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Dreams Starting with K

“K” - “The letter K may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that…”


Kaleidoscope - “The kaleidoscope is a symbol constant change and beauty. Kaleidoscopes have inspired many children and artists to look…”


Kangaroo - “Kangaroos, like koalas, are cute animals that seem very fun. However, despite this popular view, kangaroos are actually more…”


Karaoke - “Karaoke is a symbol confidence. Dreaming about yourself singing karaoke-style songs, even if you are a horrible singer is…”


Karate - “Karate is a form of meditative physical exertion that is able to be used as an offensive or defensive fighting technique. Karate…”


Karma - “Karma is the idea that all actions have actions have an equal and opposite reactions that follow our soul through lifetimes and…”


Katydids - “Katydids are a symbol of evil. It is thought that the katydid resembles the plague of locusts that the Prophet John wrote about…”


Kayak - “The kayak represents a solitary journey on a river or other body of water. Solitary journeys represent self-enlightenment and…”


Keepsake - “Keepsakes come in the form of myriad objects. TO see one of your keepsakes in a dream is indicative of the time…”


Keg - “A keg may be filled with many things: fish, beer, food, gunpowder or even salt. To dream about a keg is a symbol of…”


Kennel - “Kennels, other than simply being a place to keep dogs, are also symbols of prison and confinement. No creature is meant…”


Ketchup - “Ketchup is a symbol of fake injury that is used in everyday popular culture for practical jokes and fun. Dreaming about…”


Kettle - “The kettle is a symbol of making tea and other hot drinks. These drinks that the kettle helps to heat water for are commonly…”


Key - “The key is one of the most archetypal symbols that you can dream about. Not only is it the central and most important element…”


Key Chain - “The key chain is a symbol of great power. It has been said that the power of any man can be measured by the number of…”


Key Maker - “The key maker is an archetypal demigod. To him, no door is impenetrable and no lock is safe. If you dream about the…”


Keyboard (Piano) - “Keyboards are an electronic instrument used in recording music. Dreaming about them as separate from…”


Keyboard (Computer or Typewriter) - “Dreaming about a keyboard is symbolic of a trapped message that you need to…”


Keyhole - “Keyholes are not only places to put keys, but also tiny windows into other worlds. Dreaming about a keyhole…”


Kick - “Dreaming about kicking can mean a countless number of things. If you dream that you are kicking a ball it usually means…”


Kickball - “Dreaming about kickball is normally simple and carefree.  It is difficult to determine what exactly kickball might…”


Kidnapper - “Dreaming about a kidnapper, whether they kidnap you or a loved one, represents danger and an immediate threat…”


Killing - “Dreaming about killing someone or someone being killed is very reminiscent of the kidnapping dream discussed above…”


Killer - “Dreaming about a killer is a symbol of a project or obstacle that stands in your current waking life or in the near future…”


Killer Whale - “The killer whale is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents peace and serenity that are also a little…”


Kimono - “The Kimono is a traditional garb of the Japanese people. It represents tradition, honor and duty. If you see yourself …”


Kindergarten - “Dreaming about kindergarten can mean many things. Kindergarten was for many of us the first experience…”


King - “Dreaming about a king is symbolic of power and grace. If you are in the presence of a king in you dream it means that…”


Kissing - “Dreaming about kissing can be a very intimate thing. If you dream about kissing a complete stranger it means that you will…”


Kitchen - “Dreaming about a kitchen may simply mean that you are hungry in your sleep. However, if this is not the case…”


Kite - “Kites are symbols of winds and childhood. As such kites often represent growing pains and obstacles that allow us to…”


Kitten - “Kittens are fierce, yet cute creatures. Dreaming about them is a symbol of comfort at best. For the most part, however, kittens…”


Kiwi - “The kiwi, being a fruit, is a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come. Its hairy exterior is symbolic of…”


Kleenex - “Kleenex can represent illness, such as a cold or extreme sadness and depression. Alternatively, tissues can…”


Knapsack - “Knapsacks are a symbol of a short outing or hike. Dreaming about a knapsack is akin to dreaming about a lunchbox…”


Knee - “The knee is a symbol of fealty. If you dream about kneeling or being on your knees, see Kneeling below. If you dream…”


Kneeling - “Kneeling is a symbol of respect and fealty. Dreaming about kneeling in front of someone is a sign that you not…”


Knife - “To see that you are holding a knife in your dream would suggest a symbol of aggression or anger. There could be something…”


Knight - “Knights represent honor, courage and chivalry in all their glory. Knights, in your dreams are symbols of protection. If you…”


Knitting - “Knitting is a symbol of handcraft, and tactile interaction with reality. Dreaming about knitting a garment is a contrast…”


Knob - “The knob represents the beginning of a new path in your life. Because you must turn the knob and open the door in order…”


Knock - “Dreaming about knocking on a door is a symbol of new things entering into your life. It is important understand that nothing…”


Knots - “The art of knotting is an ancient form of communication. Sailors, soldiers and statesmen all used knots to communicate…”


Koala - “Dreaming about koalas can mean several non-specific things that are best interpreted by the dreamer herself. Koalas are…”


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