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Dreams Starting with M

“M” - “The letter M may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even…”


Macaroni - “Macaroni is not symbolic of anything in particular, despite what others try to tell you. At best macaroni has…”


Mace (Weapon) - “The mace is a symbolic weapon. It was mostly used to crush an opponent’s skull in battle. Dreaming about…”


Mace (Pepper Spray) - “Dreaming about pepper spray is a sign that you feel attacked or a warning that someone feels…”


Machete - “The machete is a symbol of cutting through the underbrush of life. Underbrush consists of things that have to…”


Mad Dog - “Dreaming about a mad dog or a dog with rabies can be very frightening and might even constitute a nightmare…”


Madness - “Dreaming about madness is a sign that you are overburdened with responsibility and should take a look at which…”


Madonna - “Dreaming about the singer probably means that you have recently seen or thought about her of something that you…”


Mafia - “The mafia represents being swindled, hustled or bullied into submission. If you dream about the mafia you are probably…”


Maggots - “Maggots are a twofold symbol. First, they represent pestilence, disease and filth. However, maggots are also great…”


(Black) Magic - “Black magic is always bent on evil. Dreaming about black magic is indicative that our soul is in dire peril of…”


Magic Carpet - “Dreaming about a magic carpet is a fanciful and wish provoking dream. However, it is not a symbol of anything…”


Magician - “The magician is the archetype of wisdom and understanding. If you dream about the magician it is a sign that these…”


Magnet - “The magnet is the symbol of attraction. Dreaming about this symbol means that you are attractive to someone or are…”


Magnifying Glass - “The magnifying glass is the symbol of searching and understanding. To see this in your dream means that you…”


Magnolia - “Magnolias are symbols of eternal life and beauty. Dreaming about a magnolia is symbolic of eternity…”


Maid - “Describing the meaning of the maid in a dream without falling into a cliché is nearly impossible. However, it is convenient…”


Mail - For Mail, see Mailbox.


Mailbox - “The mailbox is a symbol of messages. If you dream about a mailbox it means that there is something that you need to…”


Mailman - “The mailman is a representation of Hermes or Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Seeing the mailman in your dreams…”


Make Up - “Makeup represents superficial and fake beauty. You can put makeup on a man and make his as beautiful as any woman…”


Mall Park - “Dreaming about a mall is symbolic of simple pleasure and reminiscent of picnics and short outings. This means that you…”


Mall (Shopping) - “The shopping mall is a symbol of gifts and new things. Dreaming of a shopping mall means that you will soon…”


Mango - “The mango, being a fruit, is a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come. Its waxy exterior is symbolic of being…”


Manicure - “The manicure is a symbol of beauty and luxury. Just like nail polish, a manicure is represents attention to detail….”


Mansion - “The mansion is the symbol of wealth and nobility. Dreaming about a mansion is not the same as dreaming about…”


Manta Ray - “The Manta Ray is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents a smooth journey. If you dream about a manta ray…”


Map - “The map has always been the symbol of a guide to a destination, whether that destination is treasure, home, or something…”


Marathon - “The marathon is a symbol of long hard work to achieve a goal. Since ancient times, the marathon has been considered…”


Marijuana - “Marijuana is a symbol of liberation and insight, as it is a drug that is known for producing states of enlightenment…”


Market - “A market is an archetypal symbol of the interchange of personal abilities and affects. This image is deeply significant…”


Marriage - “Marriage is a symbol of acceptance and union in society, and specifically by one other person. If you dream of being…”


Mars - “There are many possible significances of Mars. As a planet, it is the subject of large amounts of scientific interest…”


Mask - “A mask indicates a desire to hide yourself from others. Perhaps there is an aspect of your life that you are ashamed of, or that…”


Massacre - “A massacre is a very dark and sinister dream symbol, indicating a great deal of fear. You may feel deeply insecure about…”


Masturbation - “Masturbation is the act of sexually pleasing yourself. Normally, sexual dreams do not take the form of masturbation…”


Matches - “Matches, being connected to fire, are an archetypal image of human survival, but because they are factory-made …”


Mattress - “A mattress symbolizes safety and stability, and a place where you can be vulnerable without fear of being harmed. If you…”


Maze - “Dreaming of a maze is a symbol of frustration and a lack of direction in one’s life. You may feel as if someone else…”


Measuring Tape - “A measuring tape is a symbol of evaluation – “measuring up.” If you dream that you are holding the measuring…”


Medicine - “Medicine is a symbol of healing. It is an indication that your subconscious knows you need outside assistance to resolve…”


Melting - “Dreaming about wax melting is a sign that you feel insecure or hopeless about current events in your life. This symbol…”


Menorah - “A menorah is a symbol of the Jewish winter holiday. The significance of this dream symbol depends largely on your…”


Menstruation - “Menstruation is a symbol of feminine fertility, which has always been considered to be sacred, mysterious…”


Mentally Challenged - “To dream of being mentally challenged is a sign that you do not have a complete understanding of…”


Mermaid - “A mermaid is a symbol of misfortune, and traditionally seeing a mermaid on a sea voyage meant that the ship would…”


Message - “The meaning of the dream symbol of a message depends entirely on the dreamer and his or her current situations…”


Metal Detector - “A metal detector is a symbol of being examined and scrutinized, often to the extent of invading your…”


Mice - “Dreaming about mice is a symbol of small annoyances, especially between people. These annoyances are often so small…”


Microscope - “A microscope is a symbol of deep examination, curiosity and discovery. If you dream of looking through…”


Microwave – “Dreaming of a microwave indicates a desire to radically change things as they are in your…”


Midget – “If you dream of a midget, this indicates the stunted desires of your life dreams…”


Military – “The military is a dream symbol of raw force and coercion. Most things that the military…”


Milk – “Milk is a dream symbol of babyhood or childhood nourishment. To dream of drinking…”


Milking – “To dream of milking a goat or a cow is a powerful dream symbol for receiving sustenance…”


Milkshake – “If you see the dream symbol of a milkshake in your dream, this is indicative…”


Mill – “Dreaming about a mill is a symbol of the combination of industrial work and nature…”


Millipede – “A millipede is a dream symbol of a hidden danger in your life. Millipedes are scavengers…”




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