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Dreams Starting with P

“P” – “The letter P may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Pacify – “Dreaming about pacification symbolizes that there is turmoil in your life that needs to be mediated. It typically includes two other people in your…”


Package – For package see, Mail. For gift, see Gift.


Packing – “Dreaming about packing is a sign that you are about to go on a journey in life. This journey may not be physical. It might be emotional or spiritual…”


Pagan - “The meaning of this dream symbol depends on your own religious views, and whether or not you believe that people who are not in your religion are…”


Page – “The page is a symbol of a key piece of information in your life. It means that you are missing that information in your waking life or are about to…”


Pageant – “Pageants and parades are symbols of frivolity. Often the frivolity is enjoyable, but it can also represent a waste of time or a distraction from…”


Pager – “Dreaming about a pager is outmoded and rarely seen anymore. If you do dream about a pager it means that you are on call or always need to be alert for…”


Pail – “The pail carries the water of the spirit. It is a symbol of the body and the human journey. If you dream about a pail, take care to memorize its characteristics…”


Pain – “Pain is a significant indicator of something being wrong. It is unusual for you to dream that you are in pain. However, it is more common to dream that someone…”


Paint – “Paint symbolizes a fresh outlook on life and the renewal of something old. If you dream about paint it means that something new is going to happen to you…”


Paintball – “Paintball symbolizes a nonlethal physical combat that is approaching in your life. Paintball is not only an enjoyable sport in real life, but it also…”


Pairs – “Dreaming about pairs of things, shoes, twins, etc. is meant to symbolize the duality of nature. Everything has a yin and a yang side and you have been…”


Palace – “The palace is a symbol of riches and power. If you dream about being on the outside of a palace it represents that you are not in the circle of power that…”


Pall – “The pall represents death and finality. If you dream that someone you know has a pall it means that something about their life is coming to a close. If you…”


Palm (Hand) – “The palm carries in it a unlimited knowledge of our past, present and future. If you dream about the palm of your hand it symbolizes that you are…”


Palm Tree – “The palm tree has always been a symbol of relaxation and comfort. If you dream about a palm it means that you are in need of or are currently getting…”


Palm Reading – “The palm reading is an accurate way to determine your past, present and future in a generalist way. It does not typically give you any specific…”


Pan – “The pan is a symbol of the hearth. In its connection with food it represents plenty. However the pan is also a symbol of specialized cooking and gourmet…”


Panic – “If you or someone else in your dream is in a panic it symbolizes overreaction to irrational fears. For nervousness, see Nervous. For anxiety…”


Panties – “Panties are a symbol of femininity and seduction. They are heavy with sexuality and lust. If you dream about panties that have blood in them it can…”


Pants – “Pants are a symbol of occupation. If you dream about denim pants it can represent school children. It can also represent a casual and leisurely…”


Pantyhose – “Pantyhose can be a symbol of sexiness. If you dream about putting on pantyhose it means that you are looking forward to a night out in the…”


Paper – “Blank paper represents the clean slate of your life and your ability to determine what is written in this chapter of your life. If you dream about…”


Paper Bag – “Paper bags are symbols of lunch and food. If you dream about a paper bag you are likely hungry in your sleep. For gifts, see gift…”


Paper Plates – “Paper plates do not have a meaning in dream interpretations. If you dream about trash or recycling, please refer to those terms…”


Paparazzi – “The paparazzi are symbols of chaos and gumption. If you dream that you are among the paparazzi it means that you have the shrewdness…”


Parachute – “The parachute is a symbol of a safety and security. Golden Parachutes are symbols of financial security. Dreaming about the parachute indicates…”


Parade – For parade, see pageant.


Paralyzed – “Dreaming that you are paralyzed is a normal thing. It generally does not bear with it the weight of something deep or spiritual…”


Paramedics – “Paramedics are a symbol of safety in a time of trauma or pain. If you dream about paramedics and you are going through a difficult…”


Paranoia – “Paranoia in a dream is a sign of imminent danger or perhaps that you are completely overwhelmed with life. This dream is a call to take a long…”


Parents – “This dream symbol is very complicated and nuanced, because every person’s relationship with their parents is different. Parents are the…”


(Outdoor) Park – “If you dream about going to the park, this indicates that you will have an encounter with nature that will refresh you. You may be…”


(Vehicle) Park – “Dreaming of parking a car indicates a feeling of having arrived at your destination. This may be because you accomplished a goal…”


Parking Lot – “A parking lot full of cars symbolizes infinite possibility and the ability to accomplish your goals. You have an infinite number of ways that…”


Parking Ticket – “Dreaming that you receive a parking ticket indicates a feeling of insecurity that you are doing the right thing in your life or going about…”


