Dreams Starting with D


“D” – “The letter D may represent a fear of failure or inadequacy, as when you receive a “D” for a grade in school. It could also represent…”


Daffodil – “Daffodils are a symbol of spring and new life. Yellow daffodils represent the male aspect of spring and the sexual desires of mating…”


Daisy – “The daisy represents not only fecundity, but also felicity. Daisies placed in your hair carry with them the symbol of true love and…”


Dancing – “Dancing invariably symbolizes happiness and freedom from all cares. If you are the one dancing it means that there is true joy…”


Dandelion – “Dandelions are specifically associated with hopes and wishes and also persistence. To dream about dandelions reflects optimism…”


Dandruff – “Dandruff is a symbol of introverted self-deprecation and low self-esteem. If you dream about dandruff, you are probably stressed…”


Danger – “Encountering danger or being placed in dangerous situations in your dreams is a warning that you have recently made a choice…”


Dangerous Person – “Dreaming about a dangerous person indicates that you are insecure in some aspect of your life and that you desire to…”


Darkness – “Darkness, far from representing evil or negative things, really represents fear and secrets that are following you throughout…”


Darts and Dartboards – “Dart are symbols of harsh words or arguments that are haunting your thoughts and making it difficult to move…”


Dating – “Dreaming about dating symbolizes your readiness for starting new relationships and moving past a current or recent lover. Alternatively…”


Daughter – “Dreaming on the theme of daughter may not have anything to do with your own daughter, or your mother and father, if you are…”


Dead Animal – “Dreaming about a dead animal is representative of something that has become ruined in your life: a job, a relationship, an…”


Dead Body – “Seeing a dead body in your dreams indicates poor health or the onset of a serious illness in yourself or someone close to you….”


Dead End – “Dreaming about a dead end means that you have taken a path in your waking life that will stymie your growth and potential…”


Deaf – “Dreaming about being death is allegorical to problems in communication in your relationships to others. It can mean that you are…”


Debit Card – “Dreaming of a debit card can mean several things. It might mean that you are financially insecure. More often, it means that this…”


Debts – “Dreaming about debts is always troubling. This dream is often indicative of any financial burdens that you feel are very pressing in…”



For debit, see Debit Card.


Decadence – “Dreaming about decadent things is a call that you should take some private time or even a furlough to focus just on yourself. This…”


Decapitation – “Decapitation of yourself in a dream symbolizes that you are being kept from doing great things. This is a warning to be wary…”


Deer – “Dreaming of deer represents the presence of true nobility in your life either in the form of noble actions or noble intentions. You should…”


Dementia – “Dreaming about dementia indicates intellectual dissonance in your life or in the life of someone very close to you. For this…”


Demons – “Dreaming of demons is a serious and dangerous sign of nefarious forces at work in your life. You have attracted the attention of very…”


Dentist – “Dreaming about a dentist is associated with a fear of making a major decision in your life. Dentists work on the most vital and…”


Deprivation – “Deprivation symbolizes self-denial of something in your life. You are denying yourself too much and need to allow yourself to…”


Desert – “Dreaming about a desert represents a lack of nourishing ideas and energy in your life. It is time to focus on creativity, even if it is…”


Dessert – “Dessert is one of the most potent symbols of indulgence in our life. Dreaming about it might mean that we are over or…”


Destruction – “Destruction is a primal instinct in our life and is a very positive omen. It is often hard to accept the destructive forces in your…”


Detective – “The detective is a symbol of secrets that are being kept from you by someone close. It is your decision whether or not to probe into…”


Detour – “The detour is a symbol of exactly that. It represents an upcoming detour in your life. Detours are often unpleasant in that they keep…”


Devil – “The Devil is a sign of your own negative moral judgment. It is important to understand that the devil is not an evil sign, but rather your…”


Diamond – “The diamond is a symbol or eternity, purity, and clarity. Seeing this jewel in your dream is a wonderful sign of good fortune. It is…”


