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Dreams Starting with V

“V” - “The letter V may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with…”


Vacant - “Dreaming that something is vacant is symbolic of losing something or being lost. If you dream that you drive by a motel and it has the…”


Vacation - “Dreaming about going on vacation is common in our over-worked and stressed out world. This dream almost always indicates that…”


Vaccination - “Vaccinations are designed to be beneficial, however there is some debate in the waking world about whether they are or not. If you…”


Vacuum - “The vacuum is a symbol for cleaning, which in turn is a symbol of becoming free from the guilt that faces you in life…”


Vagina - “The vagina is a basic symbol of fertility and female sexuality. By dreaming of a vagina you are showing you desires to reach sexual…”


Vagrant - “The vagrant is a symbol of freedom and poverty. Sometimes the vagrant is also the symbol of unbreakable habits. Yes, despite…”


Valedictorian - “Dreaming about being the valedictorian…”


Valentine’s Day – “Dreaming about this particular holiday can mean…”


Valet – “The valet is a very lovable character. Of course, anyone…”


Valley – Valleys are symbolic of fertility and beauty. If you dream…”


Vampire – “Vampires have changed in social and cultural symbolisms…”


Vandalism – “Dreaming about vandalism symbolizes that there…”


Varnishing – “If you dream about varnishing something it is symbolic…”


Vase – “The vase is a symbol of the vagina…”


Vasectomy -Vasectomy and impotence, while unconnected in reality…”


Vault – “The vault is the safest place that you can possible dream…”


Vaulting – “Pole Vaulting is the Olympic sport that involves using…”


VCR – “The VCR is a device that allows you to play movies on a TV…”


Vegetable – “Vegetables represent health and dieting in your life. Vegetables…”


Vehicle – “Vehicles are means of transportation and come in all kinds…”


Veil – “The veil is symbolic of good things and bad. In a negative context…”


Veins – “Veins of an animal or veins of a mineral represent very similar things…”


Velvet – “Velvet has always been considered one of the finest…”


Vending Machine – “Vending machines typically represent…”


Venereal Disease – “Venereal diseases bring with them an impression of dirty…”


Venom – “Venom, true to its real life counterpart, represents…”


Ventriloquist - “The ventriloquist is an archetypal character in dreams…”


Venus – “Venous, along with being the planet from which women…”


Venus Flytrap - “The Venus flytrap is a plant that works…”


Veterinarian - “The veterinarian, or vet, is the one person you can actually…”


Vex – “If you dream about being vexed or confused in your dream…”


Vibrate – “Dreaming about vibrations can mean a great many…”


Victim – “If you dream about being a victim it generally means that…”


Victorian Clothing – “If you dream about having Victorian clothing…”


Victory – “Dreaming about having a victory, especially one in the…”


Video Camera – “Video cameras can represent the fact that you are…”


Video Game – “Video games are representative of social endeavors…”


Videotape – “Video tapes are the representations of memories from your past…”


Vinegar – “Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning agent in your dreams…”


Vines - “Vines are the symbol of fruitfulness, especially when they are…”


Vineyard – “Vineyards are reminiscent of wine and luxury. It is rare that a vineyard…”


Vinyl – “Dreaming about vinyl records is a sign of good musical taste…”


Violence – “Dreaming about violence signifies a deep seated anger…”


Violets – “Dreaming of flowers of any type is generally very…”


Violin – “The violin is an instrument not only of elegance…”


Virgin – “The virgin is a powerful symbol of purity and perfection…”


Virgin Mary – “The Virgin Mary is a dream symbol that has different…”


Virgo – “Virgo is an astrological sign. The name “Virgo” means…”


Virus – “A virus is a threatening and negative dream symbol, indicating disease…”


Visions – “Visions in your dreams are connected to intuitions and mystical experiences…”


Visit – “Dreaming of a visit from someone is often an indication…”


Vitamins – “Vitamins are a dream symbol of health and taking in the things…”


Voice Mail – “A voice mail is a dream symbol of communication, especially…”


Voiceless – “Speaking and other aspects of communication are very important…”


Voices – “Speaking and other aspects of communication are very important…”


Volcano – “A volcano is a powerful and negative dream symbol of destruction…”


Volume – “Volume is a very important dream symbol concerning your…”


Volunteer – “A volunteer is a dream symbol which is laden with meanings…”


Vomiting – “Vomiting is as unpleasant in a dream as it is in waking life…”


Voodoo – “Voodoo is a dark dream symbol of danger, manipulation, and control…”


Vote – “A vote is a dream symbol of an individual’s power to make a change…”


Vow – “Dreaming of taking a vow is a symbol of your power to promise…”


Voyage – “A voyage, as a symbol of transportation, is a symbol of your ability to reach…”


Voyeurism – “Dreaming about voyeurism is a dream sign of sexual frustration…”