Dreams Starting with H


“H” – “The letter H may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Hacking – “Dreaming about hacking in your dreams means that you feel completely in control in your life. Hackers are god-like personas in the world of…”


Hag – “The hag is an archetype of the crone. The Crone is the embodiment of wisdom and death. Dreaming about the hag represents a powerful message that the…”


Hail – “Hail is a natural disaster that represents an obstacle that is about to take place in your life. This obstacle is likely to me a mental problem that takes up a lot…”


Hair – “Hair is a symbol of beauty and grace. Dreaming about hair in general is not indicative of anything in particular. However, there can be times when hair really…”


Haircut – “Getting a haircut in a dream represents the desire to change your personality. You might desire to grow out of your current position in life and start a new…”


Hairpiece – “Hairpieces are associated with keeping a part of yourself hidden from others that they might otherwise judge you for. In waking life people use wigs…”


Half – “The message of ‘half’ may sometimes come up in potent dreams. Whether it is in the form of a half-dollar coin, or a glass that is half full/empty. This is a…”


Hall – “Dreaming about a hall, especially a hall of doors, is a symbol of opportunities that are all around you. The hall is representative of the journey that you are…”


Halloween – “Dreaming about Halloween is indicative of magical and secretive powers all around us. If you are a believer in Samhain, you understand the importance…”


Hallucination – “Dreaming about hallucination symbolizes the vision quest of the Native Americans. Hallucinogenic ingredients were often used as a pathway…”


Hallway – For hallway, see Hall.


Halo – “The halo is a symbol of enlightenment and divinity. Dreaming about having a halo is representative of the culmination of your terrestrial life into a perfect…”


Ham – “Dreaming about ham can have many significant cultural meanings. Pork is considered unclean in many cultures. For a person from one of these cultures…”


Hamburger – “Hamburgers are symbolic not only of fast food, but also of the female gender, dates, and carefree times. If you are dreaming about hamburgers, it…”


Hammer – “The hammer is a symbol of strength and industry. Dreaming about this particular symbol is a clear message of this being a very productive time for you…”


Hammock – “The hammock is a representation of summer weather and relaxation. If you dream about a hammock it means that these forces are present in your life…”


Hamster – “The hamster is a symbol of frivolity and happiness. Dreaming  about this creature is a sign that you need to take a shopping spree and spoil yourself…”


Hand – “Hands are very intense symbols in dreams. They, more than any other symbol, represent the physicality of our bodies. Dreaming about hands can be indicative…”


Handcuffs – “Handcuffs are a symbol of restraint and enclosure. This may mean that you are trapped in a particular project or relationship, or it might indicate that…”


Handicap – “Dreaming about handicaps is representative of feeling inadequate in some fashion. If you dream about someone else having any type of handicap, it…”


Handkerchief – “Handkerchiefs are symbols that are associated with several types of people. If you dream about a western or cowboy handkerchief it means that you…”


Handle – “Dreaming about a handle means that you are hesitating about making a decision that is extremely important. You may have been waiting for a sign to pull…”


Handshake – “Dreaming about handshakes is a very confident indicator that you are about to make a good decision that will positively benefit you and those around…”


Hanging – “Dreaming about hanging up a picture or other piece of art is indicative of bringing new life and energy to your life. This is a dream about creativity and new…”


Hang Ups – “Dreaming about hang ups is a direct and personal sign. This dream means that you are experiencing problems in some aspect of your life that are starting…”


Hard Drive – “Hard Drives represent the important things in our lives that gradually build up and become absolutely essential to our way of live. They symbolize…”


Harmonica – “Harmonicas are the symbol of independence and carefreedom. Just as harmonicas are considered to be a little ‘different’ in terms of traditional…”


Harp – “The harp represents peace and serenity. It can also symbolize divine rain that drops creativity and clarity upon our souls. If you dream about a harp it means…”


Harvesting – “Dreaming about harvesting is symbolic that all of your hard work has finally come to fruition, or soon will. This is the time to celebrate a job well…”


Hat – “Hats are symbols of the different types of people that we meet or the various sides of ourselves. Depending on the type of hat that you see in you dream it might…”


Haunted – “For ghost, see Ghost. Haunted places, such as houses are important symbols of our need to resolve problems that we are carrying from our past. Depending…”


Hazard – “Seeing a hazard sign or the hazard lights flashing on a car is a symbol of problems that are currently causing problems in your life. Often these problem…”


Head – “The head is the part of the body that symbolizes personality and the acuity of the mental faculty. The presence of a disembodied head that is not focused…”


Headline – “Dreaming about a newspaper or article headline that focuses on your or a part of your life indicates that there will be, or already is, something that is…”


