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Dreams Starting with G

“G” – “The letter G may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with…”


Gag – “Gagging represents a blockage or communicative obstacle in your life. If you dream that you are about to gag, it means that you will soon…”


Gala – “Dreaming about a gala is very similar to dreaming about a ball. It is common to confuse the two because they are very similar. The way to…”


Galaxy – “Dreaming about a galaxy symbolizes a journey of enlightenment. The journey will not take place on a physical plane, but rather the astral…”


Gale – “If you dream about a gale, it represents an upcoming problem that cannot be diverted or avoided. Usually, the wind represents…”


Gambling – “Dreaming about gambling is a very unusual thing. It may mean any of several things and it is up to the dreamer to correctly interpret…”


Game Show – “Dreaming about being on a game show represents the presence of great opportunities in your life. It is important, after having a dream…”


Game Playing – “Dreaming about playing games can represent various things in your life. Board games are a good example of this. If you are playing…”


Gang – “Dreaming about gangs is usually indicative of social fears and inhibitions. You are bringing up very potent and emotionally laden issues from…”


Gap – “Dreaming about a gap represents something very personal in your life that you feel separated from. It could be a person, place, time, or possession…”


Garage – “Dreaming about a garage is impossible for a dream interpretation to bring any light to. Only the dreamer can correctly interpret this dream…”


Garage Sale – “Dreaming about a garage sale is representative of clearing out old baggage and experiences that are bogging you down in the present. It is akin to…”


Garbage – “Dreaming about garbage represents that you should allow yourself to let go of things that are beyond repair in your life. It is common to hang on to…”


Garden – “Dreaming about a garden is all about the things in your life that are very important. Each plant represents a relationship, dream, goal, or other important…”


Garden of Eden – “Dreaming about the garden of Eden symbolizes that you are in or will soon be at a very pleasurable point in your life. Sit back and meditate on…”


Garter – “Dreaming about a garter usually represents a very special and intensely emotional social occasion that has sexual undertones. If you dream about the…”


Gasoline – “Dreaming about gasoline means that you are about to receive a boon in your everyday life that will allow you to open a door that was previously closed…”


Gate – “The gate is a symbol of a new chapter in your life. If you dream about a closed gate it means that you are not quite ready to leave the present chapter of your…”


Gay – “Dreaming about being gay symbolizes insecurity in your sexuality. It is important to allow yourself to shed religious or social preconceptions about…”


Gathering – “If you dream about gathering objects, whether food or otherwise, it means that you are about to encounter a minor difficulty in your life. Many times…”


Gear – “The presence of gears in your dreams symbolizes forces at work in your life. These forces bring progress and innovation to your life in such a way as to allow…”


Gel – “Dreaming about hair gel represents vanity and a sense of positive self-image. If you cannot find hair care products in your dream it means that you feel as if you…”


Gem – “Dreaming of gems is an incredibly good omen. Gems act as amulets that protect you from negative energies and forces acting against you in life. If you dream…”


Gender – “Dreaming about gender is usually about dreaming that you are the opposite gender. This dream usually means that you are sexually obsessed and…”


Generator – “Dreaming about a generator symbolizes energy and clarity in your life. You cannot achieve anything in your life without the right type of energy…”


Genie – “Dreaming about a genie is indicative of unfulfilled hopes and wishes. Although it does not mean that you will have a chance to make all your dreams come…”


Genitals – “Dreaming about a penis or vagina is obviously a very sexual symbol. It is important to remember that sexuality is a very important part of our lives…”


Genius – “Dreaming about being a genius or meeting a genius in your dreams means that you will have an unprecedented period of clarity and innovation. Write…”


German Shepherd – “German Shepherds are guardians of integrity and honor. If you dream about a German Shepherd it means that there has recently been a false…”


Germs – “Germs represent sickness and unseen forces of destruction in your life. If you dream about them it is important for you to purify your life of any negative…”


Ghetto – “Dreaming about a ghetto is a call to be more giving and a warning of financial problems that will arise because of your poor emotional and spiritual…”


Ghost – “Dreaming about ghosts means that there is something haunting your mind and emotions from your past. It may represent an actual person that you…”


Ghost Town – “Ghost Towns can be very creepy places. In your dreams it is very disturbing to visit a ghost town. It is important to keep in mind that this particular…”


Giant – “Dreaming of giants symbolizes several things. If you find yourself facing a giant David style, it means that you are facing some huge obstacles that your…”


Gift – “Dreaming about gifts symbolizes very positive things to come in your life. However, it is important to remember that gifts are meant to share.  Dreaming…”


Gift Wrap – “Gift Wrap symbolizes that there will be an obstacle in your way before you can really enjoy something that is going to bless your life. This dream…”


Gig – “To dream about a gig means that you are about to come into the spotlight. You are going to be the star of a new project. If you dream that you perform badly…”


Giraffe – “Giraffes represent a new aspect on life. Giraffes are the messengers of hope and danger alike. Seeing a giraffe in your dreams means that one of two…”


Girdle – “The girdle is a symbol of restraint and vanity. It also indicates that you may be keeping something instinctual inside. Sexuality, fear, creativity and destruction…”


Girl Scout – “Girl Scouts represent helping others and charity. If you dream about being a girl scout it means that you should focus on promoting charity and helping…”


Girls – “Girls are the symbol of virginity, purity, honesty, beauty, latent potential and creative energy. If you dream about dancing girls it symbolizes that you are…”


Giving -“Dreaming about giving to others is a very powerful reminder that we are not alone in this world. The interconnectedness of our society is absolutely reliant…”


Glass – “Glass is the symbol of science and intellectualism. Dreaming about glass means that you will enjoy a period of unusual clarity in your life. If you dream…”


