”


Wail - “Dreaming about a wail –especially the wail of a child– indicates that you are filled with anxiety that needs to be released. This anxiety…”


Waiter/Waitress – “The waiter is a server just like the valet. See Valet.”


Waiting - “Dreaming about waiting can be a very long and laborious feeling. In general if you are waiting in your dream you are also waiting…”


Wake - “Dreaming that you are asleep and then wake up is a natural thing that happens all the time and means nothing. However, if you feel…”


Walkie Talkie – “For walkie talkie, see Telephone and Undercover.”


Walking - “If you dream about walking it indicates that you are on a short journey to fulfillment. This is good because it means that you are…”


Wallet – “The wallet represents financial issues in your life. For more information, see Bank.”


Wallpaper - “Dreaming about wallpaper is a sign that you need a quick reinvention of your life in some easy and simple way. This might…”


  1. hi, I am a 41 years old female, separated with a 12 years old son… I have this dream about water, like a flood, it has been repeating with different situations…. what could that mean?

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