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Dreams Starting with C

“C” - “Dreaming about the letter C may represent a feeling of inadequacy or being labeled as simply “average,” as when you receive the letter grade…”


Cab - “Dreaming of hailing a cab signifies that you must ask others for help in order to achieve your goals. The difficulty or ease with which…”


Cage - “Dreaming about a cage indicates that you feel trapped and at the mercy of others. If there is an audience around your cage, then this…”


Camera - “A camera is a dream symbol of preservation. It often accompanies a feeling of nostalgia, especially when the thing you wish to preserve…”


Cancer - “A dream about cancer is hardly ever an indication that you have physical cancer. Usually it reflects an emotional toxin that is eating…”


Car - “A car is a symbol of your ability to act for yourself and accomplish your goals. The car in your dream also symbolizes the amount of control…”


Car Accident - “A car accident represents an unforeseen obstacle or danger. Much of this symbol depends on the details of the crash. If you…”


Cat - “The cat represents femininity, spirituality and instinct. If you dream that a cat is clawing you and demanding your attention, then you need…”


Ceiling - “A ceiling often represents protection and security from outside dangers. If the ceiling is complete and in good repair, it indicates…”


Cemetery - “A cemetery represents the fear of death. This may be a physical death, or it may be an emotional loss for which you need to…”


Chair - “The meaning of this symbol depends on the type of chair in your dream. A hard, high-backed chair signifies confinement and discomfort…”


Cheating - “To dream about cheating indicates a fear of betrayal, either that someone else will betray you or you will betray someone…”


Credit Card - “Dreaming about a credit card symbolizes a feeling of freedom to do or acquire the things you need to achieve your goals. It can…”


Credit - “To dream about monetary credit indicates a desire to borrow on the future and postpone the responsibilities connected to the things…”


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