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Dreams Starting with R

“R” - “The letter R may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that letter…”


Race - “The exact meaning of this dream symbol will depend largely on the situation, the surrounding symbols, and the emotions connected to it. A race can…”


Racetrack - “A racetrack is a symbol of competition, and the arena of competition. It is often a dream symbol of the workplace. It also reflects frustration…”


Racism - “The dream symbol of racism depends on your own views of race, your cultural heritage, the way you were brought up to think about other races…”


Rack - “Dreaming of a drying rack is a symbol of finishing work and imposing neatness and order in your life. As with all cleaning symbols, this is a sign that you…”


Radio - “A radio is a symbol of communication, especially general communication with the wider world. It indicates your feelings about your ability to interpret…”


Radioactive - “Dreaming of radiation and radioactive things indicates a fear of some invisible or unseen thing that will poison all of your undertakings…”


Raffle - “A raffle is a symbol of luck and good fortune. If you dream that you win a raffle, it is a sign that an unexpected windfall will come your way. Dreaming…”


Raft - “Dreaming of a raft in a body of water is a sign that you need to see and engage a truth that your subconscious wants to tell you, but that you are not…”


Rags - “If you dream about rags as a cleaning tool, or about scrubbing with rags, this symbolizes the need or desire to “clean up” your mental state…”


Railroad - “A railroad, as a means of transportation, is a symbol of your ability to achieve your dreams. This particular dream symbol, however, focuses…”


Rain - “Rain is a complicated dream symbol. It indicates misfortune to come, and specifically hints at emotional trauma and tears. It is likely that someone close…”


Rainbow - “A rainbow is a combination of the two symbols of light and water. As such, it represents a synthesis of the understanding and the subconscious…”


Raincoat - “Dreaming about a raincoat indicates a desire to shield yourself from misfortune, either perceived or real. This dream may be a warning that some…”


Rake - “Dreaming of a rake is an indication of needing to clean up some part of your life. Falling leaves are an indication of decay and the passing away of…”


Rambling - “If you dream that you are listening to someone rambling without direction in their speech, this is an indication of frustration at your…”


Ramp - “Dreaming of a ramp going upwards is an auspicious sign that your fortunes are about to improve, and that your attempts to better your life are…”


Ransom - “If you dream that you are being held for ransom, this is a symbol of being controlled and used. Perhaps your subconscious is aware that you…”


Rape - “Rape is a deeply disturbing dream image, indicative of a feeling of traumatic violation. It is likely that someone you trust and around whom you feel…”


Rash - “Having a rash in your dream indicates a feeling of dissatisfaction or insecurity with your outward appearance. The skin is the first thing that others notice…”


Ravine - “A ravine or chasm that is in your way or cutting across your path is a dream symbol for an insurmountable obstacle in the way of you achieving…”


Raw - “Dreaming of raw food indicates taking sustenance from something that has not been manipulated or changed by humans. This sustenance can be emotional…”


Razor - “Dreaming about using a razor indicates a worry about the way the outside world perceives you. You are concerned about appearing unkempt…”


Reach - “If you dream that you are reaching to grasp something, this indicates that you see your goals as being out of your reach and unattainable. If you…”


Reading - “Reading is a dream symbol of understanding, communication, entertainment and, in some cases, escape. If you dream that you are reading…”


Reality Show - “Dreaming of watching a reality show is significant of some desire for voyeurism, or watching the intimate details of others’ lives…”


Rear Ended – For Rear Ended, See Car Accident


Rearview Mirror – For Rearview Mirror, See Backseat


Rebel - “If you dream of being a rebel, this signifies dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life. You may dream of rebelling against the…”


Rebirth – For Rebirth, See Reincarnation


Receipt - “If you dream that you receive a receipt for a purchase, this indicates a sensible inclination to keep track of your expenses, and…”


Recipe - “A recipe is a dream symbol for the way you approach creativity. You do not feel secure yet striking out on your own and making up…”


Recognition - “To dream of receiving recognition indicates either a desire or expectation that others will acknowledge your accomplishments…”


Reconcilement - “Dreaming about a reconcilement may be an indicator of something that is bothering you about one of your relationships…”


Record - “A vinyl record in your dream may signify several different things, depending on your age, cultural awareness, and personal interests…”


Record Player - “A record player is a symbol of embracing your experiences to the fullest extent. It can also be a symbol of futility, as it turns…”


Recycle - “Dreaming of recycling indicates a conscientious approach to your personal responsibilities, especially with regards to your consuming…”


Red Carpet - “Dreaming of being on the red carpet at an important event is connected to the dream symbol of recognition. It indicates a desire to be…”


Redecorating - “Dreaming of redecorating indicates a need to overhaul a major part of your life. Something in your life is not working as it should…”


Reef - “A reef, such as a coral reef, is a symbol of accessing your subconscious. This shallow area of the ocean is a prime spot for observing sea life…”


Referee  - “Dreaming of a referee in a sports game reflects the other symbols present regarding sports dreams – specifically teamwork and your…”


Reflection - “The meaning of this symbol depends on where you see your reflection in the dream. If you dream of seeing your reflection in the…”


Refrigerator – “A refrigerator symbolizes preserving essential things – necessities of life as well as memories and thoughts.”


