Dreams Starting with J


“J” – “The letter J may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Jab – “To dream that you are jabbed in your dream is an indication of anxiety about a relationship, and specifically anxiety that aggression is or will be used on you…”


Jack in the box – “A jack in the box is a symbol of resiliency and buoyant high spirits. It is connected to playful, childlike innocence. If you dream of a jack in the…”


Jack O’ Lantern – “The Jack O’Lantern is a traditional Halloween symbol, and is connected to the ancient holiday of Samhain, the late-fall festival of the “lifting of the…”


Jackal – “A jackal is a small, wild scavenger dog, related to the American coyote. A jackal in your dream often symbolizes an unsavory character or an unpleasant…”


Jackdaw – “A jackdaw is a small black bird, known for being loud and for scavenging food. It is generally an ill omen in a dream, signifying trouble and…”


Jacket – “A jacket or coat signifies a protection from outside inconveniences, hardships or discomforts. To dream that you are wearing a jacket is a sign that you will…”


Jackhammer – “A jackhammer is a symbol of breaking back into an old project, relationship or goal in order to re-think a deep design flaw or misunderstanding…”


Jackpot – “Winning a jackpot is a sign of unexpected good fortune. It may be a literal indication that you will win a jackpot, but it is more likely that it indicates…”


Jacuzzi – “Dreaming of a Jacuzzi is a symbol of relaxation and self-indulgence. This is a very healthy symbol, indicating that you need and deserve to spend some…”


Jade – “Jade is a beautiful green gemstone that symbolizes luck, growth, harmony and purity. If you dream that you are handling or carving jade, then you are or…”


Jail – “Dreaming that you are in jail is a sign of feeling trapped and impotent to take the actions you need to in order to accomplish your goals. See Imprisonment.”


Jailer – “A jailer in your dream indicates someone who has the power to prevent you from making changes in your life. They are also likely responsible for exerting…”


Jam – “Dreaming of a traffic jam is an indication of obstacles that stand in the way of your ability to accomplish your goals. Dreaming of fruit jam (jelly, preserves)…”


Janitor – “A janitor is a dream symbol of cleaning up the messes in your past and moving on in your life. You may not realize the continued effects of past…”


Jar – “A jar is a symbol of confinement, specifically with regards to emotions. If you have been bottling up your emotions for the sake of politeness or harmony…”


Jasmine – “Jasmine is an exotic scent, symbolic of purity and virginity. It also connotes feminine allure and seduction, and is suggestive of the wedding night…”


Jaundice – “Jaundice is a disease that generally strikes the feet first, impairing mobility. As such, in a dream it represents internal burdens and obstacles…”


Javelin – “A javelin is a symbol connected with ancient sports and heroism, especially the Olympics of ancient Greece. It represents the farsighted recognition…”


Jaw – “The jaw is one of the strongest parts of the body, and in a dream it represents determination and toughness. It is reminiscent of the phrase…”


Jawbreaker – “Jawbreakers are a candy. Candy generally represents pleasant memories and experiences. Jawbreakers specifically represent memories…”


Jaybird – “The jay bird has many significant meanings. Among those meanings are nudity, as in “Naked as a jaybird,” freedom, carefree attitudes, and good luck…”


Jealousy – “Jealousy in a dream is nearly always a direct reflection of our true feeling. The feelings of jealousy that arise inside of us, whether they are based on…”


Jeans – “Jeans can represent fashion or work. Generally, they indicate outside or casual work. Dreaming about wearing jeans indicates that you are taking a project…”


Jekyll and Hyde – “Jekyll and Hyde is representative of a duality between your work and home life. You have a great potential that you are able to tap into….”


Jedi – For Jedi, see Knight.