Headstone – “Headstones represent the last words or symbolic lessons that important figures of our past wanted to be carried on after their death. Sometimes you…”


Hearing – “Hearing is one of the five physical senses. It represents communication, information, and knowledge. If you feel like you are deaf in your dream, see Deaf. If…”


Hearse – “The hearse represents closure and finality, but also the beginning of a new chapter in your life. If you dream about the hearse, it might be important whom…”


Heart – “The heart represents love and trust. Dreaming about a heart usually indicates that a new relationship is a good fit for you at this stage of your life. Allow yourself…”


Heartbeat – “The heartbeat represents vitality and comfort. Dreaming about a heartbeat is meant to remind you that you are a good human being and that the universe…”


Heaven – “Heaven is the symbol of absolute happiness, enlightenment and eternal life. Dreaming about heaven is a sign that you are blessed by the gods. Dreaming…”


Heavy – “Heaviness in a dream indicates the severity of a situation that you are currently dealing with in your life. Sometimes we don’t understand how a decision…”


Hedge – “Hedges signify boundaries that protect us from others. Many times in colloquial conversations you will hear someone saying that another person has built…”


Heel – “The heel is the lowest part of the body. When people walk, they generally do it on the balls of their feet, not the heel. The heel is primarily used to stand at rest…”


Height – “Height is an important factor in dreams. It distinguishes characters that appear in your dreams. The significance of height is actually appropriately…”


Helicopter – “Helicopters can represent your search for something in your life, especially when you dream about helicopters at night with their searchlights on. If…”


Hell – “Hell is commonly a symbol for divine punishment or retribution for wrongs that you have committed. Dreaming about being in hell is an allusion to your…”


Helm – “The help is a metal helmet that was worn by ancient warriors to protect the head. It symbolizes nobility and discipline. Depending on the material the helm…”


Helmet – “The sport helmet represents victory in a game. The game may be a project or an actual game that you will partake in or watch. The color of the helmet…”


Help – “Many times in life, we find that we are simply unable to accomplish the things we need to without outside…”


Herd – “To dream of being in a herd is a symbol that you feel uncomfortable being alone, or that you need…”


Hermaphrodite – “Dreaming about a hermaphrodite indicates a confusion or blurring of identity lines, especially…”


Hermit – “A hermit is a dream symbol of withdrawing from the distractions and stresses of the world to live…”


Hero – “A hero in a dream is a symbol of interior strength and courage. It is important to remember that, in a dream…”


Hex – “Dreaming about a hex is a sign of distrust, or distrustfulness. Many people in the world use some…”


Hickey – “A hickey is a sign of passion and physical love. It is also a symbol of ownership. If you dream…”


Hide ‘N Seek – “Hide ‘n seek is an interesting dream symbol that combines frustration with joy and trust…”


Hiding – “Hiding is a very common dream symbol. We are likely to dream of hiding when forces in our life…”


High Chair – “Dreaming of a high chair is a sign of youth and dependence. You need not actually be young…”


High Heels – “High heels are a symbol, in both waking life and in dreams, of sexuality and sexual attraction…”


High School – “High school is a dream symbol for promise and potential; it is also a symbol of awkwardness…”


Highlighter – “A highlighter is a dream symbol of drawing attention to certain information. However, you should…”


Hijack – “To dream of hijacking or being hijacked indicates a loss of control over your actions…”


Hiking – “Hiking is a wonderful and beneficial dream symbol about nature and your goals. If you dream…”


Hill – “A hill is a dream symbol of with many layers of meaning. Dreaming of a hill indicates an obstacle…”


Hippie – “Dreaming of a hippie is a symbol of someone who lives in union with nature, including the deepest parts…”


 Hitchhiking – “Dreams that involve travelling often indicate your feelings about your path to achieve your goals…”


Hitler – “Hitler is a dream symbol of oppression, cruelty, and totalitarian control. If you dream of Hitler being a character in…”


Hitman – “If you dream of a hitman, this indicates a threat in your life. Somebody is trying to sabotage you…”


Hives – “Hives, the itchy, obnoxious skin ailment that pops up as an allergic reaction or because of stress, are a dream…”


Hobby – “To dream of having a hobby is a symbol of enjoyment, relaxation, and creativity. You will soon…”


Hold – “If you dream that you are holding on to something, this signifies a fear of losing it. You have an unwillingness…”


Hole – “There are several things that a dream symbol of a hole can signify. It may be a place where you hide…”


Holidays – “Holidays are a time of family and togetherness. Dreaming of holidays often indicates a desire for the stability…”


Hollywood – “Hollywood, the glamorous, glittering place of fame and fortune, looms large in our…”


Holocaust – “The Holocaust is a dangerous and tragic dream symbol. It indicates fear, hatred, and the cruel truth…”


