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Dreams Starting with N

“N” – “The letter N may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even…”


Nag – “Dreaming about an old, broken-down horse, or nag, indicates a feeling of futility about accomplishing your goals. While…”


Nail File – “A nail file is a symbol of polishing and removing imperfections, often through unpleasant means. If you dream of…”


Nail Polish – “Nail polish is a symbol of idleness, beauty and attention to detail. Nail polish indicates something beautiful…”


Nails  – “Carpenter’s nails symbolize creativity via building new things. This is a very stable and strong symbol of creation…”

Fingernails: see “Fingernails”


Naked – “Dreaming of being naked is a sign of great vulnerability and insecurity. You fear others seeing you for exactly what you are…”


Name – “The meaning of the dream symbol of a name depends on the dreamer. Only the dreamer can know the identity…”


Name Badge – “A name badge is an identification marker. It symbolizes the way you want the world to perceive you. This…”


Nap – “A nap symbolizes a period of rest and escape from the responsibilities and requirements of the day. There may be some…”


Napkin – “A napkin is a symbol of good manners and politeness at meals, and consequently of polite society. If you dream…”


Narcissus – “In mythology, Narcissus was a character who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, fell in…”


Narrow – “The meaning of this dream depends largely on the item which is narrow in the dream. Some common dream…”


National Anthem – “The meaning of this symbol depends on the dreamer, and the country whose National Anthem is featured in…”


Native American – “The meaning of this symbol depends on your ethnic and racial heritage and opinions, and your…”


Nativity – “The meaning of the dream symbol of the Nativity depends in large part on the dreamer’s religious views. The Nativity…”


Nature – “Dreaming about nature can have meanings as varied as the elements of nature that are dreamed about themselves…”


Nausea – “Nausea is an indication of something wrong with your instincts, or your gut response. Perhaps you have been ignoring…”


Navel – “Your navel is the center of your existence, the point from which you received nourishment in your mother’s womb. Feelings…”


Navy – “The Navy, as the military branch associated with naval warfare, symbolizes honor and duty, as well as worldwide…”


Navy Blue – “Navy blue is connected symbolically to the military branch of the Navy; see Navy. The psychological effect of navy…”


Nazi – “A Nazi is a dream symbol of totalitarian governmental control and human cruelty. There may be a sense that you…”


Nearsighted – “Failures in vision always represent difficulty in understanding or comprehension. If you are nearsighted…”


Neat – “The meaning of this dream symbol depends on what the item or situation is that is neat. In general, neatness and order…”


Neck – “The neck is an important part of the body in dream symbols, connected to decision-making. It symbolizes the meeting…”


Necklace – “A necklace is an adornment on the neck, which means that it draws attention to the conflict between head and heart…”


Necktie – “A necktie is the masculine form of the necklace (See: Necklace). It symbolizes the masculine side of resolving…”


Nectar – “Nectar is a symbol of the bounty of nature. This dream symbol indicates that a situation that has been worrying you will…”


Need – “The meaning of this dream symbol depends on the specific thing that you dream of needing. The item that you need in…”


Needles – “Needles are often a frightening symbol, involving deep-seated fears of pain and having medical procedures performed…”


Negatives – “Photographic negatives can be eerie, with the colors backwards and everything looking wrong. They represent…”


Negligee – “The negligee represents seduction in all of its lustfulness. This symbol often comes up in the dreams of those who…”


Neighbor – “Dreaming about neighbors is symbolic of a sense of community and world peace. Whether the dream is about actual…”


Neighborhood - For neighborhood, see Neighbor.


Neon Light – “Neon lights are symbols of night life, bars and good times. Many times neon lights are not a symbol in and…”


Neptune – “Neptune, or Poseidon in the Greek pantheon, is the god of the ocean. Neptune is a personification of the…”


Nerd – “The nerd is a symbol of insecurity. Everyone has a deep-seated fear of being a social outcast and in many ways everyone…”


Nervous – “Being nervous in a dream is common for people who are preparing for a large conference or a program where they…”


Nervous Breakdown – “Having a nervous breakdown is different from simply being nervous in a dream. Nervous breakdowns…”


Nest – “Nests are an archetypal symbol of security and comfort. Nests may enter our dreams under many guises. You may dream…”


Net – “The net is a symbol of many meanings. One of the meanings of the net is that it is a symbol of plenty, like catching a lot of…”


New – “Dreaming about something that is new generally means that you are making a change in your life that will have a positive…”


New Year – “Dreaming about the New Year is symbolic of new year’s resolutions and breaking a bad habit or making a major…”


New York – “Dreaming about New York can be a symbol of needing to travel to a new place and meet new people. New York is…”


News – “Dreaming about receiving news is symbolic that an important event is about to take place in your life. The general method…”


Newspaper – “Dreaming about a newspaper in generally the same thing as dreaming about a book except the newspaper is filled..”


Nickel – “If you dream about the nickel coin, this indicates the importance of paying attention to small financial sums as the…”


Nickname – “Nicknames are symbolic in their ability to accurately represent a specific moment, or perhaps several moments…”


Night  – “Night is the symbol of death, darkness and fear. It can also be representative of personal stagnation and a cessation…”


Nightlight – “Nightlights are symbols of protection against the evils and fears of the night. Dreaming about night lights…”


Nightclub – “To dream about a nightclub is a symbol of excitement and good luck that is coming…”


Nightmare – “A nightmare is a very frightening and disturbing dream, revealing some…”


Nike – “Nike (pronounced “Nee-kay”) is the Greek goddess of victory. She is usually portrayed…”


Ninja – “To dream of a ninja is a symbol of stealth and prowess in fighting. If you dream…”


Nipples – “Dreaming about nipples is a sign of sexual desire, especially maternal desire…”


No – “Saying “no” in your dream is a strong and flat negative, and the dream significance of this statement…”


Noise - “Dreaming of hearing a lot of noise is a sign of distraction, and oftentimes of frustration…”


Nomad – “If you dream about a nomad, this is a symbol of someone who has an important…”


Noose – “Dreaming about a noose is similar to dreaming about a trap. Both dream symbols indicate…”


North – “The dream symbol of the North depends in a large part on where you are in…”


North Pole – “Dreaming of the North Pole is has different meanings depending…”


North Star – “The North Star is a dream symbol of guidance and direction. Most people…”


Northern Lights – “The Northern Lights are the beautiful display of lights visible…”


Nose – “The nose is one of the five senses, which are each connected to one of the five…”


Notes – “Dreaming about writing notes is an interesting dream symbol that signifies…”


Notebook – “A notebook is a dream symbol of storing and preserving, especially…”


Nuclear Bomb – “A nuclear bomb is a disturbing dream symbol, indicating massive…”


Numbers – “Most people cannot count things or work with numbers in their dreams…”


Numbness – “Numbness is a physical sensation which is not often felt in dreams…”


Nun – “A nun is a symbol of spirituality. It is also a symbol of repressed sexuality…”


Nurse – “Dreaming about a nurse means that you are in need of some care for…”


Nursery – “Dreaming of a nursery is similar to a dream about children. This is a dream…”


Nutcracker - “The symbolism of the nutcracker has several different meanings, depending…”


Nuts – “Dreaming about nuts is a symbol of basic sustenance. As food items that are…”


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