Glitter – “Dreaming about glitter means that something in your life is about to gain a lot of attention whether you like it or not. This is probably going to be against…”


Globe – “Dreaming about the globe or more specifically the entire planet is a way for your subconscious…”


Gloomy – “Dreaming about something gloomy in a dream means pretty much that. If you dream…”


Gloves – “Gloves perform two specific tasks. First, they are worn to keep the hands warm…”


Glow – “There are many kinds of glow in the world. Dreaming about a glow can be mysterious…”


Glue – “Glue is a symbol of connection and strong bonds, especially between people…”


Goal – “Dreaming about your goals is very common. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you are going…”


Goat – “Dreaming about a goat could mean several things, but the most common meaning is that of abundance…”


God – “Dreaming about god doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that you are in connection…”


Goddess – “Dreaming about a goddess is incredibly rare and full of wonderful portents. There are fewer goddesses…”


Godzilla – “Dreaming about Godzilla is just like dreaming about other mythological beasts. Unfortunately, Godzilla…”


Goggles - “Goggles are representative of eyesight and there are many types of goggles and each type…”


Google – “Dreaming about Google almost certainly means that you are deep into conspiracy theories…”


Gold – “Gold is the element of the wealthy and has been since before history was recorded. Because it is easily…”


Golden Retriever – “This breed of dog is one of the most loyal and adaptive of all breeds. The golden retriever…”


Goldfish – “Goldfish come in many varieties, but the most common is used as a feeder fish…”


Golf - “Golf, being a sport, represents competition or enemies that you have to battle. In golf you are primarily…”


Goose – “Geese, like ducks are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Geese are commonly used in stories and fairy tales…”


Goodbye – “Dreaming about saying or experiencing a goodbye can have a devastating impact…”


Goose – “Geese, like ducks are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Geese are commonly used…”


Goosebumps – “Goosebumps are either a symbol of fear or coldness. If you dream about having goosebumps…”


Gorilla – “Gorillas are symbols of power and nature. If you dream about gorillas then you will have…”


Gossip – “Dreaming about gossip is something that should never be paid any attention. Gossip rarely has any truth…”


Government – “Government is a symbol of many things. Among these meanings are: law, leadership, corruption…”


Gown – “There are many types of gowns and just as many symbols in each of them. A wedding gown…”


GPS – “GPS represents you journey in life. Every single journey is about your goals in life. Sometimes…”


Graduation Dream Symbol – “Dreaming about graduation is a symbol of great achievement in your life…”


Grandchild – “Dreaming about a grandchild can be a sign that you need to spend time with such a person…”


Grandfather Clock - “Grandfather Clocks, as clocks are symbols of time. However, traditional grandfather…”


Grandparents – “Grandparents are the source of much wisdom and blessings. As elders they are…”


Grandfather – “A grandfather is the source of much wisdom and great stories. If you dream about visiting…”


Grandmother – “The grandmother is a maternal spirit that sends love and blessings in our life, whether…”


Grapefruit – “Grapefruit is a symbol of bitterness and potentially mental problems. Grapefruit is one…”


Grapes – “Dreaming about grapes symbolizes fortune and wealth. Grapes have long been associated…”


Grass – “Without grass, the world would die. Animals feed on the grasses of the world and each…”


Grasshopper – “Grasshoppers have a few significant meanings. As a sign of pestilence…”


Grave – “Graves are a symbol of death and rebirth. If you dream about visiting a cemetery it represents…”


Graveyard – “Graveyards are a symbol of death and rebirth. If you dream about visiting a cemetery…”


Gravity – “The gravity of a dream or a situation in a dream is very important to understanding the severity…”


Greeting Card – “Greeting cards are timeless ways to send happy thoughts and feelings towards those…”


Grenade – “Dreaming about a grenade can be a pretty dramatic ordeal. Grenades are symbols of war…”


Grindstone – “A grindstone is a honing device whether in a dream in in waking life. In a dream, however, a grindstone…”


Groans – “Groans are a dream symbol of frustration or unwillingness to do something. Just as in waking…”


Groceries – “Dreaming of groceries indicates being preoccupied with the basic necessities…”


Groom – “If you dream of a groom at a wedding, this could be an indication of a new relationship…”


Ground – “The ground is a powerful dream symbol. It is the thing in our psyche that supports us…”


Growl – “A growl is a menacing noise that indicates to you that the person or thing facing you in your…”


Guard – “Dreaming of a guard is a symbol of your subconscious protection of yourself. We all have…”


Guest – “If you dream that you are a guest, this is a sign of how you feel you belong in the world. If you are welcomed…”


Guillotine – “A guillotine is a somewhat disturbing dream symbol of violently cutting off parts of your life…”


Guilt - “If you dream of being guilty, this is an obvious dream sign that your conscience is troubling…”


Guitar – “A guitar is a symbol of creativity and releasing your innermost self. The guitar can be a seductive…”


Gum – “Gum is a symbol of futility and empty effort. If you dream of chewing gum, this indicates…”


Gun – “A gun is a symbol of a violent solution to problems. Guns, in your dreams, indicate the final end of an argument…”


Gunpowder - “To dream of gunpowder is a symbol of volatility and unpredictability, with a strong element…”


Gutter – “There are many things that the dream symbol of the gutter can symbolize. The common phrase…”


Gymnasium – “A gymnasium (gym) is a dream symbol of health and fitness. Your subconscious may be telling…”


Gynecologist – “Dreaming of a gynecologist is a symbol of feminine health, and having a doctor take care…”


Gypsy – “A gypsy is a dream symbol of a person who does not belong in “civilized” society. The gypsy is a dream…”


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