Diet – “Dreaming about being on a diet is an indicator of negative self-image. It is important to have a healthy self-image, and to accept…”


Digging – “Dreaming about digging a hole is a symbol of having made a mistake in a relationship, often in the form of keeping a secret…”


Dinner – “Dreaming about having dinner is usually a sign of major energy flows in your relationship with those around you. If you dream…”


Dirt – “Dirt is a powerful messenger of guilt in your life whether it is someone else’s guilt or your own is determined by how the dirt was…”


Disappearing – “The disappearance of anything in a dream means that you will soon lose what that object represents in your life. The loss…”


Disappointment – “Dreaming about disappointment in you by someone else represents your struggle to accomplish great things and the…”


Disaster – “Dreaming about a disaster is almost always a precognition about something that is heading your way in the near future…”


Disease – “Dreaming about disease is a natural response to fears for health in either yourself or loved ones. It can sometimes indicate that you…”


Disguise – “Disguises can represent secrets and hidden agendas, but most often they also represent inhibitions in you and others around…”


Dishes – “Dishes in your dreams can have different connotations depending on what is happening to them. If dishes are being broken, it is a sign…”


Diving – “Dreaming of diving symbolizes control and proficiency in activities that you are currently partaking in. It also is meant to encourage…”


Divorce – “Dreaming of divorce, other than the obvious meaning of being unhappy in a relationship, also can mean that you are in a situation…”


Doctor – “To dream of a doctor indicates that you feel you need advice about some aspect in your life. Perhaps you feel the need for a mentor…”


Doll – “A doll symbolizes falsehood or failure in a relationship, or a fear thereof. It is an indication that you are frustrated at trying to make…”


Dolphin – “The dolphin symbolizes good tidings, freedom and immortality. If you dream that you are swimming among dolphins, this…”


Door – “The door is a powerful archetypal dream symbol. It indicates possibilities and potential paths. To dream that a door is open is…”


Doughnuts – “Doughnuts are just a pastry and represent little to nothing. Pastries as a whole are symbols…”


Dove – “The dove is a Christian symbol of the third member of the trinity, the spirit. Though its actual…”


Dragon – “Dragons are harbingers of every sort of fortune. Not only do dragons bring intangible…”


Drain – “There are many types of drain. If you dream about a literal drain, such as the drain in your sink…”


Drawing – “If you dream about drawing a picture it is a symbol of your creativity. Now is a great…”


Drinking – “The importance of drinking in your dreams comes down to the situation…”


Driving – “Driving in a dream is a symbol of control over your surroundings. You may dream about…”


Dropping – “Dreaming about dropping something symbolizes the need or danger of losing…”


Drought – “Dreaming about a drought is a serious portent. It always indicates a negative thing…”


Drowning – “If you dream that you are drowning it is a symbol that you are too deeply into a relationship…”


Drugs – “Dreaming about drugs is a sign of addiction. Even though you may not partake of any sort of drug…”


Drum – “Drums can be great symbols of war, joy, praise, or worship to the gods. Depending on the other…”


Drunk – “Dreaming about being drunk or seeing a drunk person is symbolic of not seeing or thinking…”


Duck – “Dreaming about a duck is typically a sign of good fortune to come. Ducks are considered one…”


Dynamite – “Dreaming about dynamite can have several meanings. If you dream about having dynamite…”


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  1. My dream doesn’t fit any of these ‘D’ dreams. I had a dream that I was in the passenger seat of a car and was turned around facing the back seat. My friend, also my other friend’s ex, was in the back middle seat. I could see a text on my phone from him that called me honey. So I replied ‘who is this’ and he said ‘his name…..his name’ and I think he said sorry. Then I looked at him and he smiled and grabbed a syringe and filled it with crack(obviously, the drug) and I let him put it into my left arm and I watched him do it. He also use to have a drug problem. As he did this I smiled a mischievous kind of smile and my arm felt funny and I laughed a little about it. Then the dream ended. I think the important part of the dream was about the drugs, but I have no clue. Please help me understand, thanks.

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