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Dreams Starting with Q

“Q” - “Q is a character in the Star Trek series. He represents a mischievous and self-serving god who is all-powerful and all-knowing. The letter Q may be…”


Quack Doctor - “If you dream of going to a quack doctor who cheats you and does not give you a real cure for your ailment, this signifies that you cannot…”


Quadrille - “If you dream of dancing a quadrille, this signifies an interest in historical activities and art forms, and a desire for old-fashioned manners…”


Quaker - “Dreaming of a member of the Quaker religion is a symbol that varies depending on your own view of religion. In general, Quakers are known…”


Quarantine - “A quarantine is a frightening and threatening dream symbol which forebodes ill. It signifies the threat of disease, and also the fear that a…”


Quarrel - “A quarrel is a straightforward dream symbol that symbolizes a conflict with another person. It indicates that you have been feeling frustration…”


Quarry - “Dreaming of a quarry symbolizes reaching deep into your subconscious to retrieve some important information or memory. The type of stone…”


Quartet - “Dreaming of playing in a quartet symbolizes accomplishing goals in a group, and the ability to work with others to create beauty. If you…”


Quartz - “Quartz is a beautiful crystal rock, symbolic of light and powerful energy. Dreaming that you are holding a quartz rock indicates that you have…”


Quay - “If you dream of a quay, this is a sign that you will soon have an opportunity to embark on a voyage, either through a change of plans or through…”


Queen - “A queen is a symbol of authority and feminine grace. If you dream that you are the queen, this symbolizes a desire for recognition and respect…”


Queen of Hearts - “The Queen of Hearts, in a card deck, represents affection and interpersonal connection. If you see the Queen of Hearts card in relation…”


Quest - “A quest, or journey, symbolizes the journey of life. This has widespread implications, such as the quest to accomplish a particular personal goal, the quest…”


Question - “Asking a question in your dream is symbolic of a particular need. This may be the need for information in order to accomplish a goal…”


Quicksand - “Quicksand is an ill omen of a trap in your way. This may be a trap that someone else set for you, or it could simply be a circumstance…”


Quiet - “Dreaming of quiet is symbolic of peace and relaxation. You feel that your life is under control and well-ordered. However, if you dream of quiet in…”


Quill - “A quill, or a writing pen that is made from the feather of a bird, is a symbol of communication. It is also antiquated and old-fashioned, indicating manners…”


Quilts - “If you dream of lying on a bed under a quilt, this indicates security and warmth in your life and in your relationships…”


Quiver - “A quiver is a dream symbol of your ability to overcome obstacles and threats that stand in your way. It is your literal arsenal of solutions to your…”


Quintuplets - “Quintuplets are a sign of rich blessings, but also of massive amounts of unexpected responsibility. You may be feeling completely overwhelmed…”


Quota - “Dreaming that you must make a quota is a symbol of external pressures to perform, and feelings of inadequacy within yourself. The authority figure…”


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