Dreams Starting with O


“O” – “The letter O may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that letter…”


Oak Tree – “The oak tree is a symbol of strength and longevity. It is considered to be the both the noblest and the plainest of trees. If you dream about the oak tree it…”


Oars –  “Oars symbolize a long and arduous journey of the mind. Dreaming about oars is symbolic of an intellectual journey that you are taking or will soon take. If you…”


Oasis – “The oasis is a symbol of rest and fertility despite being in the middle of a desert. In your dreams the oasis and the desert around it both symbolize specific things…”


Oath – “Oaths are not only important to us in a personal way like making a promise to yourself, but they also represent a public knowledge of the promise that…”


Oatmeal – “Oatmeal is a symbol of plenty. Dreaming about oatmeal is symbolic of fruitful times that you are about to enjoy in your life. If you dream about eating …”


Obedience “Dreaming about obedience is a sign that following the rules will offer you more rewards on your current course of action then breaking them will…”


Obese “Obesity has long been a symbol of health and living well. In modern culture it means living well into excess. If you dream that you or someone you know is obese…”


Obituary “Obituaries are symbols of death and transition in life. Dreaming about an obituary does not mean that you or someone that you know is soon going to…”


Obligation – “Dreaming about obligations is a sign of a mind which is fully weighed down by responsibilities and the burdens of everyday life. Obligations are found…”


Obscene – “Dreaming about something obscene is actually a sign that your humor is intact and functioning well. The most humorous things in life are generally…”


Observatory – “The observatory is a place of contemplation and viewing for pleasure and information. Dreaming about the observatory indicates that you are in…”


Obsession – “Dreaming that you have an obsession or actually dreaming about an obsession that you have is indicative that you have grown too close to that particular…”


Obstacle – “Obstacles are exactly what they seem. Depending on the obstacle that you dream about you may be going through or about to go through a time that will…”


Obstacle Courses“Dreaming about an obstacle course is a sign that you are about to have to navigate through a series of real-life obstacles in your waking life. Obstacle…”


Ocean – “The ocean is a symbol of the subconscious mind. It is the pool of thoughts, dreams and hopes. Dreaming about the ocean, especially if you are in the…”


Octopus – “The octopus is a symbol of murky grasping tentacles that desire nothing more than to drag you under the water and drown you and devour your hopes…”


Odd Numbers – “Numerology is very difficult to determine in dreams and it is rare to have a dream of numbers at all, much less something so vague as odd…”


Odor – “Dreaming about odors is generally unimportant unless the odor is especially potent. It is thought to be impossible to actually smell while unconscious. However…”


Offense – “Dreaming about offending someone in a verbal or physical way is a symbol that you are immature or emotionally unmannered. If you dream that someone…”


Offering – “Offerings are gifts that are general spiritual in nature. For gifts, see Gifts. If you dream about receiving an offering, it is a sign that you are going…”


Office – “Elected offices are symbols of power and opinion. Work offices are symbols of drudgery and wasted time. This last is true even if you enjoy your job…”


Officer – “Police or military officers are symbols of respect and honor. They are also representatives of the law. If you dream that you are running or avoiding…”


Oil – “Oil is a symbol of light and fire. It is also a symbol of industry and technological advancement.”


Ointment – “Ointments are symbols of curative properties. Dreaming that you are applying an ointment to yourself or another generally refers to a cleansing…”


Old – “Dreaming about something that is old generally means that you are starting to stagnate or diminish in your life. This will have a negative outcome for…”


Olives – “The olive is a symbol of peace and immortality. Whether you dream about an olive tree, and olive leaf or branch or the actual fruit itself, the same…”


Olympics – “Dreaming about the Olympics is symbolic of great victory to come in your life. It typically represents that the next four years will be successful and…”


Omelet – “The omelet represents a mixture of many things that we love. Just as there are countless ways to make an omelet, there are also thousands of meanings…”


One-Eyed – “Dreaming about a one-eyed man or actually being one eyed yourself in a dream is highly symbolic of being handicapped in such a way as to be…”


Onions – “Onions, along with garlic, are considered the strongest vegetable. While onions are healthy, they are deemed to have very interruptive attributes…”


Onyx – “Onyx is a semiprecious stone that is striated or banded. It is commonly black and white striped, but can be many colors. In your dreams it will probably…”


Opal – “Opal is found in only a few places on the earth and is the mineral symbol for fire and the sun. Just as flames can take on numerous colors and hues so…”