Jeep – “Jeep is an acronym for Just Enough Essential Parts. Originally a military vehicle, the armed forces needed transportation that was simplified as much as…”


Jelly For Jelly, see Jam


Jellyfish – “Jellyfish are beautiful and deadly at the same time. They are graceful and seductive. Dreaming about jellies is akin to dreaming about a…”


Jester – “The jester is a symbol of cunning and power behind the throne lightly masked by wittiness and humor. The jester was oftentimes the most…”


Jesus – “Dreaming about Jesus can mean any of several things. If you are in a religion that recognizes Jesus as a prophet or more, then he usually represents…”


Jet – “Jets are a symbol of power. If you dream about a private jet, whether you are on it or not, it represents authority in your life. If you are on the…”


Jet Ski – “Jet Skis are a source of extreme fun and excitement. As such, they are a symbol of a dangerous, yet worthwhile, journey. If you dream about…”


Jewelry – “Jewelry has always been a sign of amulet-like power. Normally this power is protective in nature, but sometimes it can be…”


Jewelry Box – “A jewelry box is the symbol of a treasury or financial and other power. In ancient times, monarchies would purchase many…”


Jewels – “Jewels have long caught the eye of mankind. They are inherently beautiful and carry with them spiritual powers that can be…”


Jigsaw Puzzle – “Jigsaw are symbols of all the separate aspects of our lives that come together to make a coherent picture. Dreaming about jigsaw…”


Job – “Dreaming about your job is almost always a sign of over taxing your brain and body at work. It is important to schedule break times and…”


Jockey – “A jockey is a horseman that rides racehorses. Dreaming about a jockey is symbolic of something small in your life controlling…”


Jockstrap – “Jockstraps are universally one of the most disgusting articles of clothing in the world. While they serve the purpose of holding…”


Jogging – “Dreaming about jogging is often a symbol of physical exertion. However, it can also be a dream about zoning out and creating…”


Joint (Body) – “Dreaming about joints is indicative of injury or age. If you dream about having arthritis, it can mean that you are physically…”


Joint (Marijuana) – “A joint, or herbal cigarette which usually holds marijuana, is representative of mental and spiritual liberation…”


Joke – “Jokes in your dream represent good times and frivolity. They are good omens and are considered to be the forebears of happy…”


Joker – “Dreaming about a joker card from a deck of cards represents a wild card in your life that has already presented itself or soon will. By accepting…”


Journal – “The journal is a symbol of interior thoughts and experiences. To dream about a journal that belongs to someone else represents…”


Journey – “Journeys represent the paths and decisions that you make in life and the places that they take you. The journey is symbolic…”


Jousting – “Jousting is a sport that was most notably enjoyed in the middle ages in Europe, especially Western Europe. The sport consisted…”


Joy – “Joy is exactly what it is. Dreaming about joy is a great experience, especially if you do not regularly have true joy in your waking life…”


Jubilee – “A jubilee is an ancient custom of forgiving all the debt of a land and returning ancestral lands back to their original owners. In Jewish…”


Judge – “Dreaming of a judge is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied…”


Judgment – “Dreaming of judgment is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is…”


Jug – “A jug is a dream symbol of your reservoir of creativity and inspiration. Aspects of the jug…”


Juggling – “Dreaming about juggling is a symbol of your busy, task-filled life. The success with which…”


Jukebox – “A jukebox is a dream symbol of your emotions, as music is very closely related to emotions…”


Jumping – “Dreaming of jumping is a sign of your actions and responses to adversity. The energy…”


Jumping Jacks – “Dreaming about jumping jacks is a symbol of your own personal level…”


Jump Rope – “Dreaming about playing jump rope is a symbol of childhood innocence…”


Jungle – “A jungle is a dream symbol of the depths of the human heart. As with our deepest…”


Junk – “Dreaming about junk is a symbol of the negative impact of all the things…”


Junk Mail – “Dreaming about junk mail is a symbol of negative and unnecessary communication…”


Junkyard – “A junkyard is a symbol of the negative impact of all the things you keep…”


Jupiter – “Jupiter is a Roman god, often associated with the Father-god and the sun. Dreaming…”


Jury – “Dreaming of a jury is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied…”


Justice – “Justice is a dream symbol fraught with implications about your own self-worth…”




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