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Dreams Starting with S

“S” – “The letter S may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts…”


Sacrificed – “The meaning of this dream symbol will vary depending on your religious views. For many of Abrahamic faiths, sacrifice is deeply…”


Sad – “Sadness is a straightforward dream symbol that simply represents the emotion that it is. It is important to remember that the thing you feel…”


Saddle – “A saddle is a symbol of the tools you need to achieve a goal. The exact meaning of this symbol varies depending on the animal the saddle…”


Safe – “To dream of being safe is a sign of security in your current situation or with your current relationships. This is an auspicious and beneficial…”


Sage (person or herb) – “The sage is an archetypal form full of the symbols of wisdom, age, and good advice. To see the sage in a dream is indicative…”


Sailing – “Sailing is a symbol of a journey in our life, whether it be allegorical or actual. To dream of yourself sailing in a storm is indicative of hard…”


Saint – “Saints are symbols and patrons of people, places, ideas and things. To dream of a saint carries with it the same connotation that that saint has in…”


Sand – “Sand is a symbol of time and of infinite possibility. In its most common form, sand is seen either on a beach or in an hourglass. Sand running…”


Sandbox – “Sandboxes are places of enjoyment for children. They represent the creative forces of childhood and imagination. To dream of a sandbox…”


SatanFor Satan, see Devil


Scale – “A scale is a method of evaluation. The exact meaning of this symbol will depend on the exact item or items being weighed. These items are…”


Scarecrow – “A scarecrow is a totem of death and fear, but it simultaneously holds the opposite symbolism of hope and prosperity. The exact…”


School – “Dreaming about school can bring back memories of the past that can be both vivid and full of nostalgia. They can also be repositories…”


Scissors – “Scissors are a symbol of change and precision. If you dream about scissors cutting something that they should not be able…”


Scorpion – “The scorpion is a symbol of fear and anxiety in your life. If something at work or in your everyday life is scaring you or you are nervous …”


Screaming – “The sound of screaming in your dream can be vivid and alarming even if you do not see its source or know its cause…”


Screw – “The screw is a symbol of pushing forward even amid difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishment. If you…”


Scuba Diving – “Dreaming of scuba diving can be symbolic of a couple of different things. First, it can be a memory or thought about…”


Sea – For sea, see Ocean.


Security – “Security is something that all people desire in their lives. Humans are wired to do whatever possible to ensure their security…”


Seesaw – “The seesaw is representative in popular culture as the equivalent of the tipping of the scales back and forth, and no wonder. The concept of the…”


Self-Defense – “Self-defense, whether in the form of martial arts or a more conventional weapon, can be a powerful  by that you feel secure…”


Selling – “Dreaming about selling things represents that those thing which you are selling hold value to you still, but they are not the same that…”


Senior Home – “The senior home can be either very friendly and sweet, like you are visiting your grandparents, or it can be very scary like it…”


Serial Killer – “Dreaming about a serial killer can be a very frightening thing to experience. If you dream that a serial killer is trying to attack…”


Sewage – “Sewage is some really disgusting stuff. The majority of people has never actually come into contact with raw sewage and has no idea the…”


Sewer – “For sewer, see Sewage. The sewer in particular is a dark and dank place that is both scary and interesting. The problem with the sewer…”


Sewing – “Sewing is the symbol of motherly care and nurturing. While gender roles are typically unfair, this does not keep sewing from being…”


Sex – “Sex is at the root of every instinct that humanity has ever known. Sex is a symbol of creation and destruction. If you dream you are…”


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