Hologram – “Dreaming of a hologram is a symbol of false appearances. A hologram is an image that seems…”


Holy Grail – “The Holy Grail is an ancient legend of Christianity. It is supposed to be the cup which Jesus…”


Home – “Dreaming of home is a symbol of stability and safety. This is supposed to be a place where you are free…”


Homecoming – “To dream of a homecoming is a sign of peace and prosperity to come in your life. Home is a safe place…”


Homosexuality – “Homosexuality as a dream symbol may indicate what it actually is – being sexually attracted to people…”


Hometown – “Dreaming about your hometown is a very personal dream symbol, and its meaning depends…”


Homework – “Homework is a dream symbol of duty and diligence. School children usually do not enjoy homework…”


Honey – “Dreaming about honey is an auspicious dream of prosperity. It indicates that you are soon…”


Honeycomb – “Honeycomb is a dream symbol of the rewards of hard work. For the analytical…”


Honeymoon – “A honeymoon in your dream is a symbol of a blossoming relationship. You may have just met…”


Hood – “Dreaming of a hood is a symbol of hiding and concealing of one’s identity. If you dream that…”


Hooks – “Hooks are a dream symbol with many possible meanings. As hooks used in fishing…”


Horizon – “The horizon is a powerful symbol in dreams. It indicates the farthest that you can see…”


Horn – “Dreaming of a horn is a symbol of your own voice. This may be your literal voice with which…”


Horoscope – “A horoscope is a tool that people use to try to divine the meaning of their current…”


Horseback Riding – “Horseback riding, being a mode of transportation, is a common dream symbol…”


Horseshoe – “In many cultures, a horseshoe is a symbol of luck. It is hung over a door post to bless…”


Hose – “If you dream of a water hose, this is a symbol of purification, life-giving nourishment, and fertility…”


Hospital – “A hospital is a double-sided symbol with multiple layers of meaning in dream interpretation…”


Hostage – “To dream of a hostage, of being held hostage, or of watching a hostage situation, is a scary dream…”


Hot – “Dreaming that something is hot is a sign of extreme emotional discomfort in a situation. This is an unusual…”


Hot Air Balloon – “Dreaming of a ride in a hot air balloon is a symbol of freedom and excitement. As with all transportation…”


Hot Pepper – “Flavors are relatively unusual dream symbols in that our brain’s flavor centers are turned…”


Hourglass – “An hourglass is a dream symbol of the passage of time. As we get older, it becomes more and more…”


House – “A house is a dream symbol of safety and security. Many people in the modern world do not own…”


Houseboat – “A houseboat is a dream symbol of a nomadic freedom and free-spiritedness. The ability to have…”


Housekeeper  – “Dreaming about a housekeeper may have several different meanings. It may indicate a level of anxiety…”


Housework – “Housework is a basic fact of life for most people in the world, and often appears in our dreams…”


Howling – “To dream of a howling dog or other animal is a sign of approaching danger. You should take this dream…”


Hugging – “Hugs are a powerful gesture for people to share and even a means of physical healing. To dream of hugging…”


Hula Hoop – “A hula hoop is a symbol of childhood joy and exuberance, and also physical grace. This childhood game…”


Humming – “Dreaming about humming is a symbol of covert or even tacit communication. It may be a…”


Hummingbird – “A hummingbird is a lucky omen and an auspicious dream symbol. The hummingbird symbolizes…”


Humpty Dumpty – “Humpty Dumpty is an egg character in a children’s nursery rhyme…”


Hunger – “Hunger is a very common dream occurrence. It can symbolize a lack of basic necessities…”


Hunting – “To dream of hunting is a sign that you are resourceful about acquiring the things you need in life…”


Hurdles – “Dreaming of jumping over hurdles represents overcoming obstacles that stand in the way…”


Hurricane – “Hurricanes and any sort of natural disaster are a dream symbol of an enormous and faceless threat…”


Hurry – “As humans in the modern world, we spend much of our time hurrying and trying to get more…”


Hurt – “To dream of being emotionally hurt is a simple and straightforward symbol indicating an emotion…”


Husband – “To dream of a husband is a straightforward dream symbol indicating the actual person…”


Hut – A hut is one of many “home” dreams, indicating your level of security and comfort in your current life…”


Hydrant – “A hydrant is an amplified dream symbol for water. Water is a purifying and nourishing symbol in your dreams…”


Hyena – “Dreaming of a hyena is a symbol of greed, cruelty, and a generally unsavory character. If you dream of touching…”


Hypnosis – “Hypnosis is a dream symbol of your subconscious, making it a self-reflexive dream symbol…”


Hysterectomy – “A hysterectomy is a medical procedure in which the uterus is removed. Dreaming of having…”




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