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Dreams Starting with U

“U” - “The letter U may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that…”


U-Turn - “Taking a U-turn in a dream is the same thing as taking a uturn in real life. The only difference is that when it is in a dream you are asleep…”


UFO - “Dreaming about a UFO means that you have either contacted another intelligent species or you have watched too many reruns of bad…”


Ugly - “If you dream that you are ugly it probably means that you have a wonderful personality. Seriously. Dreaming about being ugly or…”


Ulcer - “Ulcers are a sign of stress and too many emotions. The truth is that if you are dreaming about ulcers in your sleep, you are way too…”


Ultrasound - “Dreaming of an ultrasound is a symbol of seeing into the inner workings of an issue. It can indicate that you have an intuition that…”


Umbilical Cord - “The umbilical cord is the crucial organ through which an unborn baby receives all its nutrition during pregnancy. It is the…”


Umbrella - “The umbrella is used to keep rain and other liquid off of you. If you are going to the movies, go and see Rocky Horror Picture Show…”


Umpire - “If you dream about an umpire it means that you are about to be punished for something that you have not done. While most umpires…”


Uncle - “The uncle is inherently a shady and unsavory character. In real life, uncles can be found in every flavor, but in dreams they connote…”


Unconscious - “If you dream that you are unconscious it is probably because you are actually unconscious. However, in the rare case that you…”


Undead - “See Zombie. Dreaming about the undead while you are asleep is never a good thing. This dream is brought upon many times…”


Undercover - “Dreaming about being undercover indicates that you feel suspicious of someone in your life. This is usually a person that you are…”


Underground - “Dreaming about being underground can carry with it feelings of dread and claustrophobia. If you are in a cave it could mean…”


Underwater - “Dreaming about being underwater can mean many things. See Scuba Diving. If you dream that you are drowning it means…”


Underwear - “For panties, See Panties. Male underwear is typically one of two extreme symbols. The first is the case of the sexy underwear….”


Undress - “Undressing in your dreams is a symbol for the removal of inhibitions. It represents a safe and secure place to bear it all, your…”


Unemployed - “Being unemployed can be a scary proposition for many people. These people seek comfort in financial security and the knowledge…”


Unfortunate - “Dreaming can be a very interesting experience at times. Not only is it possible to dream about objects and people, but it…”


Unicorn - “Unicorns are mystical creatures that can live for hundreds of years. They are also said to be symbols of purity. Only virgins are said…”


Uniform - “Uniforms are a symbol of status and overt power. Many times we take for granted the jobs that we have that require a uniform…”


Union - “The union between two people is a very powerful connection that supersedes race, gender, personality, religion and every other…”


United Nations - “The United Nations generally doesn’t mean much in a dream. However, in some cases the UN can indicate a proclivity…”


Unknown - “If it is unknown what you were dreaming about, it generally means that the dream wasn’t important enough to remember. If…”


Unwrap - “To unwrap something in your dreams is symbolic of seeing what is really underneath something or someone in real life. If you…”


Up - “The direction up can be a very powerful symbol in a dream. In general the direction up is representative of rising powers, status, elevation…”


Upholstery - “The upholstery on various pieces of furniture is, in general, unimportant. However, if the upholstery especially caught your…”


Uranus - “Ouranos (pronounce: oo rah noes) or Uranus is the Greek god who fathered Zeus, among other gods. When Zeus castrated Uranus, his…”


Urination - “Urination is a symbol of release and freedom. If the dream of urination is accompanied by a sort of sexual gratification, this…”


Urn - “The Urn is used to carry the ashes of the dead. In ancient tradition urns were used for many things, most recently urns were used to…”


Uterus - “The uterus is rarely actually dreamed of. However, if you dream about the uterus it is the ultimate symbol of fertility and procreation…”


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