Parliament – “Parliament is a symbol of power and authority, and also of personal importance. If you dream that you are a Member of Parliament…”


Party – “Dreaming that you are at a party is a sign of your feelings about and attitudes toward social life. If you dream that you are enjoying yourself at…”


Passageway – “A passageway is a powerful dream symbol for transition between circumstances, life goals, or ways of thinking. Oftentimes this transition…”


Passenger – “If you dream that you are a passenger in a mode of transportation (car, train, boat, airplane), this indicates a feeling of ineffectiveness…”


Passport – “The passport is a dream symbol of freedom and the ability to go anywhere you want. However, it also connotes that the status quo in your…”


Password – “Dreaming of putting a password on your computer, or on anything else that contains information or valuable things, signifies a lack of trust…”


Past – “Dreaming of your past has many meanings, depending on your actual experiences in the past, your feelings about your current situations…”


Path – “A path is a symbol of your journey to accomplish your dreams, as well as your feelings about your ability to get to the place you want to be in life…”


Pavement – “Dreaming about pavement is a symbol of the road to your goals being smoothed and made easy for you. On the other hand, if you dream about…”


Pawnshop – “A pawn shop is a dream symbol of loss and misfortune. If you dream that you have to pawn a valuable object, this signifies that you will have to…”


Paycheck – “A paycheck is a symbol of receiving a fair reward or recognition for your accomplishments and contributions to the world. If you dream…”


Payphone – “A payphone is an anachronistic symbol in this modern world of cell phones. It indicates inconvenience and frustration in communication…”


Peace – “If you dream of peace, this is a sign that you feel security in your life and are not afraid of things or people being taken away from you. If in…”


Peak – “The peak of a mountain is a dream symbol of having reached your destination. On a journey…”


Peanuts – “Dreaming about peanuts is a sign of trying to uncover hidden truth. In order to eat…”


Pearl – “A pearl represents hidden treasure. Pearls grow inside of oysters, and it is impossible…”


Pebble – “A pebble represents a small obstacle or inconvenience on your way to achieving…”


Pedestal – “The meaning of the dream symbol of a pedestal depends on the placement…”


Pedicure – “Dreaming about getting a pedicure represents a luxury, and taking care…”


Pedophile – “A pedophile is a disturbing dream symbol, but fortunately dreaming about a pedophile…”


Peel – “Dreaming about peeling a fruit indicates removing outward appearances…”


Peephole – “A peephole is a dream symbol for a small glimpse into reality. Often, what you…”


Peeping – “Dreaming about peeping is a dream symbol for a small glimpse into reality…”


Pen – “A pen in a dream represents communication and creativity. If you are looking…”


Pencil – “A pencil in a dream represents communication and creativity. If you are looking…”


Penis – “Dreaming about a penis is a symbol of masculine sexuality and sexual energy. Masculine energy…”


Penny – “A penny is the smallest unit of money in dollar-based currencies, and its dream symbol…”


Personal Trainer – “A personal trainer is a dream symbol of the embodiment of discipline…”


Pets – “Pets represent the helpless and dependent in your life. The way you treat pets in…”


Pharaoh – “The meaning of your dream symbol about Pharaoh depends on your own religious…”


Pheasant - “Dreaming about pheasant is a symbol of instinct and dreams themselves. The pheasant…”


Phone Number – “During sleep, the parts of the brain that control language and numbers shuts…”


Photo – “Dreaming about a photo is a symbol of memory. Whether you are dreaming about…”


Piano – “A piano is a dream symbol of emotion and artistic creativity. If you dream that you are playing…”


Picture – “Dreaming about a picture is a symbol of memory. Whether you are dreaming about…”


Pie – “Pie is a dream symbol of the fruits of your labor. Dreaming of a fruit pie is an indication…”


Pig – “Dreaming about a pig is a symbol of excess and physical appetite. Pigs are generally associated…”


Pill – “A pill is a dream symbol of quick and easy solutions to your problems. If you dream…”


Pilot – “The dream symbol of a pilot varies in meaning depending on the person or people involved…”


Purse – “Your purse is a highly personal item, and one that many people rely on heavily…”


Pursuit – “If you dream of being pursued, this is an indication of stress and pressure. It is common…”


Pus - “Pus is a negative dream symbol which indicates some sort of rottenness or corruption…”


Push – “If you dream about pushing someone or something, this is a symbol of using your own personal…”


Putty – “Putty is a dream symbol that represents changeability and your capacity to mold events…”


Puzzle – “If you dream of doing a puzzle, this is an indication of problem-solving…”


Pyjamas – “Pyjamas, or pajamas, are a dream symbol of the relaxed state surrounding…”


Pyramid – “A pyramid is a dream symbol of striving for high goals and nobility…”




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