Opening – “The act of opening can be associated with many things, usually it refers to something unexpected or long awaited. For opening a door, see Door…”


Opera – “The opera has ever been a symbol of turbid emotions and relationships. Operas are typically wither comedies or tragedies. If you dream about going…”


Operation – “Operations that are found in dreams are synonymous with interior problems in your life that need to be fixed before they compromise the things…”


Operator – “Dreaming about an operator on the phone means that you will soon meet a guide in your everyday life that will open you mind to the possibilities…”


Opium – “Opium is the controlled substance that is exuded from the immature fruit of the opium poppy. It has the effect of numbing pain and causing…”


Opponent – “Dreaming about an opponent that is blatantly against you is a symbol of a known enemy that wants you to fail. It might be anthropomorphization…”


Optician – “Opticians seen or met with in dreams are considered healers of faulty viewpoints and opinions. If you dream about an optician it means that you are not…”


Oracle – “The oracle is perhaps the most latently fearsome contact that you can meet with in a dream. The oracle is almost always a woman and will always have…”


Oral Sex (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!) – “Dreaming about giving oral sex to a man is representative of submission and pleasure. If you find yourself having…”


Oranges – “Oranges are the fruit of summer and warmth. They are healing and restorative and can be used to cleanse and purify your body. The smell of oranges is…”


Orchestra – “The orchestra is the expression of emotions in all their complexity. If you dream about an orchestra in your dream and they are not playing or they…”


Orchids – “The orchid is the flower that represents exotic beauty and pleasantries. Dreaming about an orchid is meant to transport you, for a short time, to a…”


Ore – “Ore is typically in the form of rocks that are to be crushed and smelted in an extremely hot furnace to cause them to exude metals of all sorts. If you…”


Organ (Body Part) – “Dreaming about organs is a sign that something is internally wrong with you or someone that is close to you. If the organ is outside of the body then…”


Organ (Instrument) – “The organ is a relative of the piano and represents grand events or processions. Dreaming about the organ connotes that an important solemn…”


Organist – “The organist is a symbol of solemn duty and demeanor. To dream about the organist is a sign that very serious proceedings are about to fill your life…”


Organization – “Dreaming about organizing your home or office is symbolic of order or a lack thereof. In life all of your human facets can become jumbled and tangled…”


Orgasm – “A dream about an orgasm is a powerful symbol of personal, instinctive power…”


Orgy – “Dreaming about having an orgy is a symbol that has several different meanings…”


Origami – “Origami is a dream symbol of your creative spirit. This powerful dream…”


Ornament – “Dreaming about an ornament is a symbol of the importance of family…”


Orphan – “An orphan is a dream symbol of abandonment and fear. The first and most…”


Orphanage – “Dreaming about an orphanage is a negative omen with dangerous…”


Orthodontist – “An orthodontist is a dream symbol of fear and personal violation, and also of painful…”


Ouija Board – “Dreaming about an Ouija board is a symbol of magic and messages from the Beyond…”


Outbreak – “An outbreak of disease is a dream symbol of dangers far bigger than you can…”


Outcast – “Dreams that have to do with relationships are very powerful and fairly self-evident…”


Outer Space – “Outer space is a dream symbol of the ultimate adventure. In our dreams, space really…”


Outlaw – “Dreaming about an outlaw is a sign of stepping outside the normative rules of society…”


Outlet – “If you see a power outlet in your dream, this indicates energy and resources for accomplishing…”


Outside – “The out of doors is a symbol of healing, revitalization, and regaining strength…”


Oval – “Dreaming about an oval is a symbol of feminine sexuality and feminine energy…”


Ovaries – “Dreaming about the ovaries is a very specific, obvious dream symbol. The ovaries represent…”


Oven – “An oven is a dream symbol for preparation and transformative change. We talk about things…”


Overcoat – “Dreaming about an overcoat is an indication of protecting yourself from…”


Overall – “Overalls are garments, usually made out of denim or some other similarly…”


Overdose – “An overdose is a dream symbol of the dangers of excess and the abuse of something…”


Oxygen – “Dreaming about oxygen is a symbol of the element we most need to sustain life. If you dream…”


Oxygen Mask – “An oxygen mask is a dream symbol of life-saving interventions, which are generally…”


Oysters – “Oysters are a dream symbol of hidden treasure. If you dream of finding oysters…”


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