Refugee - “If you dream that you are a refugee, this indicates a sense of insecurity with your life. This may stem from the people in your life…”


Refusal - “Dreaming that you refuse to do something that someone else requests or orders you to do is a signal of your feelings of personal…”


Regret - “Dreaming of regret is a very straightforward dream symbol. It indicates a feeling of regret in your waking life, though the specific thing you…”


Rehabilitation - “If you dream of going to rehabilitation for an addiction problem, this indicates a situation in your life that you feel has spiraled…”


Rehearsal – Dreaming of a rehearsal indicates anxiety about being able to accomplish something that is looming on the horizon.


Reincarnation - “Fear of death is a common and deep-seated fear among all humans. The meaning of your dream about reincarnation will vary…”


Reindeer – “A reindeer dream symbol has multiple meanings, depending on your own culture…”


Rejection – “Rejection is a deep fear for many people, and stems from everything…”


Relationships – “We can learn a lot about our relationships from our dreams…”


Religion – “Religion is an important aspect of life for many people. If you are religious…”


Remember – “Remembering is a powerful part of your dream life, and memories are re-created…”


Renovate – “If you dream of renovating something, this is an indication of taking…”


Rent – “Dreaming about paying rent is a symbol of insecurity and instability…”


Repair – “Repairs are a dream symbol of disintegration of some important aspect in your life…”


Replacement – “A replacement is a dream symbol with several different meanings…”


Report – “Dreaming of a report is a dream symbol of a certain amount of judgment…”


Report Card – “A report card is a dream symbol of academic judgment…”


Reputation – “Our reputation is very important to us, as our ability to make friends…”


Rescue – “A rescue is a dream symbol of a great need in your life. You need to consider…”


Resign – “Resigning from a position in a dream is an indication of giving up…”


Restrained -”Being restrained is a dream symbol for having your personal…”


Resurrection – “Dreaming about a resurrection is a sign of hope and new life…”


Resuscitate – “Resuscitation is a dream symbol of disintegration of some important…”


Revolution – “If you dream about a revolution, this indicates a need or desire to change…”


Rewind – “Rewinding something in a dream is symbolic of a desire to go back in the past…”


Ribbon – “A ribbon is a dream symbol of connection and tying things together…”


Ride - “If you dream of taking a ride, or of riding a horse, this is significant of your attitude…”


Ring – “A ring, in dreams as well as in waking life, symbolizes eternity, especially an eternal…”


Riot – “Dreaming about a riot is a symbol of fear and anger against an authority…”


Rip – “A rip is a dream symbol of destruction. This is a negative dream symbol…”


Rising – “When anything rises up in a dream, this is an indication of ascending…”


Ritual – “Rituals are extremely powerful in human existence and consciousness…”


Rival – “Dreaming about a rival is a symbol of insecurity and fear in your own qualities…”


River – “A river can have several different dream symbols, depending…”


Road – “A road in your dream is a symbol of achieving your goals. The quality…”


Road Signs – “Road signs are a dream symbol of guidance on your way to achieving…”


Road Trip – “Roads and journeys almost always signify your journey…”


Roadblock – “A roadblock represents a barrier or obstacle in the way of reaching…”


Roadkill – “Roadkill is a negative omen, as well as being a personal criticism…”


Roadwork – “Roadwork represents a barrier or obstacle in the way of reaching…”


Roar – “A roar is a symbol of loud, primal, aggressive and even animalistic communication…”


Robbery – “Dreaming about a robbery is a symbol of a threat to your home or personal…”


Robot – “A dream about a robot is a symbol of the powers of technology. This dream may…”


Rock Climbing – “If you dream about rock climbing, this is a powerful and positive…”


Rock Star – “A rock star is someone you respect and look up to. Dreaming about a rock…”


Rocket – “A rocket is one of many transportation dream symbols that represent…”


Rocking Chair – “Dreaming about a rocking chair is a symbol of comfort and safety. Many people…”


Rocks – “The dream symbol of rocks has different meanings depending on your own experience…”


Roller Coaster – “Dreaming of a roller coaster is a sign of a tumultuous time…”


Romance – “It is very common to dream of romance, especially if you have been thinking…”


Roof - “A roof is a dream symbol of safety and protection from the elements…”


Room – “The meaning of a dream symbol of a room varies depending on the room you are…”


Roommate – “Dreaming about a roommate is a symbol of your home life. Even if…”


Roots – “Roots are the places from which we came. The dream symbol of roots, whether…”


Ropes – “Dreaming about ropes is a symbol of control. Ropes are most often used…”


Roses – “Roses symbolize love. Dreaming of being given roses is a symbol…”


Rotten – “Dreaming of something being rotten is a relatively unusual dream symbol…”


Rouge – “Rouge is a dream symbol of adornment, physical attractiveness, and sexuality…”


Rowboat – “A rowboat is a dream symbol of journeying to achieve your goals…”


Rowing – “Dreaming of rowing is a dream symbol of journeying to achieve your goals…”


Rub – “To rub is a dream symbol that has several different possible meanings…”


Rubber – “The dream symbol of rubber indicates resilience and the ability to bounce…”


Rubble – “Rubble is a negative and dangerous dream symbol indicating the aftermath…”


Rug – “There are several possible meanings for the dream symbol of a rug…”


Rules – “Dreaming of rules is a relatively vague dream symbol with multiple…”


Rumor – “Rumors are very important to our reputation, as our ability to make friends…”


Runaway – “A runaway is a dream symbol of avoiding responsibility and problems…”


Running – “Running is a dream symbol of avoiding responsibility and problems…”


Rush – “Dreaming of rushing is a stress-related symbol also involving the concepts…”


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